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Review my verse/poem thing? Mike 17/10/27(Fri)03:22 No. 17841

File 150906733833.jpg - (10.15KB , 225x225 , download.jpg )

"Overdeveloped Primates" https://poets.media/overdeveloped-primates

Rate 1-5 stars, tell me my writing is nonense, etc.

Hipster Slut 19/11/04(Mon)11:19 No. 18042

I also like to write some poems when I have free time. But lately I was busy with my biology homework and peparing for some tests. But I applied to https://assignmentshark.com/biology-help.html for getting some additional help with my biology homework

Hipster Slut 19/11/09(Sat)05:52 No. 18043

I'll check this out in a little bit. I want to see what's here. I'm about to travel. I couldn't be damaged from reading poetry, right? I'm not in a dangerous situation. lol I would just walk and read but it's not ideal. It is so disruptive. The walking, thinking, and holding technology. I am a mere homo-sapien. I can't do all things that are possible at once. It's not possible. lol

Hipster Slut 20/01/17(Fri)20:22 No. 18062


Hipster Slut 20/02/10(Mon)04:34 No. 18068

Choppy/doesn't flow right, seemingly more about shoving a message than anything actually meaningful, but at least it rhymes. 5/10.

Hipster Slut 20/05/11(Mon)08:34 No. 18087

Definitely not a fan of the rhyming thing

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William+Doo 21/07/01(Thu)14:41 No. 18200

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