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The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Hipster Slut 19/09/08(Sun)18:47 No. 18022

File 156796124121.jpg - (17.47KB , 190x300 , 51+qiCy1kNL__SL300_.jpg )

Why do I want this to be my world? Am I tired of the status quo or is it that I like the idea of drugs too much to admit I have a problem?

Hipster Slut 19/10/12(Sat)19:34 No. 18035

Well, it would certainly simplify things to live in such a world...

Hipster Slut 19/11/20(Wed)04:36 No. 18047

What is the basic premise of this book? I don't know what it is. I feel so ignorant. I can't have peace until I reach omniscience which is the standard I have for myself. lol
I'm not against escapism as a life existence. I think all people of all life types should be accepted. That may be the bed rock of this book, I don't know. But I would say that this book is not something I absolutely understand. I think there is no reason to mistreat those with different ways of being. I'm not any amount interested in functioning in that general manner. I don't think there's good reason to. I'll listen to explanations for how it would be but I'm not convinced. I'm convinced I won't be convinced. But maybe there's something somewhere that meets my standards of proof. lol Based.

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