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Anonymous 22/08/04(Thu)20:40 No. 15074 ID: 86af2e

File 165963840065.jpg - (36.33KB , 506x431 , 1.jpg )

Blerd seems to be made for black people who feel unconfortable is the vastly white environment of nerd culture, so apparently they moved away and made their own thingy
What sense does it make to create diffrent spaces for diffrent ethnicies? Isnt that the opposite of fighting for tolerance? I think the dream is to have people of all ethnicies feel confortable in any space and with each other, to make every space a safe space in regard to your skin color, not to move away so whites can be with whites and blacks with blacks.
I understand that back people felt ostracised in the convensional nerd spaces, but it seems that now white people are also being ostracised when they enter the blerd zone. How tf is this helping anyone achieving an inclusive society? Are we really going to beat racism by promoting ethnic/cultural segragation? Can't we all learn to include whites and blacks in the nerd scene whithout creating ethnic safe spaces that will inevitably lead us to enjoy the things we like only with people of the same skin color as us?
We invented nerd, why can't we reshape it into somehing more inclusive that better reflects our (more modern) views of the world?
If a black person feels unconfortable in a mostly white work environment, i belive it would make a lot more sense to re-educate said work environment, not only for said white people to be more inclusive of their black co-worker, but also to promote more black people hirings in the future. In this sense, blerd is the equivalent of creating a separate office or busines for blacks only, is that really the smartest move towards defeating racism?
I know preaching tolerance, changing the world one mind at a time, and fighting our way towards a racism free world is a lot of hard work, and segragation is a lot easier if all we want is to have a safe space not be judged by others. But the easiest way is not always the best, reshaping nerd culture into an inclusive one may be hard work, but i think its definitely better (on the long run at least) than to sub divide it based on skin color and make it so that nerd white people dont have to deal with nerd black people and vice versa.Lets not give in to racism and create diffrent spaces for people with diffrent skin colors to live without having to deal with cultural diversification. Lets instead fight racism and make nerd culture a multicolored one.
I want to know what is the general perception of people on this stuff, is blerd perfectly fine to you as black people "moving on" from white people nerd spaces, what are your thoughts on it?

Anonymous 22/08/05(Fri)17:16 No. 15077 ID: 838b0b

File 165971260482.jpg - (125.55KB , 446x571 , i68k478.jpg )

Too much text
I did not read

Anonymous 22/08/07(Sun)20:00 No. 15083 ID: dc1af3

What you say is valid but as we all know, things like these are complicated. Humans are far too attached to castes.

This is why I say individuality is relative.

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