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Arandista 23/06/25(Sun)22:22 No. 7134 ID: b692f9

File 168772452560.jpg - (235.98KB , 1078x1077 , 1687716003357.jpg )

Anons I have a problem, I was exposed to pornography at a very young age, at the beginning they were "normal" things as far as possible but each time I saw more horrendous things until I ended up seeing bestiality and other aberrational things, all this while being under 14 Currently, I have reformed my life after the pandemic, I began to exercise and diet (although I never became that fat) and I am currently less than 7 months away from applying to a military academy in my country (Peru). , but no matter what I do I feel dirty, like a degenerate, the things I've seen and done (thank God I didn't manage to do anything really strong) haunt me every day and I notice that they affect my sexual preferences, causing me a certain attraction to guys who are very young people 11-14 (which tortures me every day)

This hell has a solution, is it possible to forget it or get over it? or am I doomed

Eeyore 23/06/26(Mon)04:38 No. 7135 ID: 8791e7

lots of people have disturbing fetishes. just don't be a nigger and act on it. idk if your fetishes are trauma generated but just don't repress or reject it. it's just a fetish and not something that defines you or actions, that's fucking retarded and anyone who says otherwise is virtue signaling

Eeyore 23/07/13(Thu)01:35 No. 7136 ID: 8c824e

>is it possible to forget it or get over it?
I once saw on the internet that a guy was undergoing psychiatric treatment to treat his fetish to little grilss, but I don't know if it works.
Meditation can help you figure out why you have these desires.

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