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Teenage Girl 22/10/10(Mon)21:07 No. 25315 ID: fd3e99

File 166542882349.jpg - (63.70KB , 900x894 , FGldT-XX0AMxBqw_jpeg.jpg )

Imageboards have become boring. No more interesting people, just the political, degenerated, and paranoid. You can't just expose and fight corruption anymore. Now you also have to support national socialism and white supremacy. Using the word nigger is treated as some virtuous act. You can't enjoy creating interesting software and discussing hacking. Now you deal with the paranoid schizophrenics who call you a faggot for using anything other than antiquated hardware with unnecessarily complex user environments and bash your creations because they weren't made in their specific language of choice. No more fun without people going on about how shit their lives are and perpetuating a culture of defeatism and hopelessness, drowning themselves in porn and distractions to detract from how they truly feel. When good communities have prospered they have died at the hands of malicious and incompetence. Hotwheels, Josh, and Jim acting in their own self-interests and in the process hurting tens of thousands of individuals. Moot dating a harmful individual and sacrificing the freedom of his board in return. Imageboards are suffering from a plague, and it is these people. Unfunny and lacking creativity. Certainly, the world, at least the perception of it has become darker and more pessimistic, but that does not mean it has to come onto the internet, a place detached from real life.

Teenage Girl 22/10/12(Wed)07:48 No. 25316 ID: 946ae6

File 166555369781.jpg - (150.19KB , 500x333 , 1208909957475.jpg )

>tfw cats are inadvertently more creative

Teenage Girl 22/10/12(Wed)20:24 No. 25317 ID: 3a95c6

I feel like Gamergate, specifically Zoe Quinn, caused all of this, but that would feel off.

Teenage Girl 22/10/12(Wed)22:50 No. 25318 ID: 946ae6

It's an everlasting condition. My first ISP came with a USENET node. You might not have had the internet prior to the WWW taking over.

Teenage Girl 22/10/14(Fri)04:39 No. 25319 ID: 313287

File 166571518483.jpg - (13.00KB , 469x455 , D3.jpg )

Personally, I always stop posting on boards where janitors allow pedo/fag crap or they censor informations (not opinions) they don't like to hear. I don't know how many other anons do the same.
Then there is the massive divide and conquer psyop going on. For example, if somebody talks about women, it's easy to start debating whether the incels are right or not; if it's vaccines, there is always somebody that says viruses don't even exist; or it's chemtrails; the NWO cabal; whatever. Nobody wants to cede positions, so everybody gets tired of discussing anything and everything becomes echo chambers.
You can try the comfy boards, but it's not easy to put your mind into that when everything is a crysis and also everything has to be a dopamine rush.
Add to that the preference that zoomers seems to have for my mother's fax machine, telegram and whatnot.
Also, I used to participate in "community projects", share code, do some graphics, et cetera, but I don't anymore: too many normies. Fuck normies.
So, that.

Teenage Girl 22/10/15(Sat)14:33 No. 25321 ID: 049bc8

The cultural issue is pretty simple: A bunch of young Trumpites got the idea that you should always take the opposite position from common sense and long accepted fact (and be an angry retard about it). They turned skepticism and non-conformity into an empty and predictable joke, and now the cultural interest in them has died.

Note that some of them are doing this in a cheeky gas-lighting manner (making ridiculously contrarian statements to get a rise out of people), but a lot of them believe their own bullshit and genuinely think that if anyone resembling a mainstream liberal makes a statement, the facts of reality will reflect the polar opposite of that statement.

Teenage Girl 22/10/15(Sat)19:50 No. 25323 ID: 6d64c3

If by "young" you mean under sixty, then yes. Because alot of thoserabid tru posts have been out of high school for a couple decades.
But, you're right about post-boomer rightism being helluva lot more abysmal than their boomer counterparts.

Teenage Girl 22/10/15(Sat)20:52 No. 25324 ID: 049bc8

Boomers do it too but their version of it doesn't have a lot of relevance to imageboards and similar websites.

Teenage Girl 22/10/15(Sat)23:40 No. 25326 ID: ffbf5f

Honestly more of a relief that you guys are actually not perpetuating the same way.

Teenage Girl 22/10/15(Sat)23:42 No. 25327 ID: ffbf5f

The trick to it is to point out the fact, not opinion, that overcommitting doesn't convince the other person.

Teenage Girl 22/10/15(Sat)23:54 No. 25328 ID: 049bc8

I'm not even talking about how far they go with it, it can be pretty casual and detached, I'm talking about the opinions themselves. The two examples I have in the front of my brain are one guy on 4chan trying to argue that Emmett Till's murderers were doing it for valid reasons (I don't mean "him being black is a valid reason", like actually trying to appeal to normal justifications), and another trying to say that the 1950's were actually a really hard economic time (due to one puny recession they had) and we should thus feel sorry for the poor little boomers and check our privilege. I'll also throw out the more obvious and also more controversial one: weed. It's pretty much universally understood now that weed is not that big of a deal and the arguable issues are pretty subtle, but a lot of them are trying to adopt a 'Refeer Madness'-tier reactionary view on it.

Teenage Girl 22/10/16(Sun)02:23 No. 25329 ID: ffbf5f

From years of living with a second hand obsessive it's literally nothing to do with opinion, it's all about the idea that they could take a belief and run roughshod over others with it. It's like a power thing.

Teenage Girl 22/10/16(Sun)19:45 No. 25331 ID: 049bc8

There is a lot of crossover but we're largely talking about different things. You're talking about a personality disorder, I'm talking about a political notion that just happens to attract a lot of people with that personality disorder.

Teenage Girl 22/10/21(Fri)03:03 No. 25340 ID: d09366

Yea most postpubescent experiences nowadays are just nabbed from articles and memes.
Generation gaps are mostly artificial now.

Teenage Girl 22/11/06(Sun)03:13 No. 25367 ID: 458c12

File 166770079245.gif - (666.20KB , 1738x1417 , lol.gif )


>most postpubescent experiences nowadays are just nabbed from articles and memes

Not necessarily. I know a lot of folks IRL, and if I told them about any of the shit we've discussed here, they wouldn't know any of it. "Internet culture" and its supposed effects on real life are VERY overrated.

Teenage Girl 22/11/07(Mon)14:57 No. 25368 ID: 049bc8

>I know a lot of folks IRL
The more you say this, the less we believe you. It might be worth it if it makes you believe it more yourself, but you must understand this.

Teenage Girl 22/11/07(Mon)20:54 No. 25369 ID: 20298c


>The more you say this, the less we believe you.

The problem is that you're so interested in maintaining this mystique of being above it all that anything that conflicts with your chosen narrative is translated into "gotcha's" like that one, and it might be worth it if it makes you believe it more yourself, but you must understand this. It's just like the OP said:

>No more fun without people going on about how shit their lives are and perpetuating a culture of defeatism and hopelessness, drowning themselves in porn and distractions to detract from how they truly feel.

I'm sorry YOU don't know people IRL, but that doesn't mean the rest of us don't.

Teenage Girl 22/11/07(Mon)21:26 No. 25370 ID: 049bc8

I actually do know lots of people IRL, and in a close and real way rather than your cringey stories about 'volunteering' with some high schoolers. If you had real friends rather than superficial acquaintances, you'd know that just about everyone under the age of 40 is pretty knowledgeable about internet culture and it's really just a matter of what kind, for a lot of them it's going to be Tiktok or Tumblr. Young people with some sense are slow to admit to having frequented places like 4chan but it's really common, you just have to build some trust with them before they open up about it. I've been blown away by how many people in my essentially normie occupation get the same obscure (I thought) references as me.

Teenage Girl 22/11/10(Thu)07:56 No. 25372 ID: b1d084


>I actually do know lots of people IRL, and in a close and real way rather than your cringey stories about 'volunteering' with some high schoolers.
>If you had real friends rather than superficial acquaintances

Sorry that actually being a functioning human being and giving back to my community, volunteering with folks of all ages, is "cringey" to you. How do you suggest I improve my stories? Talk about all the niggers, kikes, foids, etc I count among my friends and how they're out to destroy the West or some shit? The fact you need to assume I don't have real friends reeks of projection. No one who unironically uses a word like normie has friends. It's okay, bro. I'm not gonna cancel you. I'm sure your folks could cancel the nine months and eighteen years and thousands of dollars they spent on ya, though.

Teenage Girl 22/11/10(Thu)15:38 No. 25374 ID: 049bc8

Apparently you don't have enough common sense to get this but volunteering is infamously an activity done by a certain subsection of people who have a strong element of 'fakeness'. Not all, but most of them are doing it to be seen doing it, and have the same "this will show everyone how valuable and well-adjusted I am!" motivation you do. I can just about guarantee you aren't making real friends you can regularly meet up with for fun activities and open up to about your own weirdness, you're dealing with them only in their most guarded and veiled state.

I also brought it up to remind you what a recognizable poster you are, you just desperately try to convince yourself you're more normal than other people here and you use the same random and schizo-tier appeals every time you do it (like mentioning kiwifarms for no reason). This desire to sell out everyone you deem to be slightly below you, now that you think you've grown out of internet culture, will make you very hard to befriend, even if one of these people actually wanted to. You just can't make friends with this kind of venom inside you, you'll end up saying something demeaning the second they show vulnerability.

Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)17:55 No. 25384 ID: 946ae6

All jews are satanic pedophile child molesters

Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)17:58 No. 25385 ID: 77b709

even children themselves?

Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)19:35 No. 25386 ID: 049bc8

so whacky and random xd have an upvote

Teenage Girl 22/11/12(Sat)20:46 No. 25388 ID: 946ae6

Typically, although according to jewish custom they aren't really expected to have reached the age of making their own decisions until the bar or bat mitzvah. So I'd give them until then to rebuke judasim, since as children they were brutalized to train them into repeating the cycle of evil.

Teenage Girl 22/11/14(Mon)15:32 No. 25390 ID: 116a63

This is why I question the principles of innocence and free will. How can Abrahamic religions brazenly talk about free will if one cannot choose their natal circumstances let alone gain full physical and psychological control of their being immediately at birth?

And how can innocence be a virtue when it renders you vulnerable to rape, slavery, and patronization?

Teenage Girl 22/11/15(Tue)21:49 No. 25392 ID: 946ae6

I'm no deep theologan, but being case out of the garden of eden by having eaten the forbidden fruit of tree of the knowledge of good and evil would seem to be a metaphor for the loss of innocence. So I would not equate the state of madkind with one of innocence, even if our physical bodies are take time to learn and grow from a fertilized egg into something expected to have an adult capacity for reason.

You can call that all a dodge and prefer to there's no such thing as free will. But to me your questions seem a bit moot if I take free will axiomatically on faith. I mean, everybody's vulnerable to rape and slavery and everything anyway, however "incocent" or "not inocent" a person is. One would merely hope that the process of being carried, birthed, and raised into adulthood would result in at least a starting point for being able to take care of onesself, even if learning and developing continue for the rest of a lifetime.

Teenage Girl 22/11/19(Sat)07:20 No. 25393 ID: 17791b

File 166883881368.jpg - (49.92KB , 960x939 , g9wonusblfu91.jpg )


Does obvious shitposting done for a laugh bother you so much that you feel the need to post all that?

Teenage Girl 22/11/30(Wed)22:06 No. 25406 ID: 1730cd

Our modern society is actively trying to diminish the potential of the young with "muh innocence ".

The entry age of adulthood has gone up thanks to Romanticist policies which results in fucked up adults.

Teenage Girl 22/12/06(Tue)11:08 No. 25409 ID: 946ae6

That's true. But the longer I spend time around different places, the more I encounter people who got married and have children, or even just nice places to live. It's not at all impossible to set an example. Never know who might notice or whom might learn from you.

Teenage Girl 22/12/06(Tue)18:11 No. 25411 ID: 049bc8

There really aren't that many people on the south side of 25 who have real upper middle class lifestyles, unless they are just directly paid by their parents.

Teenage Girl 22/12/08(Thu)04:04 No. 25416 ID: 946ae6

Why would anybody under 25 be one step down from upper class short of having some combination of a nice big leg up from being born in to something or happening to be clever/lucky enough to have made it big by that point?

Teenage Girl 22/12/08(Thu)10:20 No. 25417 ID: 6bc694

Its not gonna be Anglo countries though.
Maybe more Latino/Caribbean countries.

Teenage Girl 22/12/08(Thu)15:48 No. 25418 ID: 049bc8

You just say random words.

Teenage Girl 22/12/17(Sat)08:23 No. 25425 ID: e01748

File 16712618303.png - (656.62KB , 858x636 , bon fry flew.png )


Teenage Girl 22/12/17(Sat)23:44 No. 25426 ID: 32135d

You know, a few decades ago you could finish your masters degree and immediately make $100k + as an engineer. My ex-fiance's father got a computer science degree in 1975 and made $90k as his first job.

Teenage Girl 22/12/18(Sun)07:51 No. 25428 ID: 2f099e

It's because society has changed from when you first started using them 15+ years ago

Teenage Girl 22/12/19(Mon)14:48 No. 25430 ID: 31beea

Bro m00t would straight up have not even allowed most of the /pol/ discussions.

Honestly if you aren't a racist why don't you go preach at a fucking day care? Tranny nigger drag hour might let you even fuck their kids

Fuck you

Teenage Girl 22/12/20(Tue)17:25 No. 25439 ID: 946ae6

m00t literally reinstalled /pol/ and left it there.

Teenage Girl 22/12/24(Sat)20:52 No. 25452 ID: e96e18

X to doubt

He sold the place, likely because of /pol

Teenage Girl 22/12/29(Thu)17:54 No. 25459 ID: d9e6c9

I'm pretty sure he sold the place cause he was having a hard time keeping up because money.
I also remember reading that he sold it to hiro because he hoped hiro would make 4chan weird again.

Teenage Girl 23/01/19(Thu)02:41 No. 25483 ID: 53995c

No, he sold it because the legal threats over things like, uh, the happening of the fap variety, were getting too much for him. At least that was one of the main reasons. I'm sure the 8 hour Q&A is still up somewhere.

Funny how bringing it up still gives you an autoban.

The+Red+Barron 23/01/22(Sun)10:28 No. 25490 ID: 7cb4c3

>fap stuff

That actually makes a lot of sense too

Teenage Girl 23/01/30(Mon)23:26 No. 25506 ID: 3e05e9

Acccording to girlvinyl that's about why she decided to ditch ED eventually. Just too much constant legal hassle. I always wondered why my check for $1234.56 never got cashed until she did some Q&A thing or whatever at some con and explained why ED was gone. Odd concidence of timing, that.

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