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What series should Palcomix draw next? (aka Palcomix Wishlist thread) Anonymous 14/07/18(Fri)03:18 No. 7494

File 140564633340.jpg - (562.25KB , 1447x1024 , 00pal01008.jpg )

Even though the ZONE Archive thread is doing something similar, I decided to make this thread about Palcomix because this is the thread that people wish the the team should draw.

Here's my wishlist:
Wander Over Yonder - Picture of Sylvia with Wander, Wander x Pink Alien from the OP
Mega Man X/Mega Man Zero - Wish there's a comic based on this series, although there hasn't been much of Mega Man X pictures on there.
Mrs. Pac-Man - Pretty much vore-related, but I prefer her getting banged by ghosts (and some lesbian action by Pinky and Sue LOL)
Sabrina Online - I know PAL team did some furry art as well, why not Sabrina Skunk? Though, I think they need to give Eric's permission to use his characters, though he's not really a fan of Sabrina's porn images except "romance" scenes that Eric drew of her. Though, I would love to see Zig Zag appeared out of no where in some of VIP pics ROFL!
Legend of Zelda - I just realized that PAL didn't make a comic based on this game series, but if it's an Midna comic, then I'm FUCKING IN!
Pretty Cure x Jibril x Megachu x Uta Kata x Puella Magi Madoka Magica x Cardcaptor Sakura x Kannazuki no Miko x Magic Knight Rayearth comic crossover - NOW THIS I WANT BADLY. I am a huge Magical girl fan and I want this to happened. Angels, Demons, Aliens, Androids, Mecha and Tentacle Rape is my thing~! Oh yes, there will be some Sailor Moon, Bible Black, La Blue Girl-reference in this, and most of the Legend of Zelda, Mega Man X, Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Kirby, Wander Over Yonder and Carnal Kingdom characters will appear as cameos.
Final Fantasy VI - Even though there's less pictures of this series, and since the team already did a picture of Terra and Kefka, I want a comic of these two. Or Kefka raping the magical girls I like. ♥

I think that's all I could think now.

Anonymous 14/07/21(Mon)12:32 No. 7501

File 140593873652.gif - (497.61KB , 460x280 , 14028302.gif )

Jessica Biel and Megan Fox, wearing nothing but their socks, is all I really want for Palcomix to draw.

I would like to see Mako and Bolin doing Korra's ass double anal style.
I want to see Sonic fuck Rainbow Dash right up the ass
Some Voltron Force would be nice, Danny x Larmina
Wreck it Ralph, Ralph getting his is cock licked by Vanellope
Bravest Warriors
Bravest Warriors Adventure Time Fiona Cross over
More Kid Icarus porn
More American Dragon Jake Young Porn. I would love to see a Juniper Lee and American Dragon cross over
Panty and Stocking being ass fucked by Anon black cocks

Anonymous 14/11/17(Mon)16:50 No. 8116

Two hands with butts on their palms so they can applaud whilst spanking each other repeatedly. While wearing diapers, ofc.

But srsly Palcomix was one of the first sites with free porn I found as a kid, really appreciated it back then.

More original series Ben 10 stuff!

Anonymous 19/11/02(Sat)12:07 No. 14120

Right now 2 old palcomix vip comics are avaliable for a few days they are royal treatment and sex in plain sight someone get their hands on it and link it the parodies are RWBY and Shantae on palcomix vip

Anonymous 19/12/26(Thu)23:30 No. 14387

I'd like to see some of the student hijinks from X-men:Evolution. Kurt and Boom-Boom, Kitty and Lance X-23 and Beast.

Saturday Supercade xover Space Ace and Dragon's Lair.

Transformers Prime: Jack and Miku, with outside perspective on human reproduction methods by the Autobots.

Lil Biskiits and Paw-Paw Bears.

Shirt Tales

Voltron: Legendary Defender - great opportunity for zero G sex scene.

Big Hero 6: The series - Karmi gets her wish with "Captain Cutie"

Thundercats (2011) - a first heat scenario for Wiley Kit.

Likewise, She-ra: Princesses of Power - Katra's frustration with suppressing her heat cycles.

The Dragon Prince - Ezran gets an interesting "proposition" from the Queen Aanya.

Gummi Bears - Sunni and Gusto when Sunni was aged up by the witch.

Anonymous 20/01/02(Thu)10:59 No. 14408

Honestly anything that's not MLP or JGUA part N+1 would be an improvement.

Rescue Rodents is one series that should continue
Ben 10 hasn't happened in ages
Amazon Fever was good, sequel or whatever would be fun
Goofy Plot was a good series, so more Goof Troop would be great

Honestly there's so many things there that would have huge potential but that had like one comic and then nothing. Examples include Simpsons, FOP, Lilo & Stitch, Totally Spies... Doing the same thing (MLP, Sonic the Hedgehog and JGUA) over and over might not bleed too much subscribers but it's also not gonna bring in new people. Variety is the spice of life.

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