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Historian 18/02/19(Mon)14:21 No. 15066

File 151904649236.jpg - (471.44KB , 1200x1800 , behoimi_org 625027 cosplay fatekaleid_liner_prisma.jpg )

Hey there.
Are japanese shools realy that oversexuallized as we know it from movies in our western culture? Or is it all fake?
Do japanese shoolgirls realy wear those sexy shool uniforms / gym clothes and swimsuits we all know? Or is it bullshit?

Historian 18/02/19(Mon)18:16 No. 15067

Most japs are ugly so it would actually be hell
They do have skirts to their uniforms. Swimsuits are fucking rare, when was the last time you saw a school with a pool?

So they're not but they aren't puritan either.

Historian 18/03/03(Sat)11:24 No. 15073

>when was the last time you saw a school with a pool?
There's at least 15 within 25 miles of me. Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, all have pools.

What kind of shithole do you live in? Better yet, why the fuck are you staying there?

Historian 18/04/13(Fri)03:16 No. 15076

Funny story about small city bullshit: when my home city was planning the high school, they originally had planned for a nearby park to be absorbed into the school's property so we could have athletic facilities, like a pool, indoor track, most importantly, a football field. Well, local residents complained about the loss of the park so they didn't have the land for us to have those facilities so they never got built. The high school has to use a public football filed that some local well to do football alumnus donated the funds. It's way across town, too. Fucking embarrassing.

Historian 18/06/03(Sun)11:30 No. 15079

Its bullshit. i talking to my penpal about highschool sex once and she says that some people have done it, but its more likely that people in the united states would do such things.
Oh and the sexualization is all fan service. its just to grab your wallets and run.
Think if Thiccy vickey was on all the time and Cosmo and timmys dad were trying to ram her? now amplify it to a bunch of other cartons and what would others think

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