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Losing a Fren. Teenage Girl 23/07/15(Sat)18:09 No. 25712 ID: 07bbd1

File 168943734786.jpg - (48.26KB , 920x920 , E67Yp-uUcAIdamL.jpg )

Guys I fucked up bad.

>Be me.
>Stupid, sad, lonely.
>Play osrs everyday as a cute vampire girl, I am not a girl.
>Meet fren on w301 we dance and chat, she thinks I am girl
>Start getting closer doing everything together.
>I start telling her stuff about me even tho I am a very private person.
>Lie a lot, about personal stuff, it's easier then actually telling the truth.
>We quest, run to the farming patches together and dance every where.
>Everyone loves to see us together.
>They stop and say "Hey anons I see you everywhere, I wish I could enjoy this half as much as you guys do"
>Get even closer, add her on other stuff.
>Be one day.
>Hanging out at clan hall chatting.
>People start talking bout trans people, catfish, and pretending to be something I'm not.
>Get really really guilty feeling. Tell her truth.
>She isnt okay with it, but wants to still be friends.
>Work through everything, actually telling her about me, truthfully.
>Everything is mostly fine she's just sad her bestie wasn't real.
>Still do everything together.
>She starts to get bitter, mistreats me.
>Says all kinds of shitty things about the actual me.
>When I bring up she said that she wouldn't treat me differently she says I'm manipulative.
>Things get worst.
>I try to leave, but she always begs me to stay.
>I am idiot so I do.
>She uses me as punching bag, says she feels guilty for it.
>I bring this up and try to ask some people for advice.
>Others tell me it's unhealthy and I shouldn't be there.
>She explodes on me one day in public clan chat. Telling everyone.
>Something she promised not to do.
>Leaves clan.
>Gets invited back.
>I'm told I need to take a break.
>She gets to be happy with all the frens we met, and I have to not be there.

There are many things to find on osrs, though a best fren is not something I expected to find.

What the fuck should I do? I want my fren back.

Teenage Girl 23/07/17(Mon)01:45 No. 25713 ID: a5b87c

File 168955114148.jpg - (123.02KB , 750x714 , 2758978.jpg )


make a new charactor male this time or don't EVER lie to anyone who asks
you get to join a new clan
maybe one day your old fren notice you by your game play

You fucked up

Teenage Girl 23/07/17(Mon)20:48 No. 25714 ID: ed853f

This is why you never open up to people. As a fellow autists, I did this and people ended uo using my flaws against me verbally.

They think because theyre not autsitic that theyre my petmaster and I should be glad to have them as a friend.

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