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Teenage Girl 22/12/29(Thu)12:24 No. 25457 ID: e35ab8

File 167231305063.png - (186.56KB , 336x278 , hjdisappoint.png )

Remember how trash talking was a norm in COD games? Some guy talked about it and showed some guy's ID after showing him yelling slurs. Either he wanted to dox the guy or ask people to mute him.
Either way, it's not right. Don't like that douchebag yelling slurs? Mute him or call him a gypsy.

Teenage Girl 22/12/29(Thu)17:52 No. 25458 ID: d9e6c9

People seem very addicted to outrage these days.

Teenage Girl 22/12/30(Fri)01:38 No. 25461 ID: 54323e

Wrong. People have always been addicted to drama. Why else do most entertainment revolve around fighting against someone or something?

Romance and peace are seen as sappy and are rated as inappropiate. Yet, portrayal of blood, gore, insults, etc are allowed.

Teenage Girl 23/01/01(Sun)16:13 No. 25462 ID: bce5cf

Let's hope they not only mute the cursing chatter, but somehow explode his xbox and force him outside as well. Surely the world will handle him as well as the snitch, crying and pissing themselves

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