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Pokemon Master someone 19/10/04(Fri)23:24 No. 14050

File 157022429086.jpg - (835.05KB , 900x1273 , cover.jpg )

If you have any pages of this comic plz post here and let's share it with the others

neo 19/10/10(Thu)02:36 No. 14061

where do you go for new palcomix content?

someone 19/10/13(Sun)17:48 No. 14073

I used to go to 8chan but it got down

Red 19/10/30(Wed)21:47 No. 14115

Yeah I was using that too, someone know where to find the fur34 pics? Maybe we should create a thread here?

El+Chuculum 19/11/12(Tue)06:51 No. 14131

Same as everyone. What we can do now? Where to put/see new images?

Recovering 8chan links Anonymous Won 19/11/30(Sat)23:39 No. 14187


Can someone do one or both of two things.1.) find somebody by the name of Elias, and 2.) can someone please post to this timeline (as long as you still have them in you favorites bar, tab, or history links) the 8chan links for both Fur34 threads. (Even if you can't access them, I know of a potential way to revive them so that people can view them again.

neo 19/12/02(Mon)02:48 No. 14208

god this makes me mess 8chan even more

Recovering 8chan links Anonymous Won 19/12/02(Mon)09:02 No. 14214


I know, but some stupid dumbasses really fucked that up. I'm talking about not only the loser gunman, but also Matthew Price who took 8chan down because of the radical people. Honestly, it should have only been the one or two boards, not the entire system because in all fair honesty, what does hentaiporn have to do with a shooting. Absolutely nothing is the answer. More importantly Archive is going to shut down sometime in the future and if we don't save screen shots of these pages, then all of the recovery for the 8chan hentaiporn pages will be lost. All the hard work for nothing.

Red 19/12/04(Wed)00:17 No. 14218

There is really no place someone is uploading the new updates? Can't belive they disappeared after 8ch closed, I miss his Solatorobo works, wanted to sub but 25$ a month is a bit too much.

Anonymous Won 19/12/04(Wed)07:03 No. 14220


There's only updates for Mobius Unleashed posted to Xbooru. However, it mostly is a waiting game and they only come once every few weeks or every month or two. I wish I knew where the fur34 updates are post the 8chan shutdown, and also if anyone had the link to the 8chan pages. There should be two total.

Anonymous 19/12/26(Thu)07:31 No. 14385

Censorship is never fair or targeted. We lost something of value but should learn that lesson going forward. That for free speech we must all stand together because divided we will fall one by one.

Anonymous 19/12/26(Thu)09:25 No. 14386

8chan is back up, rebranded as 8kun.

Anonymous 20/01/11(Sat)10:45 No. 14536


... Hades 21/04/15(Thu)00:09 No. 15446

You can just go to the PalComix website to find new comics https://www.palcomix.com/comicspage.html

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