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Post-Modern Mom 12/11/05(Mon)03:48 No. 468 ID: 846bd5

File 135208372511.jpg - (42.67KB , 420x403 , Thief.jpg )

If I were to start stealing things from stores to save money, how would I go about it? Related question: If I were to begin selling things I stole from stores, how would I go about it?

Modern Mom 12/11/05(Mon)14:12 No. 470 ID: 5c3c30

try not getting caught

man up and try something for yourself for a change.

starbrother 12/11/06(Tue)02:00 No. 473 ID: 5fa15d

You have to steal successfully once then sleep at an inn. when you wake up a guild member will be there with your next step.

Modern Mom 12/11/07(Wed)15:59 No. 483 ID: b68bf1

Petty larceny is not worth it, let alone stealing shit for any real profit. You'd be better off mugging people because there'd.be no cameras or suspicious eyes on you to start with.

Modern Mom 12/11/08(Thu)01:53 No. 489 ID: c3cf59

I usually don't spend more than a couple euros worth when I buy groceries. However, I come home with ~20-30€ worth of shit.

Don't look sketchy, wear reasonable clothing and a shoulder bag. Mine is perfect for inconspicuously putting items in it. Cheese, ham, minced meat, chicken fillet, canned soup, different canned sauces, chocolate, candy. You name it, I steal it. Last time I took of with about 15 bars of chocolate, some fancy Italian bolognese, minced meat, shampoo, multivitamin pills and shampoo. I also bought some cookies, tomatoes, cucumber and sour cream.

I basically shave off around 100€ worth of food a month and I have yet to be caught. You should always go shopping before midday as shoplifting typically takes place either during rush our or later in the evening.

Don't try to hide in a corner etc, just inconspicuously put it in your bag and keep walking. Pay for your groceries and calmly walk out. PS, don't forget to wish the cashier a good day.

It's all about how people perceive you.

Modern Mom 12/11/16(Fri)04:39 No. 522 ID: 0be85e

For making money off of stolen items, don't bother looking to sell to people outside. Before entering the store, look around on the ground (especially by trash cans) for a receipt. MAKE SURE IT WAS TENDERED IN CASH.
Once you have a decent shopping list, head into the store and pocket any items you can off of it. Do whatever else you need to to not get caught, and get out.
Return the next day and make sure you're not dealing with any of the same people you did yesterday.Go up to customer service, show them receipt & item still in original packaging (this is the difficult part if the store uses security tags) and get cash back. Repeat until receipts are exhausted.

Modern Mom 12/11/24(Sat)05:57 No. 547 ID: b58a57

If you're going to lift, just don't be stupid about it. Scope out the store when you go in to see if it's busy and how observant they are. It might be easy to get in and out quicker if it's slow, but employees also might be more distracted and pay less attention if it's busy. Work with what you've got. Always have a reasonable way to hide your loot without it being obvious.Don't worry about looking suspicious. Most places have policies against searching you or even attempting to find out if you have stolen goods. They can't do anything unless they see you take it. Once it's hidden, you're golden (unless police show up, but you'll be gone by then). Don't get nervous, and make sure you buy something before you leave.

Modern Mom 12/11/24(Sat)06:02 No. 548 ID: b58a57

Oh, and if they suspect you're shoplifting, they'll probably just try to make you afraid to proceed by getting in your face and being unusually helpful. Ask them a question about something to throw them off, and then when you have your answer go somewhere else. Don't steal anything after they've approached you (unless it's already on your person), because they're itching to call the cops.

Modern Mom 12/11/25(Sun)18:56 No. 555 ID: a7c550

All pretty sound, but I would also like to add something.

Shop staff are covered by insurance in the event that they get injured during an incident. However, it doesn't cover the staff if they leave the stores premise or act in aggression. If they challenge you just walk of the premise. If they grab you, tackle you or physically restrain you on the premises you can challenge the company for undue aggression. Obviously be careful with this, in most cases the charges for shoplifting will outweigh the benefits of a pay-off/suing. However you can sometimes 'encourage' the staff member into breaking your nose or something else relatively gory (you'll want photos for the case).

Once off-site, most staff will just call the police and leave you be, sometimes they'll follow you at a safe distance giving up dates on their location to the police. At that point all you can do is run.

Another good one, BIG AND BULKY. Tents, boxed TVS, crates 'o alcohol. Anything people think would be too obvious/ludicrous to steal are often the easiest. Quite simply, it's so obvious people don't think twice when they someone carrying a 42' TV out the door. There's been numerous cases when people have done this, set off the door alarms, the staff have came over, apologised, de-tagged it and then carried it to the car for the thief.

Modern Mom 12/11/28(Wed)06:39 No. 569 ID: 650f98

there is a SHITLOAD of threads on zoklet and other sites. Be warned, the posters are shit however

Modern Mom 12/11/29(Thu)10:04 No. 573 ID: 06440b

ebay, nigger

Modern Mom 12/12/01(Sat)04:59 No. 580 ID: 3516c0

File 135433437626.jpg - (289.67KB , 1024x768 , DSC00362.jpg )

My friend must have stolen/shoplifted at least $1,000 from one specific local supermarket using the Walk Out method. Yes, he was insanely stupid for doing this all the fucking time at the same store and just walking out with fuckloads of shit, but it's an example of how one could do it ONE TIME and probably get away with it. Just load up a hand basket, or even a cart, and walk the fuck out. Be calm, don't look left or right, and just leave with your shit.

That pic with the beers doesn't include the two 24 packs on the counter next to the fridge. When I went over his place and saw that I was first alarmed, but then quickly got shitfaced. Good times.

Modern Mom 12/12/01(Sat)05:00 No. 581 ID: 3516c0

File 135433442348.jpg - (373.17KB , 768x1024 , DSC00319.jpg )


Because I don't know how to load multiple images.

Modern Mom 12/12/01(Sat)05:03 No. 583 ID: 3516c0

File 135433461479.jpg - (217.51KB , 768x1024 , DSC00345.jpg )


One more. This one proves he and his friends have a major sweet tooth. Somehow, I don't have diabetes OR a cavity.

Modern Mom 12/12/01(Sat)07:16 No. 584 ID: 00137a

i used to lift on malls with my ex gf for clothes mostly, but when it came to groceries i'd just store everything i could fit in her purse (just lay the purse or bag or whatever in the cart slightly open and throw things in it) and buy a few things to don't look suspicious. imo big supermarkets are easier than small shops.

Modern Mom 12/12/06(Thu)08:15 No. 601 ID: 58925c

I used to from walmart every once in a while. Maybe I'll start again since money's tight.
I mostly stole video games from the bargain bins and stuff. Go in in cargo shorts, look through the bin for something that catches my eye. Then I'd walk around the store with the game, looking at other items in the store, I'd normally go with a friend and we'd pretend to browse. As I'm doing this just slowly tear the plastic around the opening and slip the disk/cartridge out and slip it into the side of my pants. Then act like I don't want the game or whatever and put it on the shelf.

I'd also get clothing from time to time. Walmart doesn't seem to put those big ink tags on their clothes, so I'd go in with a pair of slightly baggy pants, and try on another normal size pair of pants, then just put mine back on over top.
For groceries I bring my own reusable bags, and will slip small things into the openings, not something that would add bulk though, like a block of cheese, or something like that, and it goes unnoticed as I'm packing stuff at check out.

I find the biggest tip to be just don't act sketchy, or like you're doing something wrong. Act like you're supposed to be there. Act confident.

Modern Mom 12/12/07(Fri)00:51 No. 605 ID: 48b96a


Take everything said here with the finest grain of salt. This board probably has more trolls than all of Niggertits combined.

Modern Mom 12/12/09(Sun)04:18 No. 620 ID: 93bc65

I have a large purse with pleats that can expand while still disguising odd bulges. The shoulder strap is short, so I can settle its contents with an elbow jab, take several things off a shelf, and then place one or two of them in the purse while crouching to look at a shelf row near the floor. If anyone is looking, the movements of my hands are shielded with my body.

Of course, if you're female, cleaned up, and of a helpfully cheerful disposition, you can get away with nearly anything.

I think that this also helps me hitchhike and obtain free things. Sometimes I feel a bit bad about abusing my privilege, but then I shrug it off with the assumption that people can set their own boundaries. They'll let me know if I'm a bit too much, and I'll respond by running away.

Modern Mom 12/12/09(Sun)18:18 No. 621 ID: ecafc1

Yeah, what they all said. Stores can make hundreds over having a 10 dollar item stolen, and thousands over a 100 dollar item. You don't think they'll catch you? They've got some tool working the cameras for minimum wage to try and blackmail you in superstores, and if the store is small enough, the woman behind the counter will catch you and press charges for thousands.

Modern Mom 12/12/09(Sun)21:39 No. 622 ID: 4b6653

>the woman behind the counter will catch you and press charges for thousands.

And what charge would that be?

Modern Mom 12/12/10(Mon)11:21 No. 625 ID: e1bf61

Being a dickwad and stealing shit.
But in all seriousness, it depends on what you steal. Although they can easily charge you for hundreds if you stole something for ~$30

Modern Mom 12/12/13(Thu)04:16 No. 644 ID: 832072

Do me a favor and don't go into law.

Oh wait, that's right, you can't afford that shit.

Modern Mom 12/12/13(Thu)07:54 No. 646 ID: e1bf61

File 135538169853.png - (81.61KB , 439x400 , thumbs_up_large[1].png )

That's funny.

Modern Mom 12/12/13(Thu)20:13 No. 648 ID: 964ccc

I don't think anyone's mentioned that it's important to not shit where you eat. You should only buy things from any shops near your job or home. If you have to run, avoiding such convenient places will become annoying.

Modern Mom 12/12/14(Fri)00:46 No. 650 ID: 77c7b9


>implying someone stealing actually has a job


Post-Modern Mom 12/12/16(Sun)06:26 No. 663 ID: 846bd5

Original Poster here, this is good stuff, keep it coming guys.

Modern Mom 13/02/10(Sun)16:43 No. 890 ID: 53dffb

It'd be great to read more tips on working grocery stores, especially any experiences with superstores
I only want to take food, because it's so fucking expensive. I use reusable bags so I don't pay the plastic tax each time, so it seems like for-knowledge of cameras/blind spots would be all I need, but I want to be confident going in, so the more I know the better

Modern Mom 13/02/11(Mon)06:47 No. 905 ID: e82acf


I've been caught shoplifting at walmart and HEB (a Texas grocery store) before. They sat me in their camera room, and I made it a big thing for me to get a good look at all the monitors they have set up. However, the only high quality cameras that can really see anything are the entrances/exits, the cashiers, and the restrooms. The rest of the store is pretty low-def or in WalMart's case, they had no cameras anywhere but those few places. I mean... they have cameras, however anything they record go into DVR-like machines that save it. The only actively monitored ones are the ones I mentioned before.

And I agree with what everyone said about being confident and acting like you belonged there. A friend and I would steal beer (we were like 17 at the time) multiple times a day, amongst many other things. We had stolen firestarter bricks, hotdogs, hotdog buns, chips, and shit like that. I wasn't exactly the most inconspicuous kid walking in there either, but people at WalMart look like they belong in a zoo as it is. The only time we got caught was because one of their undercover loss prevention dickheads saw me pocket a lighter.

Be aware of everyone around you, and act like you know what you're doing. Look out for anyone standing in the entryway other than the greeter. When you walk out, walk out. Don't hang around.

Modern Mom 13/02/12(Tue)09:30 No. 911 ID: 53dffb

thanks. A walmart recently took root in my town, I'm going to recon it a few times and see if I can map the cameras & spot the sniff out loss prevention

Modern Mom 13/02/12(Tue)23:36 No. 916 ID: 4b6653

Is it true that infrared LEDs can obscure your face due to the brightness perceived by the camera?

Modern Mom 13/02/14(Thu)01:28 No. 918 ID: 4527ce

Back when I was 13 or so I would just walk into Games Workshop, slowly fill a canvas bag with boxes and blister packs, and after a few hours just walk out. I have no idea how I didn't get bollocksed, I think that might have helped me look inconspicuous.

Also, you can make it look like you're buying things at a self-checkout and just not scan them, if there's multiple machines it's hard to tell which are beeping and which aren't

agentchaos 13/02/17(Sun)22:19 No. 933 ID: 62a489

>go to bookstore with big shoppin bag from some mall store
>go to manga section
>open back cover and take out little sticker
>walkout with a bunch


Modern Mom 13/02/18(Mon)00:20 No. 935 ID: 885706

Do not steal from bookstores they have a hard enough time staying open with all the illiterate retards there are without people stealing their merchandise.

Modern Mom 13/02/18(Mon)00:38 No. 936 ID: c96cd2

Only works on cameras in night vision mode (because they use IR for illumination hence don't have IR filters), and the demo I've seen turned the head of the person into a bright ball of light, so whilst it can technically obscure identity it's not exactly stealthy.

Sir Digsby Chicken Caesar 13/02/19(Tue)05:09 No. 944 ID: fb5251

It is a bad idea to buy something if you have pocketed an item because this not only fails to drop suspicion off of you but it also confirms to whoever is watching you that you intend to leave the store without paying for the item. nigger.

Modern Mom 13/02/21(Thu)00:55 No. 958 ID: cd8b09

File 136140452963.jpg - (140.70KB , 812x539 , get the lube.jpg )

Very Carefully

Modern Mom 13/02/22(Fri)06:28 No. 966 ID: 8e646b

Stealing stuff to sell, dumb idea. Why not just cut out the middle man and rob a bank and go straight to jail. Free place to live, free meals, education, gym and more gay sex you could even imagine.

Modern Mom 13/03/01(Fri)14:41 No. 997 ID: 3073c1

Take shit from supermarkets. Walmart is fucking easy if you know what you're doing. Kmart can be pretty brutal, and is the only place I've ever gotten caught.

Try going around 1 AM, no one watches the cameras that time. The only thing you have to worry about is the greeter catching you, and usually they'll either not be paying attention or not even fucking be there at that time of night.

Dress nondescript. If you wear a hooded jacket don't have the hood up. Wear loose jeans but not too baggy. You may want a jacket that covers your back pockets so you can stick shit like toothbrushes and whatnot in your back pocket, but don't make it too large. The point is to make it NOT look like a thief.

Try to stick to smaller things. Kool-Aid packets, maybe a DVD if your pocket is big enough.

Go to the bathroom and quietly remove all the packaging, carrying a pocket knife or a razor blade can help tremendously. Flush fucking everything. You don't want to run the risk of setting off the security alarm.

In the event that you DO forget a security device, your best bet is to just keep walking. Greeters aren't allowed to leave the store. If it looks like a cop or security guy is coming after you, though, stick around. Try and bullshit them about forgetting you had it or something. They WILL take you to court over it but if you haven't left the building it's TECHNICALLY not illegal, assuming you haven't mutilated the product of course.

One neat trick you can successfully pull off during the day is try on a jacket or hat, and just go to another part of the store. Make sure there's no security devices, as usual. Don't remove the tags but try to tuck them in somewhere. Wander around for a bit, then leave out the opposite door from where you entered. The different greeter won't have seen you walk in and so won't recognize you, and therefore won't realize you're leaving with clothes you didn't enter with. And if they DO catch you you can just claim you forgot you were still wearing it from trying it on or goofing off or whatever.

Finally and most importantly, do NOT go into a store you're unfamiliar with to try and take things. Come in every couple of days and get used to the layout, and keep an eye out for camera placement. Most of Walmart's camera domes are fake and chances are there won't be anyone watching anyway, but better safe than sorry. NEVER linger around, do NOT pick something up and put it back down only to pick it back up repeatedly. If you see something you want and are unsure about it, pass it up and evaluate it elsewhere. Nothing is more suspicious than looking suspicious.

Good luck.

Modern Mom 13/03/01(Fri)15:08 No. 998 ID: 880412

This is what I used to do when I didn't fancy paying for a litre bottle of vodka or whatever.

Go into a supermarket, the bigger and busier the better. Pick up my bottle of vodka (they used to cost about £10 then in the UK), select a cheap sandwich or something at the same time and casually walk up to the till and place the sandwich on the counter whilst still holding the bottle (making no attempt to conceal it).

Nearly every time, the shop assistant doesn't even bother to look at you and you pay for your sandwich and walk out whilst still holding your bottle.

This is the important part.

Make sure that you have enough money on you to pay for the stolen item because on the rare occasion that someone would question me, I'd just apologise profusely and make some shitty joke about 'forgetting my head if it wasn't screwed on' and then pay for the vodka as normal.

I have done this dozens of times and probably only had to pay for the bottle 2 or 3 times.

Don't do this if you are of a nervous disposition or can't feign confidence easily.

I'm not saying that this is a foolproof plan or even a good idea but it used to work well for me.

Modern Mom 13/03/01(Fri)15:33 No. 999 ID: ecded3


Modern Mom 13/06/23(Sun)05:33 No. 1416 ID: a10ea5

I hope you enjoy getting raped by tyrone in jail

Modern Mom 13/06/23(Sun)12:21 No. 1418 ID: fc36d7

File 137198286396.jpg - (12.67KB , 204x250 , 536546754643.jpg )

You honestly believe you will go to prison for petty theft?

Post-Modern Mom 13/07/06(Sat)10:20 No. 1452 ID: a6d779

I do this all of the time with pens and small items like flash drives. It's so easy to do.

Modern Mom 13/07/07(Sun)06:21 No. 1453 ID: 39548d


Modern Mom 13/07/09(Tue)05:24 No. 1460 ID: d1aa3d

This is a terrible idea.

That is all.

sage 13/07/09(Tue)05:58 No. 1462 ID: 72e71f

Some of the older Kmarts only have the giant dome cameras and those can be easy to avoid. They often use the white eas tags that they stick to the outside of merchandise and can be peeled off.

Modern Mom 13/07/10(Wed)09:57 No. 1484 ID: b0e2dd

We used to use Lizzie bags to steal from high end department stores. Stealing sunglasses is huge if you can find a safe place. We used to rack shit at Oakley because my friend stole a key from behind the counter. You can also steal maxi-shears or similar wire cutters to cut off security devices. Leather can be a big score and once you've cut it away, just wear it the fuck out. Now you can go sell it or find another retailer that carries it, return it for store credit and you just bought some new gear. REIand the like have highend gear that rarely goes on sale. Look on their site and elsewhere to find compact items of high value and use the Lizzie bag method, though if you pocket it and buy some other trivial thing you can just leave and not stop when it goes off, later you can return the thing you bought with a reciept for your money back at another rei.

Food should just be walked out. Bring one of those reusable bags and fill that shit, but be quick about how you leave - don't take the beer run route straight from the back to the door. Walk behind some cashiers le you just left a line. Only do that at busy times.

Sell on craigslist sometimes, but diversify and use other sites like Amazon or eBay when selling a consistent product like "outdoor apparel"

Remember, almost all places have a policy that will keep a security guard from touching you but they can follow you if they feel safe (some will to be heros even if you could stab hm). You need to have an exit strategy that allows you to get out in 2 ways, so plan ahead and park our car facing the best way out where traffic won't be an issue, but also know the area so you can dip out in a non-obvious direction and call a friend or a cab.

Their is so much I cold learn you son, but my racking days are done.

Doctor 13/07/20(Sat)18:35 No. 1500 ID: 157b9c

File 137433810970.jpg - (119.64KB , 700x524 , 199381_172.jpg )

Steal food, expensive food like meat and cheese, it is easy to sell for half price and you get a decent meal that day too. Put carrier bags in your shopping basket and as you walk round fill the bags with steaks n stuff, at a opportune moment take the bags and walk out. Do not be scruffy/dirty. Do not go anywhere near the alcohol shelves. Make sure store is as busy as possible. If you think they are onto you go put everything back and leave.

Modern Mom 13/11/27(Wed)07:56 No. 1763 ID: f73a36

Yes, hold a TV remote up to a webcam and press a button. The little thingy will flash, and even though your pitiful human eyes can't see it, the advanced photonics of the camera will.

Modern Mom 13/12/03(Tue)20:04 No. 1770 ID: 2913e8

I have stolen over I'd say $500-$1000 in items from Wal-Mart every year for the past 4 years. (Only 19) Ask me anything

Modern Mom 13/12/13(Fri)22:05 No. 1792 ID: 740f9c

If they do this and they ask you if you "want to come with us" you say "no thank you" and walk away. Ditch the items where they can't see you if possible. They do this to you in the store which means if you do have something on you, it's not stolen (since you're in a store). They *ask* you if you want to go with them because then you admit you're willing if you say yes to that question and they make you think you have to go with them. Legally, they can't just hold you in a small room against your will. I think security can keep you in the store while they get actual authorities, but they can't hold you against your will or make you go anywhere with them.

Really it's not worth getting busted for this so I guess know the place, know where the cameras are and be sure you're not being watched. Be crafty and know the law. I'd get a partner but the less people that know the better (since people will snitch if it gets them off the hook). Don't be dumb and steal something that will set an alarm off- i.e. electronic items. I believe bananas and other food does this at Walmart but I can't imagine you're trying to steal food to re-sell it.

If you're trying to sell stuff, hang on to it for as long as you can- but have a place to hide it. Don't leave it in your house or something and then let the cops in later. Stash it with a buddy if possible, I'd say at your storage but you could get busted if the police get a warrant- if you do put it in your storage have one of those round heavy-duty locks (the cut-proof ones). The actual selling, maybe on craigslist but if it was something valuable or something that was obviously stolen, you can get busted that way. If it's something untraceable (i.e. not a TV or an electronic device) take it to a pawn shop out of the area the next time you are away. Sell things to private buyers in person (people you know and trust). You could sell it online on sites like eBay as well, ship it out of the country if the opportunity comes.

These are just some basic tips that people tend to overlook. Mostly you'll have to improvise and use your common sense to get away with it.

Modern Mom 14/03/28(Fri)04:32 No. 1993 ID: 9c1726

File 139597753451.png - (259.85KB , 352x315 , rea (18).png )

Okay, I've practised shoplifting for years some time ago, and heres what you do:
1)Pockets suck. Sleeves go a long way for candy bars, markers, pencils, even cigars. The more constricting sleeves, the better. Don't however, let your loot stick out - the thicker the better.
2)Pockets suck. Anything larger goes in your pants, behind your belt - spray paint, boxes, bottles. Belt goes a long way. Would not work if you're skinny, for obvious reasons.
2-2)Don't put items, that you would feel uncomfortable with at your dick. Don't walk funny.
2-3)Work with one hand. If you really have to use both hands to shove a candy bar up your pants, like it often happens in tv shows, my son, you may happen to be retarded.
pre3)For both 1st and 2nd points I would like to thank my blazer jacket, which covers my crotch.
3)Find a blind spot from cameras and crew. Haul your loot and only then stuff it in your pants, silly.
4)Second time you go to a shop, have a look around, walk around, as if you were confused. If an employee as much as looks at you, get out.
5)Best to work in pairs. Alone you look so vulnerable and sneaky, two of you can cover each others backs, yet three people make a crowd, which is, of course, suspicious.
6)Keep multiple items in multiple locations. Even if someone busts your sleeve, you still have those beer bottles sitting on your dick, bubble gun in front right and back right pockets, and a pack of cigs in your coats inner pocket. Don't steal a lot of objects, though - you are saving, not living on your skill, Robin Hood.
7)Keep a cool head. Prepare yourself, experienced employees spot a jumpy guy - jumpy means trouble. Try to lift your own items, to see if you have chosen the right clothing.
8)Don't smoke before lift. POCKETS SUCK. Smoke after.

Modern Mom 14/03/29(Sat)09:14 No. 1995 ID: dbbebd

I was always afraid to steal from super markets because I assumed that the alarm would go off if I walked out the doors.

Modern Mom 14/03/29(Sat)17:12 No. 1997 ID: 9c1726

Those only work with items that have beepers. Often - liquor, brands clothing, electronics... Beepers are small plastic things attached to such certain products, to protect the most expensive ones from being lifted.

Modern Mom 14/03/31(Mon)05:39 No. 2000 ID: dbbebd

Can I get an image as a reference? Nothing's coming up on google

Modern Mom 14/03/31(Mon)14:50 No. 2002 ID: 9c1726

I call them beepers, because if you try to pass exit, exits gonna beep. Few products have RIFD chips on them, which, after purchase of such product, is removed by shops staff member. This video explains how to remove them in home field advantage (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqBkLXo-j940), yet RIFD devices can have any shape or size or whatever.

Modern Mom 14/03/31(Mon)14:53 No. 2003 ID: 9c1726

Alright, I found even better video, with many more types of beepers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJENcL2Uaos)

Modern Mom 14/04/03(Thu)00:25 No. 2008 ID: dbbebd

Got it, thanks a lot m8

Modern Mom 14/04/03(Thu)00:37 No. 2009 ID: 9c1726

Just by the way, don't go bombing magnets on every cap you see, you will look like a jive turkey. You need super strong niobium magnet or something.

Modern Mom 14/04/03(Thu)04:50 No. 2010 ID: cda15e

It's neodymium magnets and electro magnets can work even better if you have a powerful enough little fucker.

Modern Mom 14/04/03(Thu)15:07 No. 2011 ID: 9c1726

I'm just saying, don't go farming with a fridge magnet. I'm actually considering making a magnet-glove device, for easier access.

Modern Mom 14/04/03(Thu)20:50 No. 2015 ID: 9c1726

Phishing. Legit scheme to get cash monies.

Modern Mom 14/04/06(Sun)21:07 No. 2018 ID: 478b71

File 139681125628.jpg - (376.14KB , 800x1600 , 1393887240258.jpg )

Your kit is your success

Modern Mom 14/04/06(Sun)21:14 No. 2019 ID: 478b71

File 139681166632.jpg - (754.93KB , 1197x1146 , 1393887727765.jpg )

Part 2

Modern Mom 14/04/06(Sun)21:44 No. 2020 ID: 77b857

Fun fact:
I copy this sort of stuff, amend it, then give it to my staff as part of their training for loss prevention.

Modern Mom 14/04/09(Wed)18:56 No. 2028 ID: 478b71

Why art thou on a chan whiteknight?

Modern Mom 14/04/10(Thu)00:36 No. 2030 ID: 9c1726

File 139708297752.gif - (1.33MB , 236x161 , 261173.gif )


Modern Mom 14/05/02(Fri)19:30 No. 2075 ID: 680d68

Fun fact: I have stolen at least $5000 of shit in the past 2 years alone and never gotten caught. Even on the off chance I do get caught I will get probation for a petty theft charge which is totally worth it. Get fucked.

Modern Mom 14/05/02(Fri)19:50 No. 2076 ID: 4f859e

Don't get me wrong, I've no problem with you stealing shit. Just don't do it in my store.

The main reason I train my staff is because it helps me get my bonuses which can total up to 2.5k a year. It's not about white-knighting, it's about me lining my pockets.

Modern Mom 14/06/02(Mon)11:44 No. 2111 ID: 14dc36

uscan machines usually have a scale, so they'll notice that there are more things in the paid area than have been scanned.
at least here in OH

Modern Mom 14/06/08(Sun)02:35 No. 2117 ID: 590d63

Seems like you could make more if you steal, too.

Modern Mom 14/09/22(Mon)04:41 No. 2334 ID: f29ec4

I live in ohio as well and our wal mart has u scans that you can take things off the scale and put them in your cart before you pay for them. they have cameras on them but.....

Modern Mom 14/10/12(Sun)08:06 No. 2381 ID: 4a88ee

I can confirm that this strategy works really well. Pocketing some small expensive stuff like vanilla extract along with your regular shopping is easy as fuck, anyybody can pull it off.

Modern Mom 14/10/16(Thu)19:49 No. 2391 ID: c3f089

BOGOF offers:
Buy 5 of them (you can mix it in with a whole trolley of stuff if you've got a legit shop to do)! After you've paid for them offload one to your mate, go the customer service counter and tell them they charged you for one too many. Get it refunded.

Modern Mom 14/11/14(Fri)09:38 No. 2446 ID: e82e6a






Modern Mom 15/02/20(Fri)23:18 No. 2545 ID: 0b7694

ha, thats a great one, lol

Modern Mom 16/09/24(Sat)03:52 No. 2883 ID: e93ae1

ITT: bad people.

osama momma facka 16/10/14(Fri)21:10 No. 2889 ID: 620113

File 147647225582.jpg - (337.20KB , 1600x1200 , 13850228637.jpg )

go into the grocery store or anywhere where there is produce that gives bags with the little wire tristies. Always double bag your stuff and take two twisties. Sneak a few in your pocket and in no time you could sell the twisties at the metal yard by the pound, or on ebay. Also, take huge wads of toilet paper from public restrooms.

farmer 16/11/27(Sun)01:30 No. 2912 ID: 90dca0

dont just steal shit then try sell it....steal to order. take a plastic bag with empty cornflake box with rag in the bottom to the store like you bought it in the last store. drop ordered toiletries, untagged booze, razor blades, meat etc into the empty box. buy something cheap then walk out.

farmer 16/11/27(Sun)02:11 No. 2913 ID: 90dca0

if the store has wifi, log on and get the ip. later at starbucks try that ip on port 9000 etc or 23, 8080. you can often get into the dvr on the camera system. i can get a few shops near me and steer the cameras away from steal zones, one i can wipe selected days footage, copy an old one to that filename. then you can really take the piss and when they look for who took that 42" tv....well nobody did, its still there. manager then manager suspicion. lol

farmer 16/11/27(Sun)02:15 No. 2914 ID: 90dca0

go to the reduced chilled goods section. take a bar code, place on massive fillet steak. reduced bar codes dont carry weight info. use on self service till if poss. swapping codes on busy days is easy money. till op cant watch the till display while scanning esp if your wittering some donald trump rant at them

farmer 16/11/27(Sun)02:17 No. 2915 ID: 90dca0

hide in store till close, between shelves, display tents etc. fill trolly and run out through fire exit. profit

Modern Mom 16/12/16(Fri)00:10 No. 2929 ID: b839a3

I don't steal but I work at a superstore and can tell you that most employers are not allowed to stop you and can lose their job if they do. I've had people walk into my store, grab TV's and walk out, knowing we can't do anything about it. Your main goal should be to not look suspicious at all, just wearing regular clothes and acting like youre shopping. If you want it to be easier, go to a store in a city that enforces a 'bring your own bag' law or something so they it is alot less weirder to just grab stuff and put it in your bag, then walk right past the registers and be done with it.

Modern Mom 16/12/29(Thu)08:15 No. 2934 ID: e216b8

I have a jacket with a shell that has pockets on the interior that are inaccessible when zipped up. I can drop shit in there when no ones looking and then zip it up. If someone told me to empty my pockets nothing would be there, because its between the inside and the outside of my jacket.

Modern Mom 17/01/02(Mon)01:50 No. 2936 ID: 05ea2f

I'm sorry to interupt just need a line for a photoshop meme:

> Implying we're not the one true /rel/

Modern Mom 17/01/02(Mon)02:33 No. 2939 ID: 05ea2f

> Implying

Modern Mom 17/02/07(Tue)23:40 No. 2948 ID: 8455ef

This might work, but beware, most stores do follow closing procedures and employees will be told to check the store for customers. You will have to hide from unmotivated underlings while they do this and up to 45 minutes of your anus clenching and other closing procedures. Not to mention they might have additional security they put on during the night (my old wage-slave-store had motion detectors which are WAY cheaper than a camera system and cover everything). You would have to have intimate knowledge of a store to pull this off.

shepard+dog 17/02/15(Wed)16:42 No. 2957 ID: f1d828

Technically I cannot condone illegal activity but if you are particularly desperate such as in a homelessness situation perhaps you can find use in something I call the phone game I recommend only doing this at low and dollar stores as a means of covertly shoplifting pic related

What you do is pretend you are texting on a phone the damn thing doesn't even after work it could be a toy phone for all I care this is simply so that if someone was trying to watch you they would simply think you are sending text messages perhaps to whoever you are shopping for now I've only seen cans of sardines be the right size to do the phone game but basically what you do is you grab two or three of the item that you want and then place your hands together like you are texting with both thumbs and then just slip the 1-2 cans of sardines behind the phone and take the remaining can and put it back on the Shelf where it belongs preferably facing forward flush with the rest of the product so it looks like you put everything back this will allow you to grab things even while people are watching you and they won't suspect a thing and then you can take your phone hand which everyone clearly sees you are feeling with your phone so then with simple sleight of hand or diversion whatever technical word you would like to use you can slip the phone into your pocket along with the tins of sardines and you can repeat this process pulling your phone back out later to pretend you are having more texts and repeat the process until your pockets are full enough to survive

Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope you have a wonderful day

Modern Mom 17/02/15(Wed)23:12 No. 2958 ID: 7fd13b


Wow and effective way of stealing phone shaped items from a store.

Modern Mom 17/03/11(Sat)09:44 No. 2974 ID: 3b5dc8

Anyone ever had luck lifting booze from Aus stores? Everything here has the cap tags

Modern Mom 17/03/20(Mon)17:27 No. 2981 ID: e05d71

If they happen leave a box of something big empty on the floor... grab it.. fill it up with all the small things you want.. and pack it tight.

High risk, but huge reward.

Yes, you either pay for whatever the big box item is.. or you run with this box OUT THE BACK, not the front. but inside you packed it with stuff to make it worth your while. Go towards the hardware section.. clear pack tape the box. Go pay. A cart helps.

Many stores, the back exit is unwatched.. and if anyone stops you.. "my mom is bringing the car around for a pick up." etc.

Modern Mom 18/04/07(Sat)16:58 No. 3159 ID: e23d98

Stealing from target is super easy, if you find the right one. Go in with a friend and a backpack.If there is no one at the security desk(there usually isn't) put your backpack in a cart and walk around the store like you're supposed to be there. Grab a bunch of random shit and anything you want to steal put in your bag(its easiest to do this in the clothing section). Then act like you forgot your wallet or something and walk out with your bag and leave the cart. As long as you don't take items with security tags you should be fine. Most targets near where I live are semi-understaffed on weekdays do they'll have security on restock. As long as you use your head and don't do anything stupid like go to the same target too frequently you should be fine

Modern Mom 18/04/22(Sun)16:09 No. 3174 ID: b41c80

Being/having a female helps. I've stolen so much shit in my purse. Go in with an empty purse only holding your wallet, phone, and some junk papers. Inconspicuously put items in your purse along the way. I like to hold the object in my hand, take my phone or paper out and hold them in the same hand, look around, then put both back in my purse. Before you check out, make the inside of your purse look all messy and junky as if everything's from your house. I've never even gotten my purse checked, but it's a good precaution.

You'll have to be more careful with this one, but I've stolen plenty of clothes in the dressing room. Wear the bare minimum of clothes such as a hoodie with nothing underneath. Take a huge stack in of clothes in. Try them on and put them under the clothes that you're wearing, but make sure that it doesn't look obvious. Walk out. I've easily stolen bras, swimsuits, and shirts this way. I feel like pants and leggings are harder, but they might be doable. This is another instance where being a woman helps because boobs/curves can help hide things.

I agree on the time of day - I feel like midmorning is usually best. Depending on the store, it will be too dead early morning and too busy around early afternoon.

Modern Mom 22/08/28(Sun)06:32 No. 3724 ID: 5d5c2c

Former Wal Mart employee here. I don't shoplift but people specifically go there to rip shit off. Can't be hard because their shrink is fucking ridiculous (iirc one year had 6 million in profit and lost over 1 million in stolen shit). Ever since muh covid when they built 20 self checkouts and only have 1 normal one that may or may not be open, it's probably far worse. They don't care and I'm still salty about being treated like shit and managers being petty tyrants so fuck em.

They do have loss prevention and some employees are brown nosers who absolutely will call them because they want to stand back smirking and watch the shit show. But for every one of those there are three who will see someone rip shit off right in front of them and give zero fucks. It's a game of chance if you don't know the employees but if you see them busy shooting the shit with each other while people are calling them or on their phones it's a pretty good clue they don't care. The gung ho ones are usually sour middle aged hags so if any are working you might not want to lift anything.

Most popular method for the big expensive stuff is to have an accomplice who sets off a loud theft alarm clear across the store as a distraction while you grab something expensive and book it out a fire exit or the garden center into a getaway vehicle. Alternatively if you see a miserable or teenage employee and offer them $50 to let you out the back that very well could work. Have some oopsies at the self check out if the cashier babysitting the area is occupied, but keep in mind there is a camera on the front of it so be discreet. If you have any excuse to push a kid around in a carriage you can stuff shit in there, just don't look sketchy. It also gives you an excuse to nip into the bathroom for an "emergency diaper change" and ditch some packaging. Worse comes to worse and they say something just act like you're salty because you don't know how to use self checkouts and hate them on principle.

If you're a real piece of shit you can do what some guy did when I was there: He waltzed into the back, into the break room, calmly microwaved someone's Hot Pockets in the fridge, sat down and ate, then swiped every wallet, ring, device or other valuable that people left in there and fucked off. No one challenged him because the turnover is so high that it's not weird to see new people. Fuck you if you do this but I'm just mentioning it's possible.

Most commonly stolen items and easiest to sell are expensive meat (mostly steaks), cosmetics, shit from the baby section, and probably clothes (especially really good bras). The shitty little chicklet things that set off the alarm can be peeled off and the spider wire can usually be yanked off too if you're determined. Act like you're one of those people who won't buy something unless you can first inspect the contents of the box. The meat and the makeup is often sold in bars around the area, barflies don't snitch. You find women looking for nice baby shit by joining those types of Facebook groups and messaging them privately (preferably not under your real name) if they're in the market for something you have. Just do not openly advertise it.

No matter what anons here are saying, if you advertise something you just stole in Craigslist or some shit you are absolutely retarded.

Modern Mom 22/10/05(Wed)22:20 No. 3741 ID: 627b6e

Compared to 2012 America and the west in 2022 are much more decadent and declined. It's easier to engage in petty theft, people are more tired and apathetic. The only thing I usually steal is just food, the walk in and out, grab and go, ect. That just works fine on the cheaper stuff.

Modern Mom 23/03/17(Fri)20:39 No. 3806 ID: b5a0f3

I used to work at two different retail stores and while I doubt it's the same for every single retail store at both the stores I worked at we had similar schedules of when loss prevention and lead managers would be in. Mondays and Tuesdays after 8pm were typically when loss prevention would never be there and the lead manager would take the days off as well.

Modern Mom 23/07/19(Wed)00:54 No. 3895 ID: 47f4cc

I worked at Ross and we intentionally varied the hours of loss prevention.


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