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Teenage Girl 22/03/29(Tue)02:16 No. 24482 ID: ff3844

File 164851299912.png - (457.25KB , 551x551 , sofiamariebakk.png )

Elliot Rodger? Millennial.
Seung-Hi Cho? Millennial.
Adam Lanza? Millennial.
SJWs? Millennials.
"Sex work is real work"? Millennials.
Incels? Millennials,
Femcels? Millennials.
Wokeness? Millennials.
Anti-whiteness? Millennials.
Radfems? Millennials.
Most mass shooters? Millennials.
Most ISIS recruits? Millennials.
Refugees welcome? Millennials.
Brandon Tarrant? Millennial.

Why are millennials always at the forefront of every fucked up thing in society? How did a generation raised on the Attitude Era, classic Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead and the like grow up to be even worse than the religious right?

Teenage Girl 22/03/29(Tue)02:28 No. 24483 ID: ff3844

For all their talk about how bad the religious right was, I don't see them trying to be any better. That's their problem, these millennials. They're emotional and mental cripples. You look up any batshit hot take online or wherever and look up the birth year and there it is: it's a millennial. Try it sometime. Millennials also are behind every destructive force in our culture today. Shitty game devs? Millennials enable them. No one reads anymore? Millennials enable publishers putting out total dross. Everything today is a reboot, retread, whatever? Millennials are the ones demanding it. The millennial cannot create, it can only destroy. And you watch, in a few years, as zoomers take the rest of the spotlight, millennials are gonna get even more batshit insane. The blue checks are gonna start talking about "trans-ageism" and the like. You just watch. Twitter is going to be so much worse when the blue checks have their midlife crises. My hot take is that 10 years from now ageism will be the next big thing as the current blue checks in media/academia get replaced by future zoomer blue checks. Twitter is going to be full of today’s blue checks but even more insufferable due to menopause hormones and the well known decline in happiness in middle age, as well as future zoomer blue checks who will be in an arms race for the most absurd and novel niche identities to get attention/jobs/funding/etc. Millennials will try to play catch up by larping as those identities once they get made up, but zoomers will be given priority in terms of hiring and exposure in media/academia and other industries as they will be the trailblazers of these new oppressed identities, causing an outpouring of millennial rage over not having the spotlight any more, leading to ever more intensely absurd identities being manufactured by millennials to compensate for their increasing invisibility and irrelevance due to age. I also predict that there will be trans-age people, mainly women (as aging will make a bigger difference to the attention they’re used to getting than it will for men), so don’t be surprised when 45 year old women come out as identifying as 22 year olds and demand to be treated as such. Much like pronouns are mentioned in bios today, their bios will mention the year they identify as being born in. And, as it does today, the nonsense from Twitter will permeate other aspects of society, so it won’t be contained there. If you think it’s grim now just you wait. If you thought boomers were bad, millennials will be even worse. I can only imagine the suicide rates once they hit old age and look back at all the shit they wasted their time on.

Teenage Girl 22/03/30(Wed)07:59 No. 24484 ID: 5d431e

Because its not the oldest of the millennials that are the problem, its the ones born much closer to 1990 than 1980.

Teenage Girl 22/03/30(Wed)19:04 No. 24485 ID: ff3844


I find that hard to believe, considering the birth years of a lot of these so called "influencers" and "agitators" are just as plentiful in the former range as they are in the latter. I have yet to see any boomers, zoomers, Gen-Xers, etc engage in the deliberate attacks on the sociocultural fabric as millennials do. And then millennials pin it all on zoomers. Are there some cringy kids out there? Sure, but name me a single zoomer who has done anything comparable to anyone on my list. You can't.

The boomers were right all along. Millennials really can't amount to anything, and they can't even be funny about it too like Randall and Dante were.

Teenage Girl 22/04/09(Sat)05:48 No. 24503 ID: 51e493

Believe it or not the world was always full of shitty people doing shitty things.

There's no landmark, it's a continuous stream of shit that goes back to the beginning of human evolution.

Teenage Girl 22/04/10(Sun)21:37 No. 24513 ID: ff3844


>Believe it or not the world was always full of shitty people doing shitty things.

That's true, but millennials like to act like they're immune from this, that it's everyone else but 'em doing it, and if you dare point what you just said out to them, they think you're problematic or anti-white. And that's why I post what I post about them. Because millennials are insufferable. They don't create, only imitate. They don't contribute anything. Gen Z has Greta/student walkouts, Boomers had 'Nam protests/May 1968, Gen X has OWS. And what do millennials have? Comparing everything to Harry Potter and whining about how you can't see little girl panties on a kids' toy...I mean, a video game anymore?

Teenage Girl 22/04/27(Wed)03:58 No. 24550 ID: 31abfb

There's a reason millennials are called Generation Y.
Y as in "WHY?"
"Why do I have to adult?"
"Why boomers do this?"
"Why do zoomers do that?"
Millennials are called Gen Y because all they know is to ask "Why?"
They don't bother to fix the why. They don't wanna.
Adulting is the curse of living for them.

transageism Teenage Girl 22/05/01(Sun)05:19 No. 24551 ID: 29fa1b

that trans-ageism thought...im gonna lock that back in my brain noodle and see how accurate your prediction is in 10 years. Im pretty sure youll be 44billion % accurate.

Teenage Girl 22/05/01(Sun)14:15 No. 24552 ID: 47f8a4

We already have trans-age people. Middle age people saying they identify as elementary schoolers.
Mind you, the trans craze isn't exclusively millennials, although they did push it to he forefront and will deny it.

Teenage Girl 22/05/07(Sat)07:12 No. 24557 ID: b4258c

File 165190035497.png - (52.29KB , 350x347 , 159740532718.png )


>Mind you, the trans craze isn't exclusively millennials, although they did push it to he forefront and will deny it.

Millennials are always doing this. Go on any rightoid site (Kiwi Farms, 4chan, etc) and you'll see countless millennials insisting it's all Gen Z who started all this shit, nevermind it was millennials who created Tumblr et al. It's pic related, basically. Millennials are guilty of cultural gentrification 'cause they can't create a goddamn thing that isn't le milquetoast, inoffensive PC for the sake of PC shit or glorified cunny/shitposting that's as long and pretentious as Infinite Jest. Seriously, name five great millennial movies, novels, whatever.

You can't. You just can't.

Teenage Girl 22/05/07(Sat)12:58 No. 24558 ID: 9b2a6e

I think shit's gonna get real grim 10 years from now, when all these "identities" millennials have adopted start to crumble. How long can all these trans-whatever retards keep up the charade before they finally realize it just doesn't work?

Teenage Girl 22/05/07(Sat)19:38 No. 24560 ID: dfea78


>How long can all these trans-whatever retards keep up the charade before they finally realize it just doesn't work?

You could say the exact same thing about you imageboard dorks. How long can you be based and redpilled before you finally realize you wasted your prime years on trying to own random people you'll never meet? It goes both ways, and you're all gonna end up on the same policeman's blotter when you blow your brains out after shitting one too many diapers when you're 50+ and you realize what you've done.

Teenage Girl 22/05/24(Tue)02:56 No. 24590 ID: b5f341

>even worse than the religious right
The religious right is still fucking it up for everyone abusing their positions of power in the government and corporations.

Teenage Girl 22/05/26(Thu)02:01 No. 24596 ID: 6f8a99

>I'm a huge fucking commmunist and everybody who's not even dumber than I am is what's stopping the glorious revolution

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