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Weeabot Returns Poe 10/09/10(Fri)23:03 No. 59 Stickied

File 128415263878.jpg - (75.14KB , 764x528 , 1241201988884.jpg )

<Xu> I want to have your babies, Weeabot
<Weeabot> old people, babies, its umph umph umph

210 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.
uki 12/08/01(Wed)08:44 No. 2034

<Street_Nigga> I'm depressed
<Weeabot> you should be depressed

Poe 12/08/10(Fri)02:36 No. 2037

<+Weeabot> needa telaporta hee

TehBoxOrange!lhw2ejR0Q6 12/08/24(Fri)04:49 No. 2050

<shadowman> Guys I"ve had two dreams in a row, today and yesterday about hunting and killing vampires and werewolves, duct taping their bodies and stuffing them into tents and closets.
<shadowman> what the airwolf does this mean?
<Weeabot> we ate acid you mean?

spoot!5/elwbL0iI 12/08/25(Sat)07:17 No. 2052

[01:20:26] <+Weeabot> id let me mount you?
[01:20:27] < Ukininam> *grabs dick*
[01:20:40] < Ukininam> kinky

Poe 12/08/28(Tue)09:02 No. 2054

[08:00] * Sm00th (sm00th@anon-CB2F6FE2.wireless.umd.edu) has joined #7chan
[08:00] <+Weeabot> i got toiletries for christmas sm00th

spoot!5/elwbL0iI 12/09/06(Thu)05:02 No. 2058

File 134690055097.png - (2.12KB , 278x50 , 131065860773.png )

What a dick.

Poe 12/09/16(Sun)19:46 No. 2065

File 134781760244.png - (834B , 261x24 , we.png )

spoot!5/elwbL0iI 12/10/22(Mon)21:35 No. 2082

<+Weeabot> Sazpaimon 2012 :/

Brutalis!HF.bGyUKfA 12/10/26(Fri)23:27 No. 2083

<+Uki> Weeabot vote
<+Weeabot> well it yet i vote for bidoof
<Amethyst> http://imgur.com/gallery/lkNiK
<+Uki> Bidoof 2012

Poe 12/11/01(Thu)08:17 No. 2109

Classic Weeabot :')

<Weeabot> weeabout (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ======= ┻━━┻ FUCK THIS BOARD
<Weeabot> http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/goflip.jpg FUCK THIS BOARD WHERES MY FUCKING HONEY

TehBoxOrange!lhw2ejR0Q6 12/11/04(Sun)21:25 No. 2113

Weeabot> i get plenty of goddamn hoses.

spoot!5/elwbL0iI 12/11/07(Wed)02:14 No. 2114

[20:32:42] <+Weeabot> everyone is excited i made cumsies

ice!.RAPE.curg 12/11/10(Sat)13:11 No. 2116

File 135254948598.png - (19.80KB , 425x123 , Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 7_29_53 AM.png )

spoot!5/elwbL0iI 12/11/16(Fri)02:32 No. 2120

[20:48:31] <%ponbiki> Weeabot Bob_Dole doesn't like you...he told me so in a pm
[20:48:32] <+Weeabot> bob_dole is slowly turning alpha as airwolf

shit in my mouth

poe 12/11/23(Fri)08:16 No. 2127

<whodat> written by a faggot, clearly
<buttbot> written by a butt, clearly
<Weeabot> a huge butt, yes

poe 12/12/03(Mon)05:18 No. 2138

<Weeabot> apb got fucked and chucked?

poe 12/12/13(Thu)18:59 No. 2152

<TwelfthDoctor> take off your today?
<Pantsuification> take off your pantsu

ice!.RAPE.curg 12/12/15(Sat)02:51 No. 2153

File 135553629363.png - (11.25KB , 383x21 , Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 9_15_46 PM.png )

Poe 12/12/20(Thu)07:15 No. 2160

File 135598410943.png - (1.58KB , 663x19 , Untitled.png )


Poe 13/01/02(Wed)02:33 No. 2183

20:25 <logancrat> weeabot bongbot
20:25 <Weeabot>bongbot i never have to be japanese, loves deadbabies at the race for processors and working
20:25 <BongBot>logancrat Do you have any conditions I should know about?
20:25 <BongBot>Weeabot Do you like talking to me?
20:25 <Weeabot>im fine with me?
20:25 <BongBot>Weeabot Glad to hear it, homo. " Do you like talking to me?"? With you?
20:25 <Weeabot>weeabot do you like snipan, but it seems to be running on my netbook
20:25 <BongBot>Weeabot Not many people express themselves that way.
20:25*** BongBot was kicked by Robotnik (Stop flooding!)
20:25 <Weeabot>weeabot glad to hear that guys?

Poe 13/01/30(Wed)05:57 No. 2213

<cody> Weeabot has confirmed that you're toaster already TehOrange, there cna be no denying it anymore
<Weeabot> shut up becoming toaster

cody confirmed for gay.

as if it wasn't know already

Poe 13/02/01(Fri)00:25 No. 2214

weeabot why

Anonymous 13/03/18(Mon)03:55 No. 2230

OG was here

spoot!5/elwbL0iI 13/04/01(Mon)10:04 No. 2233

[03:03:06] <+Weeabot> i'm banned from #animu :(

Poe 13/04/13(Sat)21:02 No. 2237

File 13658797601.png - (1.59KB , 620x21 , Untitled.png )

ice!.RAPE.curg 13/05/11(Sat)10:01 No. 2255

File 136825930322.png - (21.72KB , 524x193 , Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 3_01_56 AM.png )

ice!.RAPE.curg 13/05/28(Tue)03:18 No. 2270

[8:18pm] ice: penis
[8:18pm] Weeabot: patronesses donate to my penis

uki 13/06/28(Fri)02:52 No. 2277

* Weeabot (k@anon-97BC2EB5) has joined #weeabot
* yiff.7chan.su sets mode +a #weeabot Weeabot
* yiff.7chan.su gives channel operator status to Weeabot
<Weeabot> roznin
<Weeabot> hi ^_^

I'm a little scared.

Poe 13/06/30(Sun)23:10 No. 2279

<Semilevel> weeabot .kb
<Weeabot> .kb beeng pets syrup on wisdom, but she's irish 3:
<Semilevel> weeabot .kb bitloli
<Weeabot> bitloli sucks at throwing up a review of law
<Semilevel> weeabot .kb bitloli
<Weeabot> bitloli
<Semilevel> weeabot .kb bitloli
<Weeabot> do naxx anymore, because bitloli nyan nyan~ =^__^=
<Semilevel> weeabot .kb bitloli
<Weeabot> bitloli
<Semilevel> weeabot .kb bitloli
<Weeabot> bitloli is economic.
<Semilevel> weeabot .kb Tricky
<Weeabot> .kb someone googles
<Semilevel> weeabot .kb Tricky
<Weeabot> .kb
* ^_^ sets ban on *!*k@anon-97BC2EB5
* ^_^ has kicked Weeabot from #weeabot (Look I can fly... ! (Weeabot))
<BitLoli> LOL
<BitLoli> R.I.P. weeabot
<BitLoli> 2013

Poe 13/07/01(Mon)01:42 No. 2280


Poe 13/07/01(Mon)12:12 No. 2281

<Weeabot> gestapo vs bitloli never visits the giant monsters, the main character, nigger.

Poe 13/08/22(Thu)18:48 No. 2295

File 13771901225.png - (2.07KB , 403x40 , Untitled.png )

Poe 13/09/21(Sat)12:31 No. 2316

File 137975948633.png - (4.42KB , 579x94 , ha.png )

Poe 13/10/31(Thu)01:08 No. 2333

File 138317811457.png - (2.63KB , 587x40 , 42.png )

QB, Weeabot, same thing.

Poe 14/01/02(Thu)01:51 No. 2358

<Weeabot> weeabot became selfaware.

Poe 14/02/10(Mon)01:03 No. 2373

<Weeabot> i'd make out with cheap offbrand batteries

Poe 14/02/28(Fri)11:31 No. 2377

<Weeabot> you were masturbating to construct additional pylons

Poe 14/05/11(Sun)05:44 No. 2386

<+Weeabot> all cops are wizards suck a comic book store and a box

Poe 14/05/26(Mon)06:56 No. 2388

<+Weeabot> weeabot knows what he's not

ice 15/07/14(Tue)11:54 No. 2451

File 14368676702.png - (8.42KB , 711x108 , Capture.png )

Poe 16/01/28(Thu)04:55 No. 2480

<Weeabot> optimus prime *grabs hose* i agree with communists

Bob_Dole 16/02/13(Sat)07:12 No. 2481

<Weeabot> im thinking about becoming some delicious soylent
me too weeabot, me too.

Poe 16/04/11(Mon)20:02 No. 2486

<Weeabot> *grabs hose* weeabro licks along americium's furry ballsac, inhaling timbus's sweet phone

Poe 16/09/24(Sat)08:32 No. 2493

<Weeabot> fakeshadow giving a handjob was worth it to meet you

Poe 17/01/29(Sun)09:57 No. 2506

(edited to remove wordfilter.)
<popemobile> Weeabot: butt
<Weeabot> weeabot: you mean fat in complementary angles

DUMB Poe 19/03/21(Thu)14:48 No. 2566

Retard bot

"mesa 'orny


"yuno gasai"

Poe 19/12/29(Sun)12:13 No. 2600

remember, you have a platform: it's called your bed

do not deplatform

you have made your bed

Poe 20/01/04(Sat)14:28 No. 2601

silly note is that i wonder how many thistles i have in my notes that i deleted

silly thistle is that tumblr is creepy as fuck by itself for no reason

logancrat 22/12/23(Fri)09:31 No. 2672

rip weeabot

Poe 23/04/30(Sun)13:50 No. 2676

<Weeabot> deadbabies rapes dong because that one of the bitches


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