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Slipshine CyprisMorpho!!VmAmZ3Amyy 22/05/16(Mon)01:37 No. 16123

File 165265787660.png - (534.48KB , 700x910 , 1.png )

So, I cared enough about The Key to Her Heart enough to drop dough on a subscription. Sadly, they ended it 6 years ago (SO WHY ARE YOU STILL ADVERTISING IT ON THE FRONT PAGE AUGH). Thankfully, there's no rate limiting on the site at all, so in the spirit of communism, I created a full siterip and wish to share it with you all.

26,870 files. 105 comics automatically organized into 1616 chapters. All converted to PNG for file size. Even managed to convert the site's few SWFs to usable MP4s.

Slipshine (Updated May 15, 2022) (20.65gb): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a7075a0ee5127a7205cc57b6ca0a8a3da643eccb&xt=urn:btmh:12207c52b32e79ca7c0fa628d9d85a8c67220694878c8145d700feef64052befc19d&dn=Slipshine%20Siterip%20%5bFull%5d%20%5bUpdated%202022-05

I can create mirrors for other stuff if needed. Here's Key to Her Heart (581 pages, 42 chapters)L

Key to Her Heart (190.6mb): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ac3d8dbf7600b532c2c53b8e9912ebc7cb0e23c5&xt=urn:btmh:122045e4f9f69fd21ea0cea0fe864418fb33b97663208dfe1af12aae75de35fafbac&dn=The%20Key%20to%20Her%20Heart&tr=http%3a%2f%2fehtracker.

Key to Her Heart (E-Hentai Mirror): https://e-hentai.org/g/2221651/da2bb92dab/

Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)09:45 No. 16125

so have anyone tested this yet?

Anonymous 22/06/02(Thu)07:28 No. 16132

Been awhile since I used a torrent, so might be some fault on my end. But tried torrenting with qBittorent and it's just stuck on downloading metadata.

Anonymous 22/06/04(Sat)17:39 No. 16133

Same for me with Transmission, and I have used a torrent recently

Anonymous 22/06/05(Sun)15:05 No. 16134

Been seeing the key to her hear for a while and tried to get the main one but the main one hasn't been seen by my client.

Anonymous 22/07/21(Thu)17:51 No. 16170

Not working

Anonymous 22/08/16(Tue)20:23 No. 16209

Am disappoint. Old Slipshine site rip:

It's old, my internet is slow and I'm the only seed, sorry.

Anonymous 22/08/25(Thu)13:53 No. 16220

Can't you just storytime the best stuff on this board? It's not exactly fast in here.

Anonymous 23/08/11(Fri)02:34 No. 16748

shit, I was waiting for an updated siterip for years, and now I missed it.

Anonymous 24/01/12(Fri)12:55 No. 16948

Now why would we want to have stuff available and readable when we could have it in huge, slow, unstable downloads that evaporate in days?

Anonymous 24/01/12(Fri)12:55 No. 16949

Now why would we want to have stuff available and readable when we could have it in huge, slow, unstable downloads that evaporate in days?

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