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FtM hate thread Teenage Girl 22/12/22(Thu)03:08 No. 25442 ID: 23e7d1

File 167167492618.jpg - (571.86KB , 2200x1567 , untitled (1).jpg )

In response to Based Sneederman >>25375

>Be female
>Take the appearance of a male through hormones and surgery
>Be treated by people like a male
>Be treated with sympathy only once they realize you are actually a LARPing female

I'd feel bad if almost every one of these chicks completely missed the point and refused to admit that how they treated males, when they were females, wasn't right.
The best argument against feminism is the fact FtM detrans is 3x as common as MtF detrans. Link to full post:

Teenage Girl 22/12/22(Thu)03:47 No. 25443 ID: 1a0137

My roomate is a FtM man. Nobody treats her like a man, and she doesn't act like a man. She is seen as female to every passer by and looks like one. Chopped off her tits the day she turned 18 and started taking hormones then too.

Apparently in middle school she did lectures about pronouns. She just wants to argue, and goes on about politics. That's why they do it, they just want to constantly fight with people and can never be happy.

Teenage Girl 22/12/23(Fri)22:52 No. 25446 ID: 4b8a13

File 167183232595.jpg - (400.31KB , 1000x1000 , Little girls insight on dumb adults 1.jpg )

I just can't stop sing "small man, big mouth" by Minor Threat
in my head.
Ah, I only feel bad for like maybe 0.005% of these "trans" beings, as that would be my rough uneducated guess at how many of them are humans with a real problem.
Although it is more common in men around 40. Like a male menopause, theres papers or whatever on it.

"You tell me you want to be different, you just chansge for the same"
"You tell me it's only natural, did you get fucking proof"
"It's in my eyes, it's in my eyes and it doesn't look that way to me in my eyes"
More, Minor Threat - In My Eyes

I think I feel bad for some of the childern who have been hoodwinked.
Then again, I'm just a minor threat

Teenage Girl 22/12/24(Sat)20:49 No. 25449 ID: e96e18

The funny part is none of this is why they detrans, they only stop transitioning because they are tired of dealing with niggers. If you are a man no one is going to be the hero, you have to fight the retarded ape first. This is an impossible burden for women, who only know niggers in the realm of defense.

Teenage Girl 23/02/10(Fri)07:11 No. 25538 ID: 9b5773

That makes sense

Teenage Girl 23/02/10(Fri)21:20 No. 25542 ID: a4dfb6

Back when transitioning was starting to become a fad, I spent some time interviewing people self-reporting to be in the process of it on various chans. A lot of them were like
>I didn't know it would make my dick stop working
>I feel like shit
Reminded me a lot of the SSRI craze. Some of them are legitimate mental cases or have some sort of extreme fetish. But a lot of them got pushed into it by shylock doctors the same way shylock doctors pushed SSRIs as the cure for any reason a person might not be living the most perfect life ever. It's not just a violation of the Nuremberg Codes and the Hippocratic Oath, it's felony child sexual molestation.

The+Red+Barron 23/02/19(Sun)10:30 No. 25554 ID: 7cb4c3

File 167679905017.jpg - (138.73KB , 850x1412 , __kazama_iroha_hololive_drawn_by_thomas_8000__samp.jpg )

And sadly, what came of it? When psychology is done sapping every last dime out of using incorrect and dangerous medication, no one is ever even blamed but the company who made the product. Nothing changes and a new product is made using the exact same processes.

"Colleges" have ruined doctoring by preventing the use of medicine by the lay-man, who would discover in days that most of the items used for emotional disorders are placebo or poison.

Teenage Girl 23/03/07(Tue)04:45 No. 25574 ID: d021b1

File 167816075555.jpg - (40.48KB , 680x654 , hrtcrack.jpg )

I hate how much the FTM fad (and the non-binary shit even more so) has affected nerdy, awkward women. Used to be that if you were an autist and found a homely, slightly tomboyish woman who was into stuff like video games or anime (even if it wasn't the same exact stuff), you struck gold. You and she would hit it off as long as you practiced basic hygiene, weren't a total creep, and actually talked to her. And that's how so many nerds got girlfriends and avoided being lonely back in the day.

Now everything's changed. As if the "all men are rapists" wave from the early 10s didn't do enough damage to nerds, now you have to make a conscious effort to refer to these women as "he" or "they" even though they're obviously female, because someone way more influential than them (usually an MTF; notice how they're the ones running the show?) convinced them that they're not really women because they're not 100% girly. Have fun trying to maintain a relationship, let alone a friendship, when you're having to humor delusions worse than anything your average autist had in the 00s. At least otherkin were outnumbered by enough people to eventually snap them out of their bullshit.

Teenage Girl 23/03/10(Fri)08:52 No. 25578 ID: de528b

File 167843473279.gif - (595.79KB , 647x1031 , 4chan in a Nutshell.gif )

>At least otherkin were outnumbered by enough people to eventually snap them out of their bullshit.

If only you faggots whining about trannies every goddamn where would snap out of your own. Seriously. Enough already. It's not that big a deal.

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