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Anonymous 19/08/12(Mon)23:09 No. 16837 ID: 830de8

File 156564417137.jpg - (812.03KB , 2558x1600 , reibw-purke.jpg )

Hi folks. Sorry I am not sure what is the best to post this.
I'm here to quickly ask, if there are any serious damage to linux done by that SJW bullshit yet.
Heard of this story year ago actually month after it happened. Haven't updated mu lubuntu system since. Not really following linux forums and shit.
So what's happening, is SJW shitfucks totally destroyed my linux yet or not? Have this wallpaper I edited. Thanx.

Anonymous 19/08/12(Mon)23:25 No. 16838 ID: b4fb5d

why don't you update your lubuntu and see what happens?

Anonymous 19/08/12(Mon)23:34 No. 16839 ID: 830de8

Guess I am afraid that all beaks ._.

Anonymous 19/08/12(Mon)23:34 No. 16840 ID: 830de8

* breaks

Anonymous 19/08/14(Wed)05:21 No. 16841 ID: b5a673

I wouldn't worry too much, you can always roll back updates or download the current version you're using from the archives and reinstall.

This isn't windows.

Hell, you can always boot a liveCD of the latest version to see what it's like then scrap it when you're done.

Anonymous 19/08/15(Thu)06:29 No. 16843 ID: dfc422

could be a good thing since the skeleton justice wizard are into gay pedo stuff, they might make it more secure.

Anonymous 19/08/15(Thu)12:59 No. 16846 ID: 830de8

I know this, but that's too much hassle. Thanks for reply.

Anonymous 19/09/07(Sat)01:05 No. 16851 ID: 2dc938

They haven't, mostly because code quality has nothing to do with the morality of the person writing it. Also your background looks like shit

Anonymous 19/10/22(Tue)04:02 No. 16867 ID: 771ef2

Hopefully nothing bad happens to Linux. Social justice warriors can do what they want but breaking everything possible isn't ideal. I think they should go to a therapist and reach a type of resolution in themself. SJW's can certainly be an issue in the world and if they can reach a place where they are no longer wanting to make issues for people we will all be better. That huge slice of the human population can reach ease and we can relax a lot more. Some portion of my daily pins and needles status in my emotional arrangement is from SJW's and their behavior and I would like more ease if possible. Try health care if you're looking to fix people, SJW's, or try working on philosophical based areas to educate others. lol I am protected. I don't get along with the SJW existence, I don't do anything with it. That allows me to be in a place where I can have a nice setup. To live with a solid kind of existence involves not being involved in SJW life.

Spaceballs+the+Signpost!ikwaNLFmBo 20/02/09(Sun)06:47 No. 16890 ID: 880fd4

File 158122724589.png - (414.92KB , 856x866 , 20190826_204647.png )

<I never didn't want, but your masters are going to throw you aside opposite your nazi cosplaying.>

Anonymous 20/02/28(Fri)04:04 No. 16892 ID: 9f02ee

It does when a company is forced to promote someone on the basis of race sex or religion, for fear of being called transphobic, racist, or whatever

Anonymous 20/04/18(Sat)08:18 No. 16908 ID: 5a6744

>or whatever
The fact you didn't say antisemitism tells us everything we need to know.

Anonymous 20/04/20(Mon)19:03 No. 16911 ID: b31ad9

No, see, you can't promote jews, since they're already at the top.

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