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Post-grad existential crisis workshop Modern Mom 21/08/09(Mon)15:13 No. 3537 ID: e30795

File 162851482130.jpg - (73.63KB , 1200x675 , Kiki.jpg )

I'm a musician going into my last year of grad school. Long story short, my parents have paid for everything up until this point and aggressively kept me from making my own money. Now they've let me know that they can't support me once I've graduated, and that my options are to either come home and work from there or come up with something on my own.

I'd actually kill myself if I was stuck at home, not to mention that home is hours away from any major city and any serious players that I'd want to work with. The last time we spoke, I told my parents that I plan to move to Philadelphia instead of coming home. It took a lot of butting heads, and they were pretty disparaging of the idea, but they finally accepted it and told me to come up with a plan of action.

I've been seriously stressing for the past few days, but then I remembered those crafty /jew/s whose posts I read when I was younger. If any of you veterans are still around, I'd love some help in workshopping a strategy. Basically, the objective is moving into Philly affordably and keeping myself afloat long enough to start putting together income in my actual line of work. Below are a few extremely general points, if you guys have some more specific ideas of options for each of these I'd be very appreciative.

>Move to Philadelphia
I've only started looking into available apartments/townhouses/houses in the area, but I know I'll need something that's under 1000 per month. If I can find something in the 700-900 range, I doubt that even a poor shmuck like me can fuck it up. Preference will be taken toward townhouses or houses, I don't think an apartment in that price range will have enough space for my instrument and the rest of my life.

>Get a job
This is where I could use a lot of advice. What kinds of "real" jobs could keep someone alive in that range of rent? I'm sure whatever I'm renting will be more expensive than that base number too, once utilities come into play. Ideally this would be some kind of day-oriented job with relatively flexible hours, so that I could still be free for evening/night rehearsals, jams, gigs etc. I'm very interested in bike delivery, although I know it'd be miserable with Philly's shitty roads. Manual labor also seems interesting, but I don't know what the pay's like.

With an income that will let me stay alive taken care of, this is the easier part. Connecting with other musicians in the city, cutting people at jams, putting together some semblance of social media, etc. etc. I'm much more familiar with this side of life, and with no school and the right job I should be able to get into some regular playing and/or teaching gigs within a few months of hustling.

If there's any other advice that can be given, I'd love to hear it. Literally anything to do with making/saving money in a city, or advice specific to Philadelphia if any of you have experience there.

The endgame is for my music money to become substantial enough to make up the majority of my income, supplemented by whatever smaller day gigs I need to take. Once I hit that point, I can focus on expanding my money through stonks/crypto/whatever you guys are digging into these days.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me think through this in more detail. In a year's time, I'd love for this thread to end up as another of those weird success stories that I remember this board for.

BalanceB 22/10/15(Sat)11:25 No. 3742 ID: 02eaaf

Did you manage to do that? I can tell you that for me, developing my own business turned out to be a great solution, I just had some problems with the business idea. But thanks to articles like https://apiko.com/blog/corporate-wellness-apps/, it wasn't even hard for me to boost my business and make my workflow even more effective.

Modern Mom 22/10/20(Thu)14:16 No. 3744 ID: e9a6a5

When I was at university, I always dreamed of owning my own business and not being dependent on anyone, and it's cool that now that I finally graduated, I have a lot of opportunities. Now I have only a small startup, but I try to develop, read various articles like https://www.pandadoc.com/blog/proposify-vs-docusign/ to keep abreast of new technologies and immediately achieve an optimized and efficient operation of the company.

Modern Mom 22/12/12(Mon)16:12 No. 3764 ID: 973d5b

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Modern Mom 23/02/25(Sat)10:45 No. 3794 ID: 61afc1

File 167731831196.jpg - (40.95KB , 600x359 , aaa1.jpg )

Good luck, dude.

Modern Mom 23/02/26(Sun)13:23 No. 3796 ID: c2c59a

It's pretty depressing that in like two years this is the only non-bot reply OP received.

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