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Internet Future rail productions 22/02/08(Tue)04:59 No. 2649

File 164429279272.jpg - (222.84KB , 1080x1292 , Screenshot_20220207-213840_YouTube.jpg )

There's this YT channel that is married to a woman who looks vulnerable on camera when she appears. She's only on a couple videos, one is on a road trip to Missouri, and the other is their wedding vid. She's clearly too quiet on these videos, the YT creator is not what he seems. Here's a screenshot of what his channel looks like, I used to know this guy, and let's just say that he's one big mama's boy, he's sucking off the government, and his wife looks miserable being with him. He's a pig, a homophobic rat bastard, and he's a Bible Thumper out of the camera. Unsubscribe to him if you wish to, it's for the best so he doesn't make money out of his content.

Poe 22/11/18(Fri)21:22 No. 2668

Unsubscribed. Thanks for the info buddy.

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