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Anonymous 15/07/26(Sun)20:15 No. 16178 ID: c84a9c

File 143793450731.jpg - (80.44KB , 8000x500 , solarsystem.jpg )

i just need to upload this somewhere
that fucking bitch tinypic breaks 8000 wide pics

Anonymous 17/01/18(Wed)18:45 No. 16421 ID: 3bc715

To begin your quest, you must find a little man entitled "Imgur"...

Anonymous 17/10/04(Wed)06:34 No. 16557 ID: 59a816

Bravo, great pic anon

Anonymous 17/10/04(Wed)08:30 No. 16558 ID: 736d69

Why the fuck is it in Russian using the Arabic alphabet??

Anonymous 17/10/06(Fri)21:13 No. 16560 ID: 33427e

Do you mean the Latin alphabet?

Anonymous 17/11/23(Thu)02:48 No. 16582 ID: ca57ba

It's actually Polish, which uses the Latin alphabet. It's missing a lot of the marks over the letters though, like in księżyc for moon.

Anonymous 18/04/02(Mon)23:33 No. 16637 ID: 5d0ff5

i think you mean imgoat

aleph+ya&!Q6A.fDyUzk 19/09/24(Tue)05:25 No. 16858 ID: e04c03

File removed.jpg - (92.37KB , 960x821 , 70402602_10156757375857224_6571403840959021056_n.jpg )

This is now a right wing /pol/ thread for image hosting


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