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Anonymous 21/03/12(Fri)17:27 No. 7286 ID: 8db943

File 161556647557.jpg - (182.14KB , 640x360 , 06.jpg )

Anyone know who did these?

Anonymous 21/03/12(Fri)17:29 No. 7287 ID: 8db943

File 161556659151.jpg - (356.29KB , 1469x980 , 0012223003.jpg )

Anonymous 21/03/12(Fri)17:39 No. 7290 ID: 8db943

File 161556716237.jpg - (467.23KB , 1280x720 , 564823.jpg )

Anonymous 21/03/12(Fri)18:04 No. 7294 ID: 8db943

File 161556865931.jpg - (722.46KB , 1469x980 , malk323654.jpg )

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)01:29 No. 7295 ID: a34050

File 161559535432.jpg - (619.74KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-00001.jpg )

nejsem si jistý, že jsou nakupované, viděl jsem to na jednom z Janině videa, podívejte se pozorně na její prsa. Podíval jsem se na stejný klip stažený v jiný den a nic jsem neviděl! Někdy tam někdy ne.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)02:23 No. 7296 ID: 43e75e

File 16155986368.jpg - (905.00KB , 1194x1798 , egaffweb.jpg )

Derselbe Kerl?

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)12:01 No. 7297 ID: a34050

Hi, can anyone translate that? I've not seen either of those pictures! I have that Eufrat movie so I'll look at that. But I've not seen the other (amateur?) picture. Do we know who is doing them?

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)14:01 No. 7298 ID: a09950

File 161564051277.jpg - (863.46KB , 1280x1454 , vysvětlit01.jpg )

Důvod, proč říkám, že jsou skutečné, protože proč tak jemné? Většinu těchto událostí nemůžete vidět bez velkého zkoumání. Ukazovat víc.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)14:34 No. 7299 ID: a09950

File 161564248331.jpg - (669.99KB , 1920x1080 , jan1033427.jpg )

Zkoumám každý janin film.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)16:02 No. 7300 ID: a34050

Ok, so either someone has doctored a copy of their video and then some of us have ended up with them. I have two versions of her videos that I downloaded a while back, and the lines appear in one and not the other. Or. the lines are there and some players just don't pick them up. But then there are two major questions. 1) Why would someone go all the trouble of making something really hard to see and that is very easy to miss? 2) If its real what is it?
Who is she anyway on the clips I have she's just called a "sexy brunette". The other model's video is by BareMaidens but I can't find who she is.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)17:32 No. 7301 ID: 254bd7

FAKE! That's Eurant Mai and the big titted one is Bree Daniels.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)19:42 No. 7304 ID: 8dd6c3

File 161566097451.jpg - (224.18KB , 720x540 , wmv0001.jpg )

Auch ich habe solche Bilder! Ich denke, sie sind korrupt. Dies ist von Met Art Video und dauert einige Sekunden.

Dark_182D 21/03/13(Sat)21:52 No. 7305 ID: 2bbe6e

File 161566875510.jpg - (398.07KB , 1150x1340 , vlcsnap-00002.jpg )

Images that have poor quality like this are easy to fake the question here thats already been said is why go to all the trouble to create something that nobody's gonna see?? I was going to say that Seeing how these have only just been posted, I would say that they were probably faked by the original poster. BUT I've got a load of Brea Daniels Bare Maidens content when I was a member around 2012-13 downloaded directly from them and I've found this on one of my videos. From going through the frames on VLC, whatever it is, is in the video itself for sure and you can see it moving for about 7 to 10 seconds. It looks like two faint beams of light coming out of her tits and move around as she does. You can't see it in the screen caps, but where the two beams finish up near the mountain top you can see a blurry distortion like heat haze. The beams then break up into a crescent shape stuck to her tits, spreads out and disappears. I know for a FACT that other than taking screen caps for this I've not touched this film, and although I can remember watching it at the time I didn't notice it. I might be wrong but she looks like she can see it as well, because she kind'a turns her body away but she's looking up where the beams end. If its not some proper weird shit, I'd be very interested to know who did this and for what reason.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)23:11 No. 7307 ID: 2bbe6e

I'm not sure they're shopping, I saw it on one of Jane's videos, look closely at her breasts. I watched the same clip downloaded on another day and didn't see anything! Sometimes you don't.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)23:12 No. 7308 ID: 2bbe6e

The same guy?

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)23:13 No. 7309 ID: 2bbe6e

The reason I'm saying they're real, because why so subtle? You can't see most of these events without much scrutiny. Show more.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)23:14 No. 7310 ID: 2bbe6e

I'm researching every jane movie.

Anonymous 21/03/13(Sat)23:15 No. 7311 ID: 2bbe6e

I also have such pictures! I think they are corrupt. This is from Met Art Video and takes a few seconds.

Anonymous 21/03/14(Sun)02:09 No. 7314 ID: d0d355

File 161568417452.gif - (2.37MB , 600x338 , Břehu řeky.gif )

Tady! Nemohu nahrávat déle.

Anonymous 21/03/14(Sun)13:32 No. 7315 ID: 2bbe6e

I can just about see a line from her boobs. Can you upload the original clip,(better quality) that looks like a GIF image? Thanks to whoever translated the other posters post...can you continue please?

Anonymous 21/03/14(Sun)13:35 No. 7317 ID: 2bbe6e

File 161572534191.jpg - (114.51KB , 720x528 , pornhq02.jpg )

I've found these, not sure if they are the same, but they look suspect. The Red News one could be a lens flare, but it passes behind the logo when she leans forward and again appears to come from her boobs. Whoever did these spent a lot of time on making their work unseen!

Anonymous 21/03/14(Sun)13:36 No. 7318 ID: 2bbe6e

File 161572536634.jpg - (114.78KB , 720x400 , 578876.jpg )


Anonymous 21/03/14(Sun)23:46 No. 7319 ID: 2bbe6e

I've just spend all day downloading Brea Daniels and Eufrat Mai films to look over. I'm on holiday next week so I'm going to see if I can find any more of these weird scenes. If any of you guys find any more please post them here!

Anonymous 21/03/15(Mon)21:45 No. 7320 ID: a09950

File 161584113847.jpg - (428.99KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-00003.jpg )

Anonymous 21/03/15(Mon)21:46 No. 7321 ID: a09950

File 161584116560.jpg - (473.95KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-00004.jpg )

Anonymous 21/03/15(Mon)22:03 No. 7322 ID: a09950

disturbances only seen in movies and not photosets. I have a clip about 4 seconds long where you can see very faint transparent lines but can't upload it. How can you do that anyone know?

Anonymous 21/03/16(Tue)21:11 No. 7323 ID: 2bbe6e

File 161592547460.jpg - (182.25KB , 576x432 , 002341.jpg )

Szene aus Babe Stadt. Sehr schwer zu sehen, aber die gleiche rote und blaue Farbe in diesem.

Anonymous 21/03/16(Tue)21:14 No. 7324 ID: 2bbe6e

File 161592568696.jpg - (128.71KB , 1920x1080 , xprs4445.jpg )

Wenig Farbe in den Strahlen in diesem Bild, aber mehr Verzerrung kann um den Körper gesehen werden, wo sie sein sollten.

Anonymous 21/03/26(Fri)22:41 No. 7330 ID: 8db943

Boards back up!

Anonymous 21/03/28(Sun)13:35 No. 7335 ID: c73521

File 161693132695.jpg - (301.75KB , 640x1130 , 01.jpg )

Drei Bilder von Bare Maidens. Die erste zeigt diese Lichtstrahlen nur sehr schwach und Sie müssen vergrößern, um zu sehen. Zwei ist vor original Post und Zeigen Strahl des Lichts, aber auch sehr schwer zu sehen. Drei ist auch vor und Sie sehen vier Blase?

Dark_182D 21/03/28(Sun)20:11 No. 7336 ID: c73521

File 161695506457.jpg - (242.26KB , 640x360 , 1263543.jpg )

if you go even further back in this shot you can see there is something there even before you see colours.
In this image you can see a line of broken pixels that extend from her left tit that looks like all the other beam like features.
But the right has like a triangular area of broken pixels that narrows towards her right tit which is being blocked by her right hand. I'd say that this means whatever is causing the image breakup is coming >>from<< her tits, not going to them.?
Look at the magnified image on the bottom picture and you can see this.

Dark_182D 21/03/28(Sun)20:11 No. 7337 ID: c73521

File 161695509674.jpg - (253.94KB , 640x360 , 1263544.jpg )


Thomas 21/03/29(Mon)00:32 No. 7338 ID: c73521

I was watching this thread with interest before it went down, and I wanted to contribute, but the site went down before I could. I just wanted to see which way the general consensus went before I spoke up and made myself sound like a complete mad man.
I have been a photographer since 1964 and professional since around 1972. Most of my work has been freelance, with the majority of my pictures appearing in various magazines, and then of course in the late 90's and 2000's on web sites. Although I like to call myself a jack of all trades photographically speaking, I specialized in female nudes, and have worked with some of the worlds most famous and beautiful adult models. As you might have guessed I'm now retired, but still like to keep my hand in and I'm still very active taking pictures.

So enough of my credentials and on to where I think I can contribute to this discussion. I have on occasions during my career photographed scenes that I have not been able to explain "rationally". Form my earliest pictures taken with some fine Pentax equipment to my latest Canon EOS 5D IV, there have always been those pictures that get binned because of a ghost image, dust, lens flares or aberration of the lens or mirror. Most of these peculiarities have not been apparent visually at the time of shooting, but have revealed themselves in either the dark room, or in post processing on the computer.

However, one example, was back in the mid 70's when I pictured a young model (obviously can't give her name) who had never modelled before. Unfortunately for her, although she most certainly had the body, she didn't have the "look" to be a top nude page 3 model, which she wanted to be. However, I was fairly prolific with some much lesser known "adult" publications at the time and her "girl next door" look was more suited to this genre. (remember pornography was far more taboo in the U.K. then)
She only did three paid shoots, two for 'pussy cats' and one for 'Fiesta', but as a result of her unusual ability I ended up picturing her many more times out of my own pocket because of some of the images I captured of her. Some of the pictures I took of her were very similar to some of the pictures posted here. I would say that out of 100 pictures of her 3 or 4 would be unusual, these were usually taken around the same time, but more often than not her pictures were quite normal.
I actually discarded many images early on where annoying lines and odd distortions appeared to be either emanating from, or surrounding this this young model, and I would put them down to the above optical defects or chemical deficiencies within the film at the time of developing. The interesting thing of note which I find fascinating now, and confirms what I saw back then is that in these modern pictures you can see blues, reds, and greens in the features. In all my images (obviously pre-digital) all these shapes were in varying degrees of greys and whites. Even in my colour images these lines were a very pale greyish white, no colour at all, which would make perfect sense as the C41 we used at the time probably wouldn't be able to show those very faint details in such colour.

Because these things only occurred with this particular model, I suspected that what I was seeing was actually "there" and not a product of the film, as the lines and such only appeared around her and not around any of the other models. At the time I was photographing probably 15 to 20 different models a week for hours at a time, so you can imagine how many pictures I'd taken. Not one of them produced a single picture like hers. What would the chances be of taking positively thousands of pictures of different women only to have these features show up with only one of them? In the intervening 45 years I have to this day not had one single model who has given me pictures like her.
I can remember at the time (mid 70's) we in the U.K. had an unknown mysteries series on ITV (can't remember the name of it now) where they would discuss pictures of ghosts, U.F.O.'s, and the Loch Ness Monster. I can clearly remember at the time wanting to send in some of my pictures, but obviously not being able to as all my mysterious pictures had a naked woman in them!! But it did make me wonder if there was some ghostly spirit attached to this woman, or indeed if she herself was "out of this world" perhaps!!

Alas, I shared what I had photographed with a good friend at the time - the only friend and person I could trust, he managed to convince me that this woman wasn't an "angel" (yes I suspected it!) and what I was seeing was either not even there because he couldn't see it, or it was simply defects in the film. Remember this is the 1970's, you couldn't share things on the internet with others, it was a very closed society where images of a naked woman surrounded by strange shapes wouldn't be shown or accepted publicly. As a result all my pictures of her were lost in my huge clear out sometime in the 90's, and despite spending several hours last weekend in my loft I can't find any of those pictures.

I sort of forgot about this strange time in my career until I saw the original posters image. Seeing that and these other pictures has not only brought all those memories back, but now convinced me that there are some women out there that radiate this light/energy from their bodies which is obviously invisible to the eye but not the camera. Whether these particular pictures are real or manipulated I have no idea, but what I see here is identical to what I saw back in the 1970's, and I know for a fact that I didn't "create" those images short of just taking them. The one thing I do regret that I can't understand to this day why I didn't do it at the time was to actually show her the strange pictures of her I took! I never once mentioned the lines or fuzzy pictures I took of her and never explained why her pictures never got published. Thank you to those who have posted their images here, its made an old man feel not so crazy anymore.

Anonymous 21/03/29(Mon)13:33 No. 7339 ID: c73521

File 161701763762.jpg - (446.97KB , 1908x2208 , 1268732.jpg )

Mám 3 kopie tohoto videa a pouze jedna ukazuje tyto detaily. Podívej se na ty žluté čáry. Seřadí se s prsy. Ale jiné čáry (černé) se také vyrovnávají s prsy, ale mají jiný tvar Proč jsou tyto?

Anonymous 21/03/29(Mon)16:37 No. 7340 ID: c73521

Hi Thomas i'm from the U.K. also! Did you ever hear of any of the other photographers in the 70's finding strange marks on their images? I'm finding it hard to believe that this phenomena is only just coming to light now, and nobody else has reported seeing anything.

Anonymous 21/03/29(Mon)16:40 No. 7342 ID: c73521

((Translation for this post by the way))
I have 3 copies of this video and only one shows these details. Look at those yellow lines. They line up with her breasts. But other lines (black) also align with breasts, but have a different shape Why are these?

Anonymous 21/03/31(Wed)00:47 No. 7343 ID: e238da

File 161714446076.jpg - (1.56MB , 2346x960 , 0068.jpg )

Thomas. 21/03/31(Wed)23:23 No. 7346 ID: eaf886

Hi, I'm fairly sure that other photographers saw similar things. But like I said, I often put these things down to the photographic processes involved at the time and/or lighting. Since going digital I haven't come across one model who has caused these strange features. Of course I'm retired now and don't have the opportunity to photograph (in the business) anymore, but I sure would love to photograph both the models shown here as they obviously hide some secret that we know nothing about.

Anonymous 21/04/02(Fri)12:02 No. 7347 ID: eaf886

File 16173577449.jpg - (1.22MB , 1532x1752 , HAlphaedit01.jpg )

found another one. You need to run the screen shots through photoshop or other imaging software so you can adjust the RGB and other levels to fetch out the colours. Non of the rays were visible, and I mean NOTHING was visible in the actual moving scene except for one instance when the model walks back the opposite way after the bridge shot and her tits were really bouncing, you could see a slight linear distortion in the trees and water that lined up with her walking. I'm on that one now, but these are the ones I've done. If some guy is creating these then he's been doing it since at least the 1970's?? Why??? ...and why have we only just stared finding them????

Anonymous 21/04/02(Fri)12:02 No. 7348 ID: eaf886

File 161735776653.jpg - (1.18MB , 1536x1758 , HAlphaedit02.jpg )


Anonymous 21/04/02(Fri)12:05 No. 7349 ID: eaf886

...Oh and I've boxed what looks like a plume of smoke or something in that beam. Don't know if it's associated with it of if its something unrelated, but looks like it aligns exactly in the beam to me?

Anonymous 21/04/02(Fri)13:47 No. 7350 ID: eaf886

File 161736402278.jpg - (822.76KB , 1536x864 , HAlphaBRG.jpg )

...This is the one from the clip. I've not been able to pull anything out with the same techniques I did with the last pictures, (colour) but if you look really carefully and use the models nipples as a guide you can see where the image distorts the trees. I thought that the other model was also giving off these beams, but I've not found anything that I can definitely say is hers, it all seems to be coming from the one with the bigger tits.

Anonymous 21/04/02(Fri)18:26 No. 7352 ID: eaf886

File 161738077769.jpg - (164.61KB , 720x540 , 06.jpg )

Dies wurde auf einem anderen Eufrat-Video gefunden.

Anonymous 21/04/03(Sat)00:42 No. 7353 ID: eaf886

I've been tolling the chan boards for years now and I dont think ive come across a thread as interesting as this tbh. I've seen some of these movie clips and I've never seen anything wrong with them but I generally just wank to them and never notice details anyway. Would be interseting to know whats going on specially if this has been known for years.

Dark_182D 21/04/03(Sat)16:35 No. 7354 ID: eaf886

File 161746052090.jpg - (513.57KB , 960x1472 , linias1.jpg )

Hey German guy, you must have read my mind! I've managed to download a load of Eufrat A videos to go through. They are pretty shitty quality and you have to use A LOT of imagination to see stuff but I'm trying the red/green/blue trik to see things and its kind'a working. In the first picture you can see how all that disturbance is going in front of the camera man just looks at the stripes on his shirt completely un touched. Ive done the visible lines in red and areas of blurred pixeling in yellow to show wierd shit. If you notice all the picture to the left of the yellow line that arcs thought her tit is blurred and rippling?

Dark_182D 21/04/03(Sat)16:39 No. 7355 ID: eaf886

File 161746078351.jpg - (205.38KB , 960x720 , linias2.jpg )

Second one is one I sketched on (drew over the original and can't be arsed finding where this is in the movie again) But you can see a 'W' shape that was traced out in miss matched pixels fuck knows what that is but I assume its related with the other lines and stuff as it and they are the only things out of sync with the rest of the picture.did the visible lines in red again.

Dark_182D 21/04/03(Sat)16:46 No. 7356 ID: eaf886

File 161746120715.jpg - (544.49KB , 960x1462 , linias3.jpg )

Last ones best and the most fucked up. You can just make out the lines coming from her tits but they look like they are surrounded by some sort of fuzz? and then you got two circles again! They've got to be coming off her tits, ones centred right through the line coming off her left tit and the other looks like it draped over her knee? everything inside that circle over her knee is blurred but not on the one to the right! Doe anyone have a fuckin clue whats going off here?

Dark_182D 21/04/03(Sat)16:48 No. 7357 ID: eaf886

Oh and the best bit....this video is called Linias...Spanish translation LINES!!???

Anonymous 21/04/04(Sun)19:54 No. 7358 ID: eaf886

File 161755887499.jpg - (1.16MB , 1260x1756 , HAlphaEdit01.jpg )

Tried all sorts to get this one looking better but if you look to Marilyn's right you can see one of those arcs, looks like it encircles that whole side of her body. Only really shows up when you play with the yellows and contrast.

Anonymous 21/04/05(Mon)03:16 No. 7359 ID: eaf886

File 161758541653.jpg - (231.68KB , 1946x714 , vlcsnap-00003.jpg )


Anonymous 21/04/05(Mon)19:38 No. 7360 ID: 0864e1

File 161764433329.jpg - (250.54KB , 960x540 , vlcsnap-00007.jpg )

I've found one!! One of the code fetish movies where Teneka in on the starship Enterprise! it lasts for about 4 or 5 seconds where you can see all round her boot and the floor shimmering as well as what looks like rippling down around her arm on the floor and step. Now that's some weird shit! No good with computers but you can see it in this vlc screen cap!

Anonymous 21/04/07(Wed)10:02 No. 7362 ID: 59cb7d

One of other posters said that you couldn't see anything unless they were photographed meaning your eyes are unable to detect anything out of the ordinary. Even most pictures don't. Not saying I fully believe they're genuine, but that would explain why no one has seen it before.

Dark_182D 21/04/13(Tue)00:31 No. 7397 ID: c9e4e0

A load of my posts have disappeared along with other peoples and I'm wondering if the thread got too long?
I have some news and about research I'm doing and don't want it to get cut?....Should we start another thread?

Anonymous 21/04/14(Wed)23:25 No. 7400 ID: c9e4e0

File 161843554215.jpg - (2.74MB , 3134x2090 , wowpic.jpg )

All is not as it would seem!

Anonymous 21/04/15(Thu)23:09 No. 7401 ID: c9e4e0

File 161852096639.jpg - (195.27KB , 720x576 , vlcsnap-00003.jpg )

I've got the original image of this and you can't see anything in the copy I have, but lowering the reds and upping the blues and yellows as well as trial and error with the levels very very slightly, you can see this. Because these images are proper hi definition its amazing how much detailed structure comes out!
Whatever they are they are definitely coming from the tits and appear to mover as a whole. i.e. they don't spray everywhere like a hose, more shine like the beam of a torch. My guess because they become more visible under blue light that they may contain oxygen/nitrogen from the body?? But I can't guess what the red from the nipples is???
Check this picture out I got from last week, I was gonna post it and got side-tracked. But you can see the only part of the two beams you can see are passing above the strong studio light to the lower left. No other part of the beams can be seen, that would say to me that there has to be particles in those beams for light to refract/reflect though??

Dark_182D 21/04/16(Fri)20:46 No. 7402 ID: c9e4e0

Yeah, if you see my earlier posts where she is in them woods you can see other distortions going on around her tits that don't have any colour to them. They lasts only seconds when you see it in the film, but you have to split each frame down, go through each frame, and then each pixel on that frame to pick out the distortions. Even then I've then had to try and slightly enhance what's there in order to make it visible.
For example, I'm currently working on one of her movies and have split one 10 second scene, it contains 103 separate frames! Now this 10 second clip might not contain anything unusual, as it appears that these beams don't show up all the time, and are probably sporadic. I've done a couple of other clips and spent hours on them only to find fuck all! But the thing is, it really does appear that the lighting has to be right in order to see anything in the first place.

Anonymous 21/04/17(Sat)23:56 No. 7406 ID: c9e4e0

File 161869660391.jpg - (332.01KB , 1449x1126 , trg_frm_294.jpg )

Another couple of frames here, I'm currently using a friends astronomical O3 and H alpha filters to view some of these frames and they give them an almost 3D quality to them. Unfortunately they wreck the original colour and require re processing to fetch out both the colours in the beams and the original colour of the background. However, you can still (just) make out the colours.

Dark_182D 21/04/20(Tue)23:02 No. 7407 ID: c9e4e0

File 161895252114.jpg - (554.49KB , 1920x1280 , 20496.jpg )

Ok so I've managed to find a Reality Kings film that features both Bree Daniels and Eufrat Mai fucking in the same film!
I've only got 11 minutes into the 34 minutes of it but haven't caught anything yet. As far as I can tell this is the only film that they did together, does anyone know of any others??

Dark_182D 21/04/20(Tue)23:17 No. 7408 ID: c9e4e0

File 161895347148.jpg - (336.21KB , 2560x956 , clp23.jpg )

.....But the film I've just finished showed up something interesting. Again I had to pass the images through a narrow band filter that enhances the colours of the beams. Then I mess around with the RGB on the black and white image to make the features really stand out. The beams appear like they are spluttering or going on and off and never properly form. Plus, the beam on the right tit sends out at least two of these weird ring like distortions that remind me of smoke rings that travel down the beam and spread out as they go. Interestingly, she covers her right tit with her hand while these rings are rippling away from her and the beam just shuts off completely and disappears.

My theory here is that her tits are being squashed by her t-shirt, plus you can see that on the darker part of her left tit which is producing the dodgy beam is partially covered up by her t-shirt. I think that is what's causing the beam to fail.

Does anyone have any theories as to what we are actually seeing here?

Dark_182D 21/04/22(Thu)23:40 No. 7409 ID: c9e4e0

File 161912764524.jpg - (188.16KB , 1396x540 , gate01.jpg )

... So I've been busy today finishing looking at the RealityKings film featuring Eufrat and Bree and can say that neither of them showed any activity at all during the entire film..Apart from what they were supposed to do!! Which is odd as they are both known to show these strange features. Moving on to another set of clips this time for a site called "2Punish" I managed to get this image after enhancing it in RGB mainly pulling up the yelllows had the best results.
Anyway using the H alpha filter you can now see that the beam on the right breast goes under (i.e. the 2Punish) watermark, which means whatever that beam is, it was in the film BEFORE the watermark was placed over it!!

Anonymous 21/04/23(Fri)09:10 No. 7410 ID: 31a8d7

I saw something like this a few years ago with a model the name of whom i can't remember now. But i'll try to find her again and post some pictures.

Anonymous 21/04/25(Sun)12:55 No. 7411 ID: 8db943

File 161934814341.jpg - (476.86KB , 1438x1078 , 03.jpg )


Thomas. 21/04/25(Sun)13:21 No. 7412 ID: 8db943

Hello Dark, the image you have shown here is fascinating. It makes absolutely no sense in the respect that apart from the supernatural, there is no explanation for what we see here.
If we discount the supernatural (which I wouldn't count out as I'm as open minded as the next guy) but look for a rational one, I think we are only left with two options. One, is that all this is fake and someone spent what must have been hours placing subliminal features into videos and pictures that can't be seen most of the time, and as you have stated, need to be seen through filters to actually draw out the colours and features. I have a very hard time with this as yes these images could have been faked, anything is possible in photoshop, but my own personal experience with images exactly the same as this way back in the 1970's long before photoshop tells me this is a GENUINE phenomenon. The second option is one I'm taking more seriously. Our bodies interact with and influence the planets magnetic field and vice versa. So I believe this is some sort of interaction between these women and that magnetic field. We've called our planet "mother earth" since ancient times - probably before that. I think the link to some women's bodies and the actual connection to the planet is more literal than we really understand. However, how that actual "interaction" occurs is still beyond me. All we know at the moment is that at least three women on the planet radiate very very faint beams of light from their breasts, and produce rings that distort the scenery around them. very puzzling.

Dark_182D 21/04/25(Sun)22:19 No. 7413 ID: 8db943

File 161938199986.jpg - (227.68KB , 720x540 , mrk_0132.jpg )

No Anonymous your movie isn't corrupt because I have the distortions in my movie also. This is a very interesting sequence actually because it shows what I think is the break-up of the beams. Your picture shows the actual break-up when the beams become crescent shaped and not connected to her tits anymore. This picture is interesting because it comes from earlier in the sequence and shows the beams passing to either side of the photographer who appears oblivious to them.

Dark_182D 21/04/25(Sun)22:27 No. 7414 ID: 8db943

Hi Thomas,
Yeah, I think you could be onto something there as that would be the only explanation, other than something biological??

Dark_182D 21/04/25(Sun)22:32 No. 7415 ID: 8db943

File 161938273960.jpg - (793.01KB , 1017x1928 , mrk_0143.jpg )

I thought I'd show these two images that I've run both through the H-3 filter and then fiddled around with the RGB's. Looking at the original images you really cannot see anything in them the features as so faint. It's only after passing them through the various filters that these "beams" become visible at all. Even then you'll notice on these two images that I've had to lean heavily on the blues (whole picture has blue tinge) just to fetch out the beams.

Dark_182D 21/04/25(Sun)22:34 No. 7416 ID: 8db943

File 161938284458.jpg - (390.17KB , 1344x756 , mrk_0144.jpg )

.....and a third. Nothing seen in the original film, but when procesed this is what shows up! Notice a distortion off to the upper right in the bushes!!

Anonymous 21/04/30(Fri)23:36 No. 7417 ID: 8db943

Něco nového?

Dark_182D 21/05/01(Sat)16:28 No. 7418 ID: 8db943

File 161987928750.jpg - (361.59KB , 900x2760 , run2.jpg )

I'm currently just finishing going through Eufrat A's two videos and I've come across a strange feature around 20 to 25 seconds after these images.
From what I'm seeing here the two beams of light seem to widen out into two round bottomed plume type things. Very thin beams are emerging from her nipples (you can only see the right tit) and go into the bottom of the plumes. It almost like something is being injected into the plumes from her nipples, and you can see the contact point glowing which actually shows up well if you mess around with the levels.
The plumes appear to made up of the same material as the beams and look like they are being sustained by the thin beams coming from her nipples. It looks like the narrow beams break up inside the plumes as you can see one sort of snaking around where her right thigh is. I still don't have a clue as to what I'm seeing here. I think your idea Thomas is very valid and nothing in these images would disprove your theory....as far as I can tell anyway.

Thomas. 21/05/02(Sun)11:35 No. 7419 ID: 8db943

Yes thank you for the back up there Dark! I've been trying to find the young model who I originally photographed back in the 70's. Obviously she has been married and no longer uses her maiden name (which I knew her by) Don't know what I'd say to her anyway. I looked at this particular model Eufrat but as far as I can see she hasn't done anything after 2019 so I guess she maybe quit modelling. I think the the other lass is still in the industry but what do you say to them??

Dark_182D 21/05/02(Sun)22:33 No. 7420 ID: 8db943

I've thought about contacting Brea but apart from the fact that she has about 10 Facebook accounts you'd be lucky to get the real one, plus. (A) Like you say, what exactly do you say to her? And (B) She's going to think you're completely mad, which I think we are anyway! Even if she knew what her body was doing she wouldn't admit to it. And saying that, if she knew, do you think she would still model with risk of being found out?
The thing I'm finding more puzzling is the lack of other women showing these strange beams. Although I obviously can't go through every single model and porn star, I've looked at many and non of them are like these two. So what's so special about them? One's American and the other Hungarian - Czech? They're both quite tall at 5ft, 7in and 5ft, 9in. Tit's aren't the same though with Brea's being larger. Nothing to say why they are like they are?

Dark_182D 21/05/03(Mon)02:36 No. 7421 ID: 8db943

File 162000221138.jpg - (568.13KB , 1534x1630 , puls4.jpg )

Just completed another sweep of material with this being the best that I managed to clean up using the filters. Again, nothing can be seen in the original movie (or pictures which may not have been done at the same time I guess)
But these beams appear about the same time that she is climaxing, maybe maybe not significant? But her tits rock around quite a bit during this time, and from what I can see the beams move similar to a beam of light and don't bend or curve as if they were made of gas or liquid. I just wish I had the time to break down each frame and clean up and filter each one to re-create the segment that these beams appear in so we could study them in real time instead of just frames like this.

Anonymous 21/05/03(Mon)11:11 No. 7422 ID: 8db943

So that's why i get electric shocks off my girlfriends tits!

Thomas. 21/05/03(Mon)13:13 No. 7423 ID: 8db943

Maybe not as silly as it sounds. Its obvious that your girlfriends body can discharge electrical energy via her breasts, so it would be reasonable to assume that that energy could be dissipated to the atmosphere under the right conditions?
The questions here would be, how is that achieved, how much energy is needed to produce these beams, and why do so few women seem to produce them? Unfortunately, if I'd had more about me back in the 70's I'd have taken more time to try and collect as much data about weather conditions etc when I photographed that young lass, as it may have played a big part in explaining why she produced those beams of light also.

Cadey 21/05/05(Wed)18:58 No. 7424 ID: 8db943

Personally I first thought this was bullshit. beams of light coming form porn stars tits you gotta be having me on. but reading Thomas account what happened to him in the 70's that like 30 years before i was born so how fuckin old is he?? But anyways, I can sort of believe him. but i've still got a problem with why nobody knows about it

Dark_182D 21/05/07(Fri)23:32 No. 7425 ID: 8db943

File 162042315896.jpg - (0.96MB , 2008x1024 , flushedit0012H.jpg )

Ok well I've been busy on and off the last few days but I've managed to find this section of the Bikini Heaven video that this guy upped back in March.
It's a good clip as she produces these beams as far as I can tell at least twice in the 11 minute clip.
The GIF that the original poster put up only lasts 7 seconds from beginning to end. The beam appears very very faint at first and then as she bends down it's almost like emptying a bottle with the beams becoming brighter (relatively) before shutting off with a degree of turbulence and what could possibly be one of those ring type features.
The second event begins almost exactly 2 minutes later and lasts at least 8 seconds before the camera pans into Eufrat and her tits pass out of the field of view. When they come back into view about ten after that the beams appear to have gone again.

In these images I've done the full filter and RGB mess about. In the original frame you have to look very very carefully to see anything at all. (In the actual normal speed clip you see nothing!) In the O3 image, I've shifted the colours towards the blue end of the spectrum again to fetch out the structure. You can see a very faint arc surrounding the right hand portion of her body, and a disturbance in the beam coming from her left tit up in the leaves on the tree to the right of her. In the last (black & white) image I've pegged out both the reds and yellows and that really shows some detail!
The ring appear to be expanding away from her tits and it's leaving small trails back to them. It looks either like some sort of optical effect(because it round) Thomas might know more about that?? Or it could be some sort of pulse-shockwave???
The feature up in the trees appears to be a similar event, only it appears to be bending the beam around in the middle into a swirling motion.

Again more questions rather than answers!

Anonymous 21/05/09(Sun)14:07 No. 7426 ID: 8db943

File 16205620561.jpg - (170.69KB , 769x540 , vlcsnap-00001.jpg )

Vidíš v tom věci?

Dark_182D 21/05/10(Mon)09:48 No. 7427 ID: 8db943

File 16206329097.jpg - (161.77KB , 1528x540 , vlcsnap-00001a.jpg )

I most certainly do anonymous well spotted!
Although the image is obviously a webcam image and really poor, you can still see details here.
Both beams from the breasts can be seen as well as the beam from the right breast hitting the wall!

Anonymous 21/05/16(Sun)00:55 No. 7441 ID: c3f368

File 162111934753.jpg - (272.57KB , 1280x720 , 098.jpg )

Ich fand mehr von ihr, obwohl ich nicht sicher bin, ob sie die gleichen sind wie alle anderen

Dark_182D 21/05/18(Tue)22:55 No. 7442 ID: 4b45a9

Yes my friend it is the same by the looks of it! I'm very busy at the moment so haven't got the time to do my usual on it. Have you got the name of the film so I can look over it?

Dark_182D 21/05/23(Sun)12:03 No. 7445 ID: fd276c

File 162176419856.jpg - (257.43KB , 1280x720 , 162111934753.jpg )

Had some time so ran this through the filters, and indeed she's producing beams! Although very very faint on the visible image they're quite clear with the Olll filter and the blues pulled back.

Dark_182D 21/05/31(Mon)13:19 No. 7454 ID: c2524e

File 162245998484.jpg - (1.40MB , 2706x1544 , group1.jpg )

Didn't have time to filter any of these images but I did enhance them. You can see in picture (1) ring-like distortions around her tits that appear in some of the other images of her here. But, because of her body angle, you're sort of looking at them edge-on. Also if you look carefully you can see what look like dome-shaped features that align with her nipple angle probably 20 - 30cm away from her tits and are connected to them by that same distorting type feature. They look like they've been ejected out of her tits but the image is too fuzzy anyway to be sure.

In picture (2) you can clearly see beams now appearing out of her tits in this enhanced image. (although again totally invisible in the original image) This capture is about 15 seconds after picture 1 and I really want to filter this one because I think the beams will show up really well with the O111 filter.

Picture (3) is weird. No beams in this image, in fact in the previous and following frames there aren't any beams that I can see visibly. But individual frames show very strong distorting perfectly aligned lines heading away from her nipples. These come and go and are seen in some frames and not others. Picture (4) just shows the angle and visibility of the lines.

What I think I'm seeing here in Picture 1 is the initial appearance of the beams of light. If what Tom says is true about them being possibly associated with electromagnetic fields and such, it might be like a kind of outburst from the body? I'm pretty sure the domes are the tops of an mushroom cloud type shape that is ejected from the tits for whatever reason.

Anonymous 21/06/01(Tue)23:14 No. 7455 ID: 34a47a

File 162258206771.jpg - (262.82KB , 966x768 , Rebecca01.jpg )

Sie hat einen anderen gefunden, deren Namen Rebecca ist. Sie ist Woodman Mädchen, aber nicht mehr finden.

Dark_182D 21/06/11(Fri)22:16 No. 7460 ID: 3057fa

File 162344257111.jpg - (241.98KB , 966x770 , Rebecca03a.jpg )


Dark_182D 21/06/13(Sun)15:24 No. 7466 ID: 3057fa

File 162359066287.jpg - (459.41KB , 1950x1110 , 01.jpg )

Ok, so I decided to scour the Woodman website to find this Rebecca but while there I found this woman. What is amazing about her is that you can actually see visible distortions coming off her on the actual casing video shot by Woodman himself! I tried to show a clip of this via WebP and GIF but the site say's both files are too large and I can't reduce the quality as you don't see the distortions. I can't remember what her name was but if you can find her video you will see these "waves" coming off her tits without any enhancement.
Once I ran her through the filters I could see why her distortions are so clear. These images are taken in different lights, (1) is purely visible. (2) Has been through the Olll filter and raised blues on the spectrum, which makes the colours visible. (3)+(4) Is the same, but now I've played about with the RGB's and you get to see sooooo much more detail to the expense of the original image.
You can see two very indistinct beams coming out of her tits that appear to punch through two sets of what I call "bubbles" that are radiating out and away from her tit's. You can actually see where the beam passes through the outermost bubble as it causes rings to form in that area. The bubbles I'm assuming must be spherical in structure and expand in all directions. What their relationship is to the beams I don't know but they appear to be pulses of energy that occur at regular intervals. (maybe heart rate?)
As the "bubbles" expand they leave glowing trails on the inner surfaces of them that lead back to her tits. This gives the bubbles an almost explosion type appearance. Only the outer edges of the bubbles are visible I guess because you are looking through a thicker amount of material and I can't say at what speed they are expanding.
This model is worth looking at some more, however, I don't know what her name is or if she did any more modelling after this. What is clear though is that she exhibits the very same traits as Eufrat and Brea Daniels.

Dark_182D 21/07/20(Tue)15:09 No. 7512 ID: 94d1b2

File 162678656877.jpg - (821.91KB , 2070x1180 , proj23_LD-001.jpg )

o3 filtered and blue enhanced.

Dark_182D 21/07/20(Tue)18:46 No. 7513 ID: 94d1b2

File 162679956137.jpg - (241.07KB , 950x1140 , prjct_230_34.jpg )

Nearly all of the images I'm working with show no features unless you run them through the H alpha band and then mess around with the RGB's. I end up getting distortions like in this image. Let me know what you get Tom, I think your email is still down because it keeps coming back "unable to deliver"!

Dark_182D 21/08/08(Sun)13:29 No. 7522 ID: cf2ba0

File 162842219575.jpg - (412.03KB , 2476x1462 , 01.jpg )

Having the same trouble again Tom! You might get this in your emails but I thought I'd post it here as it's a good image in that there isn't much in the way of a complicated background to ruin the detail. There are at least two shock wave type features which I'm surmising are spherical bubbles radiating away from her tits. But I think this is the first time you can clearly see these rings as well as plumes.
The visible image was as usual completely devoid of any features and it needed the usual running through various filters to fetch out the detail.
There must be several different elements involved in these features as they don't show up in any one of my filters, and I have to place one filtered image over the other to show the final images.

I'm still at a loss as to what is going on. Whatever energy is being ejected from her body is only visible at certain wavelengths of light. The distortions seen in some of the images say to me that it's either heat (as it looks like heat haze) or like you suggest magnetic. I'm still checking other models and have now gone through hundreds, but have only found a handful who show these features. I'm currently working on the one in the garage Tom and I'll post it here if your emial's not back up. take care mate.

Anonymous 21/08/14(Sat)04:57 No. 7534 ID: 02d9ab

It's simple.. kill the Batman

Dark_182D 21/08/15(Sun)22:35 No. 7535 ID: 89ad3f

File 162905973642.jpg - (444.42KB , 1210x1357 , 01.jpg )

I found this after my hard drive crashed on my other computer from a video she did years ago. Quality is not so good but the beams don't seem to be affected too badly with older 280P quality. Again they show up better when you mess around with the RGB's and levels. From the footage itself, the features last for at least 7 seconds but again are completely invisible viewing at normal frame rates and visible light.

Dark_182D 21/08/15(Sun)23:17 No. 7536 ID: 89ad3f

File 162906227822.jpg - (415.52KB , 1940x1106 , omcb.jpg )

This is the one I've been working on the last few weeks. It's from one of her later movies and is at 1080P quality. It's fascinating in that if I hadn't just picked this scene at random I might not ever have found this beauty! Looking at the movie you can't see anything at all, not even any small distortions (which you can just see sometimes)
Anyway, I just processed this one and washed it with the usual narrowband (N2) filter and it - JUST - showed the beams coming out of her tits. This is probably the dimmest I've ever seen these, not sure if it was the lighting or something to do with her, but they only really stand out when again the levels and RGB are messed about with.
Also now you can start to clearly see other structures that were even fainter than her beams. The ring-like features have been seen before and appear to be showing multiple pulses that are obviously being ejected out of the body as they are connected to string-like features that trace back to the nipples.
What I wouldn't give for some sort of magnetic detector type equipment to see if what is showing up here really is electromagnetic or something. Wouldn't be any use of course because she retired years ago, but there are other women out there we just have to find them.

Thomas 21/08/17(Tue)23:40 No. 7540 ID: 775e10

Hello Dark, emails down again and I've sent you a load of frames from her Klaman video. I've spent hours staring at these so I hope you can find something on them! Take care.

Anonymous 21/08/23(Mon)16:57 No. 7548 ID: 006ece

File 16297306315.jpg - (515.76KB , 1500x1000 , 023.jpg )

У мене є більше цієї дівчини

Dark_182D 21/08/25(Wed)22:57 No. 7549 ID: 775e10

Candice Brielle? Thanks anonymous I've looked at hundreds of other women but only found half a dozen who display these features. I can add another one.

Dark_182D 21/08/25(Wed)23:01 No. 7550 ID: 775e10

File 162992526425.jpg - (472.11KB , 2590x1818 , vlcsap-00005_jpg.jpg )

Just found this frame that I did at the same time as this one. I've not run any of this particular film through any of the narrowband filters yet but expect that they should be pretty spectacular when I finally get time to get round to them!

Anonymous 21/08/29(Sun)17:44 No. 7558 ID: 775e10

File 163025184950.jpg - (337.53KB , 1824x954 , rget22_45.jpg )


Dark_182D 21/08/31(Tue)16:27 No. 7559 ID: 494a34

File 163042003268.jpg - (156.99KB , 1104x806 , 50cddac035debbca1b070900-49536.jpg )

..... And another from the Red News series, again not showing any detail until it's passed through the filters and adjusted.

Dark_182D 21/08/31(Tue)23:51 No. 7560 ID: 494a34

File 163044666155.jpg - (737.45KB , 1352x964 , fltr001.jpg )

So, here I've done a half scan of a picture I found on the net (does anyone know who the girl is?) The image on the left is the actual image and as you can see there is nothing unusual about it. But the image on the right has been sent through my H alpha and O111 filter, and you can just about see the colours in the beams. The bottom half of the image has not been through the grating to show the comparison. You can see the top half of the picture has verticle lines down it, this is the filter grating which I usually blend out in the finished image, but I've left it in this one. I've not done the usual RGB mess around with this image as it didn't seem to make any difference to the finished image. (probably too dark)

The secondary effect of running the image through the filter grating is that it creates pixels that appear of different colours to the original image.
If left alone this makes the finished image look all wrong, so I manually decrease these colours by about 20% in light areas and 9-13% in dark ones and the result is a fairly convincing distortion within the beams. Now I must add this distortion or colour 'shift' is actually there, I'm not placing anything in the image that isn't already there, but without my manual addition of this, you wouldn't see this feature at all. The beams themselves are almost invisible at the best of times and require filters and RGB workarounds, but the 'distortion' features are fainter still. I know for a fact that this is why these have never been seen up until the advent of digital photography.

Dark_182D 21/09/13(Mon)19:26 No. 7573 ID: 94f974

File 163155401370.jpg - (697.55KB , 1871x2207 , clrfram_0221.jpg )

I'm working on trying to find some way of making the pixel correction on the images faster. Currently, its taking me several hours to enhance and correct a quarter of a 750kb image! Even then I've only got time to correct where I believe any distortion appears so I could be missing a lot of information in the outer peripheries of images as I've just not got time to look at them.
However, in these two offerings, I've managed to find some interesting features. In the first, I've caught features from one of Eufrat's bondage scenes. Now I don't know if the scene itself brought about one of these outbursts from her, but the fact that her tits are under some pressure may have something to do with it. The interesting thing with this image is that the usual red and blue beams that appear out of her tits are strangely absent but appear as distortions once the pixel correction is done. There are also two very strong distortion lines that appear to cover a 150-180 degree arc around her tits with the upper one probably produced by the right tit and the lower one the left. Again, they look like ripples in water and obviously come from her tits and radiate outwards.

Dark_182D 21/09/13(Mon)19:35 No. 7574 ID: 94f974

File 163155451058.jpg - (1.25MB , 2448x1636 , Brea standard.jpg )

This second image is of Brea Daniels during the Bare Maidens shoot. These were really good images to mess with as they are super high resolution and the colours are rich and easy to run through the filters. I overdid the blue filtering on the last image slightly but need to lean heavily on it as the structure that you can see in the image didn't show up well under any other light. It looks like she's blowing two huge extended "Bubbles" out of her tits! The beams go straight through the middle of both of them and they obviously taper back towards her tits. I have no idea if they are associated with the ring-type structures or if they are phenomena all of their own. On the right hand 'bubble' you can see the beam passing through the top of it and it looks like the bubble is trying to wrap around the pole as though one of them may be spinning. I don't think I've noted anything spinning so far so this might be first.

I'm currently still working on one five-second clip from one of Eufrat's movies where I'm trying to piece together individual frames, highlight and filter them so that I can put them together back into a five-second clip to see what these beams look like in real-time rather than in a still image. It's taking much, much longer than I thought and I'm wondering if a five-second clip will be worth it. However, it's a segment where her tits are really bouncing and go through 17 full bounces so it should be worth the while despite its short length. Watch this space.

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