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Teenage Girl 23/01/05(Thu)19:30 No. 25465 ID: 61b0fd

File 167294342434.jpg - (37.28KB , 640x595 , 152523600856.jpg )

Man, I feel like anyone complaining about porn being bad knows more about porn than porn addicts.
Even I feel like one of those.
Also, porn Artists have no Balls of drawing breastfeeding.

Teenage Girl 23/01/05(Thu)21:44 No. 25466 ID: d4c5d3

Well, if you are researching why said thing is bad or good you're bound to learn more about it than those who mindlessly consume it.

Teenage Girl 23/01/14(Sat)06:15 No. 25473 ID: e2956b

Draw erotica based on breastfeeding? Those are kids, man. And a grown dude sucking tit isn't that interesting to be honest.

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