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Drug Anonymous 16/09/22(Thu)16:30 No. 13224

File 147455461888.jpg - (25.87KB , 400x273 , image.jpg )

What is your favourite drug and why? Mine is either methamphetamine or opiates for sure.

Anonymous 16/09/22(Thu)22:36 No. 13225

File 147457656879.jpg - (15.81KB , 435x312 , 05be1ac3ed9ab883978412692e9271ef.jpg )

Probably LSD.

Actually, deff LSD.

Anonymous 16/09/23(Fri)06:20 No. 13227

speed + lsd

Anonymous 16/09/23(Fri)09:56 No. 13228


jerkcircle 16/09/23(Fri)14:34 No. 13229

Weed, & Shrooms

Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)06:53 No. 13230

Weed because I like being mellow and sleepy but heroin is too intense.

Anonymous 16/10/14(Fri)22:33 No. 13244

My favorite is probably amphetamines and opiates. I also like weed and salvia

Anonymous 16/10/24(Mon)20:37 No. 13246

I've only ever smoked weed, salvia (twice), 1/32nd of an ounce of mushrooms (doesn't count, I know) and some random pain meds my SIL pinched from my MIL. I'm on board with trying LSD and an actual significant dosage of mushrooms but I don't live near any of my friends and meth seems to be the only drug available up here. Not interested in meth.

Anonymous 16/10/31(Mon)22:37 No. 13250

I had a bad phase of addiction to stimulants so I am going to have to say psychedelics.

Mainly LSD and DMT. I would say they are my favorites because they are cheap and provide a really powerful experience. They also help me get my shit together, well DMT for the most part does.

Anonymous 16/11/12(Sat)23:05 No. 13253

2C-B, second to MDMA (A combination of the two is bomb also, take the 2cb just as your peak subsides)

They've given me some of the best nights I've had at festivals and such and brought me out of my shell overall.

Anonymous 16/12/05(Mon)23:24 No. 13308

Used to grow shrooms heavy so had access to tripping whenever I wanted I did and so I d have to say Shrooms and weed.

Anonymous 16/12/16(Fri)23:08 No. 13310

1. DXM (sadly I ruined my tolerance for good)
2. Opiates
3. Benzos
4. LSD

Anonymous 17/01/08(Sun)10:51 No. 13320

SWIM loves Cocaine SWIM prefers to smoke it but powder is fine.

Anonymous 17/01/14(Sat)16:06 No. 13324

Nitrous without a doubt
Acid is cool too.

I think I like dissociatives more than psychedelics, but dxm is really rough on my stomach

Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)10:13 No. 13325

Amphetamine. It makes the learning process easier.
What's price of the metamphetamine in Europe and USA? On East we have 1 gramm for ~100 dollars

Anonymous 17/03/11(Sat)06:05 No. 13343

>1. DXM (sadly I ruined my tolerance for good)
Wake me up inside
Same here

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)21:11 No. 13356

west (CO) its 20-30 a g

Anonymous 17/04/12(Wed)21:32 No. 13360


Anonymous 17/04/16(Sun)11:33 No. 13362

LSD / 25i
The first times I did "lsd" it turned out to be 25i, and the last time I did 25i I did 4 tabs and had the most mind blowing experience. I later read on the dangers and I now make sure my lucy is lucy, but I have never had an experience like the one I had on 25i.

Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)13:05 No. 13450

Not sure if this was me as it was back in 2016. But I think this is me.

Anonymous 18/03/12(Mon)23:28 No. 13466

Yeah, dude, that's us.

Anonymous 18/04/19(Thu)14:33 No. 13475

Dilaudid or Opana (why not both?) straight in the veins. Why should be obvious.

Anonymous 18/05/27(Sun)07:54 No. 13490

the dutch shit

Anonymous 18/05/27(Sun)11:05 No. 13491

weed. it treats my chronic pain and doesn't fuck me up.

Anonymous 18/06/27(Wed)18:44 No. 13508

weed, tobacco

I grew up around both of those drugs and It stuck to me
,also I like the taste of both of them.

Anonymous 18/07/20(Fri)16:19 No. 13512

File 153209639846.jpg - (716.33KB , 2048x1536 , 100_1472.jpg )


Anonymous 18/07/20(Fri)16:20 No. 13513

File 153209645033.jpg - (807.92KB , 2048x1536 , 100_1469.jpg )

Anonymous 18/08/01(Wed)12:00 No. 13514

File 153311761060.jpg - (477.76KB , 2048x1536 , 100_1492.jpg )

Anonymous 18/08/01(Wed)12:01 No. 13515

File 153311770222.jpg - (447.53KB , 2048x1536 , 100_1493.jpg )

Anonymous 18/08/15(Wed)20:01 No. 13518

File 153435608921.gif - (3.41MB , 400x300 , 1526702401211.gif )

My favorite would have to be opiates, not heroin but I love me some dilaudid even though it's almost as bad. I hardly ever find it but I smoke weed everyday and take benzos pretty often so I guess those are the my two other favorites.

Anonymous 18/09/16(Sun)09:34 No. 13545

DMT or dxm fav

Anonymous 18/09/16(Sun)12:13 No. 13547

File 153709281161.gif - (478.34KB , 500x375 , d736d7219d9f3edac79b00653da54cb1.gif )

cannabis and shrooms for me~
bad family history with opiates and every time i've tried it's fucked me up in a bad way
but golden teachers and cannabis have been wonderful for me. thinkin' about trying salvia soon. definitely wanna try LSD eventually.

Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)01:51 No. 13548

Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)01:51 No. 13549

Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)07:58 No. 13550


Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)08:20 No. 13551

Smoking cannabis can be funny way to relax. But it is also can be useful in some ways. Cannabis widespread use in medicine. I live in LA and smoking cannabis is popular thing here too. Sometimes I smoke cannabis a bit. I use this https://allweed.us/ delivery service of weed.

Anonymous 18/10/23(Tue)13:10 No. 13561

hard choice between morphine cocaine diazepam and mephedrone

Anonymous 18/10/24(Wed)11:41 No. 13564

I have smoked 5x salvia many times (back when it was legal in my country, early 2000s) and never had much fun on it, in fact often found it really unpleasant, except for one time.... the time I took it with a decent dose of DXM, probably 400+ mg. And it was beautiful, the floor seemed to be a pattern of stars, I walked across it and felt like I was walking across a universe instead of falling into it, and my friend looked like an owl perching and chatting to me. DXM is a decent powerful disassociative that mixes strangely with other drugs... but I'd highly recommend salvia+DXM if you get the chance

Anonymous 19/01/12(Sat)00:46 No. 13587

Weed or adderall

Anonymous 19/01/31(Thu)01:12 No. 13593

Mine is cocaine, but it's too good.
That's why I don't do drugs anymore.

Anonymous 19/02/18(Mon)08:04 No. 13602

Weed for actually using

If I could get away with a cocaine addiction though, that'd be alright

Anonymous 19/03/16(Sat)13:51 No. 13619

Coke n H for sure

Anonymous 19/04/23(Tue)09:04 No. 13625

Benzos of any kind plus a tad of meth is the ideal state of mind.

Anonymous 19/05/25(Sat)13:44 No. 13640

cannabis. especially because of how different strains and/or consumption methods can vary between the sensation of a warm comfy blanket that just puts you to sleep and some crazy thoughts/emotions/hallucinations. if i had to choose one drug for the rest of my life, it'd be the comfort of sleepy indica weed/hash.

i haven't tried LSD yet though, it might very well take the cake.

Anonymous 19/08/20(Tue)01:53 No. 13663


Anonymous 19/08/29(Thu)18:01 No. 13669

Ipomoea Tricolor untreated, three tablespoons on an empty stomach every week or so. Magnesium and Diphenhydramine as needed. All legal. All cool as fuck.

Anonymous 19/09/04(Wed)19:49 No. 13673

I have tried a lot of different drugs over the years and I have found that each different one can have its place, although I have to mention one exception to that, and that one exception is opiates. Opiates are the worst drugs a person can mess with because it doesn't take very long before your body becomes totally dependent on them. The dependency will cause a person to be very sick, and once you are dope sick the places it will take a person just to maintain are haunting. Opiates will ruin your life, so stay away. Having said that, I suppose all drugs can lead a person to loose balance with things and cause you to derail your life. However, if you are careful, and strong willed, then there is definitely a good place in life for an array of different drugs. My personal favorite is clean Dextro-Methamphetamines. If the Meth isn't cut with MSM then you will have some of the best experiences a person can have. If you are fortunate enough to get clean (not cut) Meth, especially for your first several times taking it, well, within minutes of ingesting it you will literally be in a prolonged state of orgasm, and will stay that way for hours. The first time I did Meth a few minutes after I did it I felt like I had to pee or somethin... I went to the bathroom and stood there with my junk out patiently waiting to piss, and then I looked down and noticed that I was not peeing, I was gushing cum and it just flowed out... lol Then I went into the other room to tell my girlfriend and I could tell by her flushed cheeks that she was experiencing the same thing. So we both did another line and we had sex for 3 days straight. No lie. The first time I pushed fully inside her she started squirting for the first time ever. lol She came so much and so often we had to take little breaks in between to re-hydrate. I learned how to buy it on the darknet after that, and we would party once a month just to cut loose. But things have changed online so I cant seem to find a good (safe) way to get it anymore. And I refuse to buy drugs on the street because they are cut really badly, and the prices are fucked, not to mention buying on the street means you have to go to some bad places. So. That really sux.

Anonymous 19/09/11(Wed)00:00 No. 13676

nobody asked

Anonymous 19/10/12(Sat)08:19 No. 13695

Anything can become an addiction, no attachment no conflict, in the end everything is about (inner) conflict. All there is, is life and no one owns it, this is the real gift but we forget this until it's gone. The 'me', that big sticky lump that tries to own everything, that claims to be the author of every action is completely helpless. Reality needs no maintenance. When you understand this, finally you can have some peace and quiet. :^)

Anonymous 20/12/20(Sun)20:12 No. 13902


Anonymous 21/01/09(Sat)11:29 No. 13916



Anonymous 21/06/20(Sun)09:00 No. 13967

I would kill for some fucking hydrocodone

Tried it out sophomore year of college and was in love. such a chill ass drug. people say kratom is similar in terms of effects but that is horseshit. kratom is OK at beast but it can't hold a candle to even a small 10mg hydrocodone dose.

Anonymous 21/11/08(Mon)21:50 No. 14023

update: for whatever reason, cannabis started to give me mad anxiety, so now i avoid it.

i did 100ug of LSD a couple of times, and it was very enjoyable, but not as mind-opening as i'd expected it to be. i guess that makes cocaine my new favourite, though i use it very sparingly and only as a nootropic.

Anonymous 21/11/24(Wed)22:23 No. 14032

Did I fucking post here back in 2016????

Anonymous 22/01/26(Wed)23:16 No. 14041


Anonymous 22/02/12(Sat)21:01 No. 14049

Meth isnt to common in Sweden. Amphetamine on the ohter hand is like 3 most common drug, 1 being alchol, 2 cannabis.
I've bought amphetamine for 100-250 kr per gram roughly 10-25 dollar. Only got what I think was Uncut amphetamine once. Amphetamine is loosing ground among new unders to "kriss" which is cmc,mmc etc.

My favourite drug vary for what Im going to do. If I tired and need tog work like hell then amphetamine is best.
My favourite weekend drug is 3-CMC. Better well being, compassion, nasty horny compared to MDMA. My gf and I usually do a couple of lines and do house chores only tog end Up in the sofa watching porn and talking about sex and fantasies.
My favourite allround drug and addiction is cannabis. Smoke and eat edibles every day. You cant look at me in the street or at work and see that Im high.

GeorgeWilson 22/02/17(Thu)13:52 No. 14052

I'm against drugs. They are very harmful to health, and it is very difficult to recover from them. It seems to me that even hemp is very harmful, but it's cool that we can get CBD from it, which is in many products, for example, in this CBD cream https://www.laweekly.com/is-cbd-cream-good-for-pain-relief/. By the way, this cream perfectly helps me cope with back pain, which periodically torments me.

Site Rusha21 22/04/11(Mon)19:25 No. 14076

order to progrYou can deal with all the problems in your body and I was convinced of this from my own experience. I didn't believe it before, but after I started using cbd supplements, https://cbdreakiro.com/cbd-oil-uk-amazon I was able to start feeling much better than before, so if you haven't ordered anything yet, start right now, maybe this is what you need.ess in your treatment

Anonymous 22/08/28(Sun)07:57 No. 14168

Methamphetamine all the way. It almost makes life feel worth living for a couple hours at a time. I've heard that meth is like shitty crack and crack is just shitty coke, but I've done neither because I don't want a taste for them. I gotta stick to a meth budget and it lasts a while so you don't need to compulsively do more every 20 minutes.

Opiates are kind of lame and I don't get the appeal. By the time I take enough to get rekt I just fall asleep, fuck that. Used to have a severe problem with shitty street benzos (containing xanax, roofies, and other crap) that are great if you don't feel like giving a fuck about literally anything for a short while. However, I can't recommend as you sleep way too much, short term memory is shot to hell, you build tolerance fast, and the withdrawals are god fucking awful. Weed and alcohol are okay on occasion but I don't feel any effects unless there is no meth in my system.

I wouldn't touch a hallucinogen with a 30 foot pole. If that's your thing cool, but my mind likes to torture me so inducing hallucinations seems like a stupid idea.

Heard good things about ketamine and I'm curious but don't seek it out.

Anonymous 22/08/28(Sun)08:23 No. 14169

File 166166779589.jpg - (32.79KB , 255x246 , asept (2).jpg )

Ice Ice Baby, too cold

Anonymous 22/08/31(Wed)08:41 No. 14170

Weed. It won't kill me and get high as fuck.

Anonymous 22/09/05(Mon)01:37 No. 14176

Weed does nothing for me, even if I smoke a gram or more.

Anonymous 22/09/05(Mon)02:11 No. 14177

Weed makes me insanely paranoid, I hear voices, and get extreme pains.

Anonymous 22/09/06(Tue)05:25 No. 14179


Anonymous 22/09/06(Tue)21:31 No. 14180


Anonymous 22/09/26(Mon)00:54 No. 14210

For me its the psy and dis combo. Any one of the two will do. A good one is shrooms and dxm (if you are prepared for nausea or vasoconstriction,can essily be remedied with other drug) add a little opi or kratom and you have a very euphoric combo. Half ur usual doses if you truing for first time and go ideally you wznt more psy than dis and very little of opi

Anonymous 22/09/26(Mon)03:11 No. 14211

File 166415469631.png - (696.90KB , 500x750 , 2346tq234.png )

I love candy!
I will do MDMA and LSD
or, as you said
Kratom and LSD

omg feeeeelll sooooooooo gooooooooooooooddddd
This is how ppl who take anti-depressants feel when they work I guess, they never worked for me, that's why I tried LSD to begin with.

Anonymous 22/09/26(Mon)04:51 No. 14212

kratom and lsd sounds horrible

Anonymous 22/09/26(Mon)18:32 No. 14213

As long as you dont over do it i guess, i heard people using phenibut to "prevent the jitters" but too much and you absolutely ruin the trip. I have had succsess with kratom and pheni but have winged it a few times and spoilt most of the trip so i just avoid untill near the end or not at all,kratom can sometimes potentiate it good and bad but i use agmatine for vasoconstriction if it gets rough. Less is more when dealing with combos and timing is super important ime

Anonymous 22/09/26(Mon)18:39 No. 14214

Not quite what i said but if you do be wary of vasoconstriction and maybe 1 to 3 gs of red or green kratom. The disso is for the warm blanket effect

Anonymous 22/12/22(Thu)05:53 No. 14324

Xanax is Ultimate.

Anonymous 23/01/01(Sun)19:10 No. 14334

favourite controlled drugs- mushrooms+weed and pregabalin and morphine

favourite otc/internetdrug- kratom and dxm with a few hbwrs and f phenibut,. also like fly agaric mainly regalis fuck all the cunts that say they do nothing

Anonymous 23/01/28(Sat)04:56 No. 14356

Ketamine, by far. Easily the most effective anti-depressant I've ever taken.

Anonymous 23/01/29(Sun)03:03 No. 14357

I have never done ket. At least not correcty; But I have done DXM and I think that is weird. I mean I know it works for some people but Psilocybin has had far greater effects on my depression than anything, personally.

Anonymous 23/01/31(Tue)18:19 No. 14364

try a low dose like 15-60mg of dxm with mushrooms. it actaully helps protect your brain at low doses. I dose a couple of 15mg hbr pills anytime i trip on something. I know im not supposed to give into hedonism but low doses of each is a fun time and has benefits like a higher dose would ime without the discomfort or challenges psy can bring.

Anonymous 23/04/02(Sun)05:55 No. 14423

File 168040774086.jpg - (1.60MB , 3395x1654 , 1665357177276046.jpg )

Mine is DXM and DXM + LSD, have done everything under the sun, including a shitload of research chemicals back on the golden days before the shit laws about chemical analogs. MXE is a close second, but agent lemon DXM with a pinch of LSD was my fucking jam

Anonymous 23/05/14(Sun)23:52 No. 14466

>1. Diphenhydramine
>2. Alcohol
>3. Speed

Anonymous 23/08/23(Wed)06:05 No. 14508

Tek on easiest way?

Anonymous 24/01/10(Wed)03:13 No. 14542

dph is like, my second favorite drug only for memory sake, i had some wild experiences with that shit. my fav now though are benzos

Anonymous 24/01/27(Sat)23:05 No. 14545

Low dose Psy+low dose dxm/mematine+weed+kratom is a good night for me.

Big dose shrooms and big fat joints of weed and baccy if I want a special time.

I've nit got a real extensive drug history but j would love to try a proper disso like ketamine or real pcp and 2c series. Mdma was on my radar but I'm scared off trying it after hearing a healthy user went from having the best tome of his life to having a fucking heart attack after he smoked weed during his roll, he spent 8 days in the hospital.

Anonymous 24/03/17(Sun)11:24 No. 14562

File 171067105271.jpg - (4.48MB , 2160x3840 , DSC_00211_20240317211414291.jpg )

Mine used to MDMA (extacy) but after using it 7 or 8 times a year from the age of 25 to 33, its lost its roll. But I've tried meth last year and have found I can mix 40mg with 60mg of MDMA, cap it and take one to get me through the night.
-Pic is of GF first time on drugs. She sweat up a storm

Anonymous 24/04/23(Tue)23:00 No. 14574

Favorite overall drug? Definitely weed. Favorite "hard" drug? Acid by far. Weed is just fun to smoke, and I've never had a bad trip on acid.

Anonymous 24/04/24(Wed)12:25 No. 14575

Watch this next



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