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Apartments Rick 14/06/08(Sun)05:04 No. 2118 ID: 8c4b00

File 140219667989.jpg - (97.06KB , 550x440 , image.jpg )

Is living in an apartment worth it? I am going to college close to home and currently living there. However I am getting a degree in a job that's not too generous in pay but I still enjoy it and can do it from home. I don't really need a huge house, only video games and a little something for recreation. But since I usually keep to myself, am not messy, and am quiet then would you reccomend living in an apartment? They are cheap and seem to be nice, but if anyone has lived in one, would you reccomend it?

Modern Mom 14/06/08(Sun)06:17 No. 2119 ID: a9a501

They are usually pretty expensive except for shithole ones in the hood. You'll probably have some room mates to help cut down the cost and it will suck because they will take your shit or do other annoying things.

I'd live at home as long as possible although the freedom is good of living on your own too

Modern Mom 14/06/08(Sun)16:38 No. 2120 ID: 872369

Rent is the biggest single expense for poor fucks like me

Modern Mom 14/06/09(Mon)09:09 No. 2121 ID: a0c6c4

If you can live at home, then you should live at home. There's no reason to move out unless you need to move to a different locale, have money to burn, or you're starting your own family.

Modern Mom 17/05/05(Fri)13:38 No. 3012 ID: 21de63

If it's close to your home. Then don't be in a rush to move out and save up your money for something good and be in a better situation after college.

Modern Mom 20/02/17(Mon)21:53 No. 3387 ID: 76210d

I was wondering if I could use an old long dead thread as a private personal journal by saging every post. Would anybody ever notice?

Modern Mom 20/02/17(Mon)21:56 No. 3388 ID: 4bfafe

Nevermind, mystery solved, it'll appear on the recent posts section anyways.
Any nice ideas for a decent private diary for free online or something?

Modern Mom 20/02/27(Thu)10:48 No. 3389 ID: 14211b

File 158279688942.jpg - (94.65KB , 737x730 , whereyoubelong.jpg )


Stay as long as possible at home. If you need to pay rent there to help around with bills or whatever, do it. It is a lot cheaper than living in an apartment on your own. Consider the price of living at home (a reasonable amount would be about 150-200$ a month if you need to help around) and the cost of transportation to get to school. That's all you need to worry about if you live with your parents. Now also consider, paying for the price of your living space if you want an apartment, the neighborhood it is in, how much to keep the power on, how much to put food on the table, if you need internet, telephone.. It gets a lot more expensive fast than simply living at home and paying to stay in your room monthly.

I'm lucky I got my apartment for 450$ a month in a decent neighborhood. Seen a lot shittier for the same price in the hood. It's a 2 1/2. The kitchen is fucking small but the rest is pretty nice given the market for an apartment of that price.

Greedy landlords will usually rise the price of the place they rent depending on the proximity of services in your area (applicable in urban areas).
I'd also suggest to pay attention to the behavior of the landlord when you come to visit a place to rent. You'll see within a few minutes if you really want to be around people like him or not. Some landlords are real pricks who have no shame in looking in your apartment while you're gone. I caught one looking in my room when he said he didn't. Try to spot how anxious he is about talking about money and cost. Some get real obsessive and insistent when you fall late on your payments. It's best to keep that in mind while shopping around.

Modern Mom 20/05/02(Sat)21:26 No. 3410 ID: a10901

God damn this threads are old as fuck. It depends where you live at and how small/big you get. Studios can be the cheapest but again, it depends where at. Also, some places will jack up the rent over time.

Modern Mom 20/09/08(Tue)02:59 No. 3451 ID: 01ea14

All of them will, anon. ALL. OF. THEM.

I've never known anyone's rent to ever go down unless it was in a failed city like Detroit where you don't want to live anyway. And they're always raise it the most they're legally allowed to, every single lease period.

Modern Mom 20/10/20(Tue)18:12 No. 3471 ID: dec4fe

I guess so. I live in apartment for the half of year and it's been hard for me to live alone after I moved away from my parents. I also have a dog and I can say you have to be responsable and well-prepared to live alone in apartment. Lately I checked https://cleanup.expert/upholstery-cleaners/ because my dog's hair is everywhere so I need some stuff to clean it as soon as possible

piss pornell 21/10/11(Mon)21:00 No. 3554 ID: de49f1

File 16339788052.jpg - (11.64KB , 320x320 , SHUT UP CUNTS ITS BOBO TIME.jpg )

blogpost incoming
ive been looking into apartments alot recently, 19 year old lad btw
ive seen glimpses of the difficulties associated with sharing a living space, apartment or house. i have yet to see a situation where everything is as close to being in its right place as it could be, as in there's always someone skipping rent or the bathroom looks like it hasnt been cleaned since the bush administration, or the house cat keeps pissing everywhere; ive never witnessed a group living situation that doesn't have something to be desired, not that i expect that, and honestly as ive thought of the idea ive maintained a mantra that i'd better be prepared to give a lot more than i think the world deserves, so to speak.
if all goes right ill be moving temporarily into an apartment with around four friends, most of whom are near what one would associate with the gifted or renaissance kids from high school, thusly i dont expect complete perdition but i certainly wont rule that out. im doing basically what everyone itt is saying not to do- move into a spot near your house, move during college (granted its community college and also balls cheap), and also without a source of income, the latter of which rightfully concerns everyone who hears about it. but i currently have a very comfortable amount of money to spare- i could afford what im buying a second time and still manage myself fairly well.
despite the ill implications i still intend to chill in the apartment for four months over the winter. i love my folks but living with them is driving me close to the edge and i dont want to spend four more months of cabin fever with them (southern sconsin area so our winters are dogshit and horrific). plus ive thought for a while what the experience of sharing a house is like.

Modern Mom 21/11/11(Thu)10:34 No. 3584 ID: d6eddd

I'm in a situation where I can't afford to live in the house I'm in anymore. Was thinking about an apartment myself but I can't tolerate noisy neighbors. Was thinking about attempting to move in with a guy I know but I haven't talked to him in about a year. He was thinking about renting out a spare room he had for like $150 plus helping with some bills. Might at least work out for a short term solution while I can save up to move into a new place come Spring or Summer. He's a bit tedious and I believe autistic. You have to do things his way or it's just unacceptable. I guess I could always attempt to move back home but if I did that I'd have to be a NEET again until I could find a new job. But I probably wouldn't have to pay anything at least for a few months which would allow me to take a much needed mental break. But that area doesn't really have decent work but the cost of living is a hell of a lot cheaper.

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