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Anonymous 21/08/28(Sat)10:49 No. 38369

File 163014056494.gif - (54.47KB , 109x150 , characters.gif )

I decided to change to a push/legs/pull split. What do you think?

Push 1
Bench press 5x3
OHP 3x8-10
Dips 3xMax

Pull 1:
Trap Bar deadlift (high handle) 5x3
Swiss bar row 3x8-10
Meadwos row 4x 8-10

Push 2:
OHP 5x3
Bench press 3x8-10
Dips 3xMax

Pull 2:
Swiss bar rows 5x4-6
Trap bar deadlift 3x8-10
Meadow rows 4x10

Squats 5x3
Romanian deadlift 3x10-13
Front squats 3x6-10
Leg curl 3x15

Also everyday one set in a 15-25 range (when more than 25 reps, add a minimum of weight)
Spider curls with fat grips
Scull crushers
Lateral raises
Neck curls
Spider curls with fat grips

Why no chin ups?
I have literal no descend possibility in my homegym yet. I'll build a power rack this autumn, then I'll probably replace Meadow rows with chin ups.

Anonymous 21/09/11(Sat)19:19 No. 38437

Do one handed clean and jerks, turkish get ups holding a dumbbell, suitcase deadlifts

Anonymous 21/11/11(Thu)14:20 No. 38650

Swap out a row for vertical pulling
Other than that looks great

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