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Hipster Slut 14/11/19(Wed)00:06 No. 17359

File 141635199415.jpg - (264.25KB , 1183x700 , 1414351983680.jpg )


I need my fix of good literature because only recently have I stopped flooding my head with that fraud that is called philosopy.

Since I'm spanish and I'm counting with the fact that many of you are not pretty much anny suggestion might serve.

I'm looking for a good lighthearted adventure like Stevenson's or a raw, crude, careless one (should I say "morals free) like Blood Meridian or other Mcharthy novels.

I do not have a problem at all with touching any subject.

Inmersive novels are very welcome too, since I'm also leaving my videogame and procrastination life and thus i need good material to start exercising my imagination.

I trust you good taste!

Hipster Slut 14/11/19(Wed)00:10 No. 17360

* Philosophy
* "morals free"
* McCarthy
* Immersive
* Your

My keyboard doesn't write properly and I'm a bit rusty too. Surely you will forgive that.

I forgot to mention that I absolutely do not want any novel that was shat by any "philosopher" or "thinker", whatever that means.


Hipster Slut 15/01/15(Thu)00:12 No. 17388

Hmmm... I don't know of any "adventurous" books, but, as far as philosophy goes, I've taken to Ayn Rand quite nicely.

Hipster Slut 15/01/16(Fri)23:20 No. 17389

Hmm. Nice bare-bones adventures, with a minimum of moralizing or pseudo-intellectualism. Have you tried Edgar Rice Burroughs?

Hipster Slut 15/01/17(Sat)21:24 No. 17390

Alexandre Dumas might be good too. Scarlet Pimpernel is pretty much the prototype for the modern superhero with secret identity, Three Musketeers goes without saying, dude does adventure.

Count of Monte Cristo is my personal favorite, but it isn't as "lighthearted" as the ones previously mentioned. If you're in the mood for a satisfying revenge tale, though, there is none better.

Hipster Slut 15/01/17(Sat)21:42 No. 17391

And I am a dumbass because Pimpernel was by Baroness Emma Orczy, not Dumas. It still stands as a good suggestion, though. The title character is pretty much the main predecessor of heroes like Zorro, the Shadow, and Batman.

Hipster Slut 15/03/17(Tue)07:31 No. 17408


My personal preference in that line would be Robert E. Howard; not only did he give the world 'Conan the Republican' (sorry...couldn't resist) but he is a deft hand at humor as well, as shown by the hilarious 'Breckenridge Elkins' tales.

Also, if OP is looking for PERFECT grammar and for a chance to increase his English-language vocabulary...and if he doesn't mind doing without sleep...there is always the vastly creepy works of the inimitable H. P. Lovecraft.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Hipster Slut 15/04/29(Wed)22:56 No. 17421

Try Woman In The Dunes by Kobo Abe. On one hand it's a quite whimsical and absurd, although dark and claustrophobic adventure. On the other hand it's a thoughtful, primal and beautiful depiction of the mundane, the primal and the ridiculous of human experience. It can be light, poetic and enteraining in a darkish way, or cryptic and analytic, or something in the between depending how you take it.

Hipster Slut 15/08/02(Sun)06:37 No. 17453

This board is as slow as 4Chan's old, defunct text boards.

Hipster Slut 15/11/11(Wed)05:14 No. 17494

This makes it kinda meaningful to ask questions here. True, there may be some answer in the generals, but then you gotta watch it all the time.

John+Horowitz 21/04/02(Fri)08:48 No. 18174

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Hipster Slut 21/08/25(Wed)08:58 No. 18214

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Hipster Slut 22/03/13(Sun)09:01 No. 18231

File Whats_that_coming_over_the_hill_completed_for_real.pdf - (1.21MB )

Anon uploaded this on /lit/ years ago and it's pretty good. Slow start but it's one of the better things to come out of 4chan before it got cringe

books in English theo+linn 22/04/23(Sat)17:52 No. 18239

Please send books to
theo linn
5 rue d'horloge
vezenobres 30360 france

Hipster Slut 22/04/26(Tue)07:34 No. 18240

Sir Henry Rider Haggard:
King Solomon's Mines

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