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Fap Roulette Vulpes Inculta 22/03/13(Sun)21:51 No. 28633 ID: 8810da [Reply]

File 164720466220.png - (1.04MB , 1800x2560 , graphic.png )

I made a fap roulette. Would be happy to hear any suggestions or criticism before uploading it.

Vulpes Inculta 22/03/13(Sun)22:00 No. 28635 ID: 69c731

Not a fan. Has few non-anal options for men.

More? Pet 22/03/18(Fri)22:04 No. 28639 ID: e2d2b0

Does anyone have more examples like this? my master loved it

Furry Cub/CP Vulpes Inculta 20/05/30(Sat)20:19 No. 28041 ID: b22b7e [Reply]

File 159086275793.gif - (2.72MB , 1077x1336 , af57d4d688caecabfd0681b1ea42528a.gif )

35 posts and 34 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 21/03/07(Sun)22:20 No. 28418 ID: bda271

What are you talking about I've posted many pictures of kanye west and I didn't get any clarity from it

Vulpes Inculta 21/06/21(Mon)13:08 No. 28517 ID: bda637

File 162427369657.jpg - (58.95KB , 920x650 , IMG_20210518_000659_089.jpg )


Res pandas Vulpes Inculta 22/03/14(Mon)06:52 No. 28637 ID: cf8de0

Anyone got anything from the new movie out “Seeing Red”

Futa furry Vulpes Inculta 22/03/09(Wed)16:28 No. 28632 ID: 6a9b20 [Reply]

File 164683969025.gif - (2.64MB , 422x572 , playing with the wolf.gif )

Need source/full image Parappa the fapper 20/07/16(Thu)13:10 No. 28126 ID: 122067 [Reply]

File 159489782555.png - (62.83KB , 240x209 , !!!!!.png )

Please help. Been looking for full uncropped version for ages. getting desperate. If anyone has full version. please post

Vulpes Inculta 22/02/02(Wed)19:40 No. 28627 ID: 60b103

dude search for parappa the rapper porn it ain't that hard to find it with shuch a known character

Miles-DF Artwork Vulpes Inculta 22/01/24(Mon)04:40 No. 28619 ID: 4971e4 [Reply]

File 164299565091.jpg - (476.59KB , 2560x1439 , waterhole_001_u18chan.jpg )


3 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 22/01/24(Mon)04:44 No. 28623 ID: 4971e4

Vulpes Inculta 22/01/24(Mon)04:46 No. 28624 ID: 4971e4

Vulpes Inculta 22/01/24(Mon)04:47 No. 28625 ID: 4971e4

Pic Edit Vulpes Inculta 21/12/09(Thu)05:35 No. 28598 ID: 896c09 [Reply]

File 163902451568.jpg - (362.91KB , 800x1000 , Star Trek Bear Girl.jpg )

Can someone please edit this pic with removing her shirt & removing her panty.

Vulpes Inculta 21/12/11(Sat)23:33 No. 28599 ID: 5f8e6b

File 16392619828.jpg - (377.06KB , 800x1000 , Untitled-3.jpg )

As an Edit, I can do one but not the other. The other wouldn't be editing, it would be drawing.

Vulpes Inculta 21/12/12(Sun)18:43 No. 28600 ID: 0b7457


Actually it's not hard to remove her shirt, all you have to do is copy the color of her fur, & then place the color of the shirt to her fur colors light areas & dark areas.

Hermione's polyjuice accident Transfur fan 21/10/26(Tue)15:47 No. 28584 ID: c39c76 [Reply]

File 163525603920.png - (1.93MB , 2480x3508 , 插圖76 4.png )

Got into this fetish when I watched the second Harry Potter movie where Hermione turned into a cat, always think it's a pity that they didn't show the transformation scene.

So, here's a commission I've made recently, it's like a dream came true to me:

Transfur+fan 21/10/26(Tue)15:48 No. 28585 ID: c39c76

File 163525611135.png - (1.64MB , 2480x3508 , 插圖76 5.png )

Transfur+fan 21/10/26(Tue)15:48 No. 28586 ID: c39c76

File 163525612592.png - (2.18MB , 2480x3508 , 插圖76 6.png )

Transfur+fan 21/10/26(Tue)15:49 No. 28587 ID: c39c76

Here's the artist

Vulpes Inculta 21/09/15(Wed)10:05 No. 28569 ID: bd5d97 [Reply]

File 163169311195.jpg - (41.23KB , 650x366 , dyatlov.jpg )

I want to go to a furry rave but I am not a furry. How do I do this

I'll dress properly or do w/e I need to do to not commit faux paus.

Puro worship thread Vulpes Inculta 21/09/07(Tue)05:40 No. 28554 ID: 49c672 [Reply]

File 163098603417.jpg - (119.46KB , 1280x1038 , 20C61144-145B-44EC-961E-2ED50838A088.jpg )

I know in some alternate dimension Puro is wishing that I was real...

Good luck furfags Vulpes Inculta 21/08/21(Sat)15:31 No. 28549 ID: 12b4f8 [Reply]

File 162955269639.png - (2.91MB , 1640x2400 , rect55173.png )

No they aren't all femboys

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