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Fursonas Vulpes Inculta 16/12/31(Sat)19:06 No. 24391 ID: e96c59 [Reply]

File 148320756460.png - (402.25KB , 776x1529 , gaoooo.png )

Hey /Fur/, show off your fursona's

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Vulpes Inculta 19/08/28(Wed)12:20 No. 27371 ID: dc1c67

This maine coon, Teddy, is a feline man in his early twenties, of average height and slim physique, his fur predominantly a muted brown.
A pair of grey-green eyes look out from behind large rounded-rectangular glasses, each lens thin and surrounded by a brown wire rim. His pupils are round rather than slitted, one of the multiple more humanoid traits he has. Lower down his face, a dark pink cat nose sits, flanked on both sides by long and thick white whiskers. The fur around his lips is white, emphasising how soft and large those lips are, which are the same color as his nose. He's usually cheerful and friendly, with a smile on his face. The two triangular ears on the top of his head have white wisps of fur in front of the pink skin within. Black stripes start above his eyes, going straight up his face, between his ears, and down the back of his head and his neck.
He wears a grey T-shirt with faded art reminiscent of a Japanese woodblock piece printed on it. The white fur on the front side of his neck trails down into the collar, likely continuing underneath. His thin arms are brown much like the rest of him, but from behind his wrists, to the tip of each finger, his hands are covered in a short layer of bright white fur.
Below the shirt, he wears beige cargo shorts with an abundance of pockets, which end just above his knees. A look from behind shows that his tail, covered in long and wispy fur on its underside, a dark grey-brown in color, emerges from a buttoned hole in his shorts. His tail often hikes the back of his shirt up, so the fashionably hexagonal hole is sometimes visible.
The maine coon's calves show that the cat walks often, but doesn't work out, less slender than his arms, but not large at all. Starting above his ankles, all the fur on his feet is white, just like that of his hands.
He's about 175 centimeters (5'9") tall and 60 kilograms (130 pounds) in weight, or perhaps a bit heavier from that long coat of fur. The fur makes him look larger than he actually is.

He's also a weredog, and there's some backstory behind that too. Canonically he's from the year 2122, after some mediocre spaceship piloting got him sent to whatever location he's currently at, in a story. The Earth he's from, while normal-seeming to him, is meant to be OOCly depressing by not being very different from today. There's also some influence from the setting of the Touhou music CDs.

Ty 19/09/19(Thu)00:37 No. 27388 ID: 6c2d1d

File 15688462343.png - (2.02MB , 2328x4002 , nnnnnn.png )

Got this commissioned

Vulpes Inculta 20/01/01(Wed)15:57 No. 27586 ID: 33bcbf

nice who's it by?

Naylor Sharing Vulpes Inculta 18/05/26(Sat)13:19 No. 26508 ID: 5e1587 [Reply]

File 152733354164.jpg - (1.85MB , 2178x3366 , theawakening01.jpg )

I didn't see it in the DNP list, so I figure it's safe. Anyway, I funded Naylor's patreon and have access to some of his most recent comics, though I don't really know where to post the .zip files to share. And I don't have a furaffinity account to gain access to some of his older comics, since the torrents I find stop at around 2011 and I haven't seen anything more recent than the ones he's posted.

What i'm getting at, is that if you have a request for recent comics, hit me with them, and I'll share. Or I can just post the pictures here, whichever. Also, if you have anything -after- 2011 and through 2016 or so, please, please, PLEASE tell me where to find them.

I'll dump this one as proof of my intent. I just like good porn, and though he's a cunt(gathered this from his videos since I never read about the guy, just jacked off to his porn,) he makes good stuff and I wanna see things I missed.

39 posts and 39 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 18/05/26(Sat)17:23 No. 26550 ID: 5e1587

File 152734818623.jpg - (1.69MB , 2178x3366 , jn-Brookeincollege24.jpg )


Vulpes Inculta 19/12/30(Mon)01:57 No. 27584 ID: 0b84ed

Just post a few recent things I guess

free games kpl 19/12/27(Fri)14:05 No. 27578 ID: d56cec [Reply]

File 15774519149.png - (18.11KB , 590x268 , HTH2Logo.png )

any websites with free furry games
all content welcome

Kadath - Unknown Illustration Vulpes Inculta 19/12/23(Mon)12:50 No. 27568 ID: fe356d [Reply]

File 15771018587.png - (216.54KB , 600x420 , twitter_kadath_dynamite_sebastian.png )

Do you know which drawing is he talking about?

If yes, then please share that image file with us!

Vulpes Inculta 19/12/23(Mon)22:50 No. 27569 ID: fe356d

File 157713785925.png - (1.24MB , 1200x900 , furaffinity_scheadar_dynamite_sebastian.png )

I have just found it!

Kadath - Storeroom Quickie Vulpes Inculta 19/12/20(Fri)23:50 No. 27540 ID: fe356d [Reply]

File 157688225558.png - (1.50MB , 1800x900 , kadath_storeroom_quickie_montage.png )

Full comic with bonus pages!

2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 19/12/20(Fri)23:53 No. 27543 ID: fe356d

File 157688243695.jpg - (1.63MB , 2550x3300 , kadath_storeroom_quickie_cover_textless_high_resol.jpg )

Cover Textless

Vulpes Inculta 19/12/20(Fri)23:54 No. 27544 ID: fe356d

File 157688249677.jpg - (1.66MB , 2550x3300 , kadath_storeroom_quickie_cover_textless_messy_high.jpg )

Cover Textless Messy

Question Anon 19/12/13(Fri)04:01 No. 27531 ID: d5064f [Reply]

File 157620609191.jpg - (310.99KB , 627x800 , 9083387_p4.jpg )

Hey i am looking for a furry artist,
I search it myself but yield no result, anyone know him/her and if he has a commision?

Vulpes Inculta 19/12/14(Sat)10:12 No. 27532 ID: 20c838

Google image search might help?

I just wanna the Japanese artist who drew the Tall Girl Dog and short Cat Boy comic doodles on twitter?

Vulpes Inculta 19/12/17(Tue)10:49 No. 27536 ID: 394da2

Found him on pixiv


Tell me if you have any luck with the Tall girl Dog and Short CAtboy who is a tsundere, again they also draw them as regular animals and it was on twitter.

Any website hosting free palcomix exclusive content? anonOP 19/12/17(Tue)01:32 No. 27535 ID: 2b8530 [Reply]

File 157654273796.png - (115.41KB , 760x176 , cabezera.png )

Does any anyone knows where can I get exclusive palcomix comics free?

Meet Apoy, the only true exception to R34 I've ever found Vulpes Inculta 19/12/15(Sun)18:42 No. 27533 ID: cb8e70 [Reply]

File 15764317591.jpg - (23.14KB , 306x311 , 1576397072641.jpg )

Appygail is the mascot of Salesforce AppExchange. I doubt R34 of her exists, as there's hardly even any non-official art of her. But she's a mascot of a multi-billion dollar company so I'm a bit surprised.

Vulpes Inculta 19/12/15(Sun)18:44 No. 27534 ID: cb8e70

How did I manage to typo the title wtf

Kemono thread Vulpes Inculta 19/12/12(Thu)12:40 No. 27526 ID: fd45ef [Reply]

File 157615084844.png - (887.55KB , 755x1068 , 70624716_p0.png )

Here is a thread for Kemono artwork.

Sauce for the image is Ne_Negoya on pixiv.


By the way, there was a Japanese artist twitter with a few pictures, most of which were black and white I think, of a male cat who was a tsundere and a much taller beautiful dog woman, there was also a comparison size in one showing the size differences between the real life counteracts.

artwork Dandy Lion 19/02/21(Thu)10:22 No. 27033 ID: 901743 [Reply]

File 155074095462.jpg - (584.48KB , 1080x1080 , dandy strength.jpg )

this is my fursona, Dandy Lion.

Dandy+Lion 19/02/21(Thu)10:24 No. 27034 ID: 901743

File 155074106889.jpg - (1.87MB , 1080x1080 , MEOW SK8R.jpg )

At the skatepark

my soul Vulpes Inculta 19/02/21(Thu)10:25 No. 27035 ID: 901743

File 155074113446.jpg - (707.75KB , 1080x1080 , me as a furry - Copy.jpg )

Vulpes Inculta 19/12/10(Tue)03:52 No. 27521 ID: 34e09e

what a fucking BEAST

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