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The hidden basics of health Anonymous 22/01/18(Tue)01:07 No. 38881

File 164246445186.jpg - (131.12KB , 627x912 , Tome_of_the_Ancients.jpg )

This is only a brief guide about what I gathered. To deeper knowledge of why I am saying this all, you'll to research on your own. This practices are designed to outcast most defficiencies known by mankind away, exceptuating only those given by genome. But whatever it be, only experience would give you a true appreciation about it. Let's start
>leave all diaries, inmediately
>leave grains: no wheat, corn or rice at all
>eat your foods within a reduced schedule, rather than through all the day long
>avoid starchy foods and red meats
>if not vegetarian, eat meats briefly: like once a week or two weeks
>the softest meats are white fish
>do you like nuts? disregard walnuts at least

If you want quick results, these are the shock therapies:
>fasting regularly
>colon enema
>HIIT exercise
>do not use domestic cooling/heating unless your body strictly requires so, due to some sickness or whatever else
>drink hot water, as much as it can be without harming your mouth
>use temazcalli
>try (your body may not be done for so, so just try) keto diet

Some readings are recommended:
>every single book by Arnold Ehret
>"The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity" by Dan Reid
>"Healing by Fasting" by Alexi Suvorin
>"The Power of Metabolism" by Frank Suarez
>"Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter
>"How I became young at sixty" by Horace Fletcher
>"Longevity diet" by Walter Longo
>"The cheese trap" by Neal Barnard
>"The Salt Fix" by James Nicolantonio
>"One meal a day" by Yoshinori Nagumo
>some books ABOUT CLEANSING by Andreas Moritz (the other ones I don't trust them much = up to you)
>"Lies my doctor told me" by Ken D. Berry
>"Flax oil as true aid against ..." by Johanna Budwig
>"Lymphatic lessons" by Kelly Kennedy
>"The body has its reasons" by Therese Bertherat

Synthetizing common ideas withhold by all these tomes you should have what school didn't taught about the easiest forms of medicine, enough to keep most chronic diseases at bay, even solving many of them which looked impossible at the point of even discarding a high percentage of actual industry meds FOREVER.

Anonymous 22/09/05(Mon)17:54 No. 39651

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