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¿por qué existance? Anonymous 22/09/07(Wed)03:29 No. 15128 ID: ebb45e

File 166251416466.jpg - (337.95KB , 1200x1156 , scully.jpg )

Its a question that, if you're on this board, you've probably thought about before. I'd find it interesting to know what you've come up with.

For me it kindof validates many possibilities, such as the existence of a sentient, sapient creator. Either the universe somehow came into existence, or somehow god came into existence, and created the universe. Both seem highly implausible, but so does the existence of the universe atall seems ridiculous.

Anonymous 22/09/11(Sun)16:28 No. 15137 ID: cf8bcd

If it ever existed, then it would continue to exist.

We are used to consider things with beginning, but in fact that "beginning" was a transformation.

It is plausible that the universe has always existed.

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