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Rules & Requests Anonymous ## Mod ## 13/02/25(Mon)15:24 No. 19768 Stickied

File 136180228748.jpg - (108.54KB , 724x540 , media_literacy.jpg )

Welcome to /me/ - Media.

This board is NOT for:
- Promoting your band, art project or shitty youtube channel.
- Raging about media (Go to /rnb/)

This board is for discussions about...
Movies, TV, Music, Books, Websites

Requests go in this sticky for stuff you can't find.

Your shitty Soundcloud (and similar) links go in the shitty Soundcloud thread >>18066

Requests Anonymous ## Mod ## 13/02/25(Mon)15:26 No. 19769

Again... requests go here, in this thread.

FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 13/02/28(Thu)13:23 No. 19775

File 136205418739.jpg - (10.48KB , 280x180 , 135084638585.jpg )

Gonna repeat a previous request for the song on /b/ that played sometime last year, you know, the time when we had a a rolling Yui Hirasawa as the /b/ background?

Pic attached of the background when this song was playing. I'm pretty sure one of the mods knows the song, seeing as he's the one who put up the song...

Anonymous 13/03/03(Sun)07:01 No. 19779

Youtube  >>19775
I think this was what it sounded like.

Anonymous 13/03/14(Thu)00:31 No. 19864

Youtube  >>19779
If that's what >>19775 is talking about, then the music is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDWMdHZmBNc

Anonymous 13/03/14(Thu)02:26 No. 19865

Thanks. It is the song but the one on /b/ was somekind of remix.
Can't seem to find it either.

FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 13/03/14(Thu)13:23 No. 19866

FUCK YES. like >>19865 mentioned, the one on /b/ was a remix of this song, but the fact that I at least have the original makes me retardedly happy. Thank you so much.

FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 13/03/14(Thu)13:26 No. 19867

Oh yeah, thanks to the original sauce I was able to find (I think) the remixed version that was on /b/


Anonymous 13/03/14(Thu)22:30 No. 19868

I think you got it. Thanks.
If someone else could confirm it I can go to bed happy.

Rio!!MyMwx3ZQp2 13/03/31(Sun)04:05 No. 19889

Anyone know where I can find Brandy and Mr Whiskers? Can't seem to find any seeded torrents :/

FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 13/04/03(Wed)20:40 No. 19893

This one has only 1 seeder, but it has a seeder at least

This one also has 1 seeder

Also, can't you just watch it online?

Anonymous 13/06/01(Sat)19:57 No. 19977

File 137010942336.jpg - (77.74KB , 500x500 , Accelerator.jpg )

Anyone know where I can find the album Songs 1993-1998 by Moby, or Accelerator by The Future Sounds Of London? Cant find downloads, or am I not looking hard enough?

Pic is one album I'm looking for.

Anonymous 13/10/02(Wed)15:33 No. 20123

>>19977Hi, the guy lookin for the Moby and future sounds of london stuff, heres a link to a moby discography on bitsnoop, use VUZE if you need to, as the future sounds stuff have you tried the labels website? enjoy!!!!http://bitsnoop.com/moby-studio-discography-1992-2011-3-q29799778.html

Anonymous 13/10/02(Wed)15:38 No. 20124

heres you FSOL album, unfortunately, you gonna have to pay for it tho' bro....http://www.fsoldigital.com/?product_cat=fsol

Anonymous 13/11/03(Sun)00:54 No. 20154

Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a download of the Monster Anthology Slime Edition?

Anonymous 13/11/17(Sun)20:16 No. 20173

I've been searching for movie I saw when I was younger but haven't had any luck.

The movie centers around a teenager living with his parents, and if I remember right his granddad.
He falls in love with the nextdoor neughbour girl who is the same age as him, but she of course has a boyfriend.

Anonymous 13/12/14(Sat)08:25 No. 20204

This might be a lost cause, but does anyone know where I can find the I Love Disko Warp Single Collections? All I can find are some seedless torrents for the first two.

Hell, some downloads for any of the Disko Warp label albums would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous 13/12/31(Tue)13:43 No. 20236

File 138849377985.jpg - (44.65KB , 1019x764 , 435842627.jpg )

Looking for the name of this girl. She was on Breaking Bad in the episode Bullet Points. A basic search turns up the name Brittany Gustin, but I don't think that's her. Anyone have an idea?

Anonymous 14/04/10(Thu)08:06 No. 20368

Anyone got Stephen Lynch's albums in FLAC? Or 320kbps at least?

war of the worlds goliath Anonymous 14/04/13(Sun)23:18 No. 20370

Does anybody know where I can find a good download of War of the Worlds Goliath?

Song title? Pass-The-Cake 14/11/26(Wed)08:22 No. 20634

does anyone know what song this is?
can't find it anywhere...
It has a deadmau5 copycat feel to it sort of.

Anonymous 14/11/29(Sat)20:14 No. 20638

File 141728844349.gif - (4.87KB , 320x206 , usenet6281.gif )

anyone here with access to usenet that would be willing to be a babe and download a couple of albums for me?

Final Symphony Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)21:32 No. 20712

File 142515553329.jpg - (5.07KB , 150x150 , Upload_Final-Symphony-Album-Recording_1-150x150[1].jpg )

Does anyone have the latest Final Symphony? It is the latest orchestral arrangement album of Final Fantasy music.

of dice and men Anonymous 15/03/17(Tue)17:03 No. 20723

not sure if this is the right spot im looking to find a copy of the movie of dice and men i wana see but i dont have the ten buck to buy it but i plan on getting if i like

Lost & Found Video Night Vol 8-10 VideoMixtape 16/03/01(Tue)04:03 No. 20869

Addicted to Lost & Found Video Night, looking for Volumes 8-10, anyone have these?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Japanese Dubbed TuxedoKamen 16/05/05(Thu)16:42 No. 20879


I have the first two seasons and I'm looking for the rest. Any help/links/sources would be greatly appreciated!

PawPatroller 17/01/02(Mon)10:54 No. 20969

Trying to find episodes of Paw Patrol for my daughter, all from season 3:

Pups Save a Goldrush
Pups Save the Paw Patroller
Pups Save a School Bus
Pups Save the Songbirds
Pups Save Old Trusty
Pups Save a Pony

Anonymous 17/01/21(Sat)06:35 No. 20988

Trying to find all episodes of Paw Patrol for my, uh, daughter. Let me know if you have any of those or Elena of Avalor that show is pretty decent too. Also looking for Ruby Gloom and maybe Blue's Clues, the old ones not that new trash. I mean my daughter hates that

Anonymous 17/02/02(Thu)22:34 No. 20993

Is there a page here or on 4chan (sorry!) that has script leaks and discussions?

Want to find out about some upcoming movies but not sure where to look

Mny thks

Anonymous 17/09/04(Mon)23:52 No. 21038

Requesting headphone recommendations, I'll mainly use it for computer and running. Thanks!

Idiota 17/09/19(Tue)02:26 No. 21044

File 150578076129.jpg - (31.74KB , 195x369 , I WANT TO BE A GRAND WIZARD.jpg )

>Requesting Wizard Man with his magical fingers please.

Randomstranger 18/03/12(Mon)21:24 No. 21105

Anyone know any torrent sites where i can download Chris Zoupa's new guitar book? The Ultimate Shred Machine!

Anonymous 18/05/18(Fri)08:39 No. 21139

I'll mainly use it for computer and running

Anonymous 18/05/18(Fri)08:42 No. 21140

I am big fan of sci fi movies

Anonymous 18/05/18(Fri)08:48 No. 21141

I prefer to watch movies and tv shows on Yoututbe. It is convenient during traveling. But in some countries Youtube was banned. So, it is difficult to get access without special tools- vpn or proxy services. I like to use private proxy app which I bought on https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/individualproxy.html Try to use it.

Anonymous 18/06/11(Mon)18:44 No. 21160

File 152873546675.jpg - (204.84KB , 1264x711 , Mister-Rogers-Neighborhood-TV-show-on-PBS-canceled.jpg )

Requests go in this sticky, yeah? :)

Does anybody know where to find a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood complete series torrent? I can't find one anywhere!

Anonymous 19/11/09(Sat)22:07 No. 21627

Request: MakeMusic Finale music composition software with the Garritan sounds.

The original mass monster (Dorian Yates) full movie link Arnold 20/01/30(Thu)15:47 No. 21654

Can anyone give a link for this movie I'm really looking for it i would really be thankful for that person may god bless him please guys

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