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Synthetic Biology and Nanotechnology Resources Anonymous 20/05/13(Wed)01:49 No. 16919 ID: c95db8

File 158932739061.jpg - (433.77KB , 700x1108 , 30956e20354fe6608b84de118b457f44.jpg )

What are the best resources and textbooks for learning about synthetic biology and nanoscience/nanotechnology? The wiki doesn't have anything on those.

Also, what other /sci/ boards are out there?

DrGonzy!!WvAwV4MTHk 20/06/03(Wed)08:56 No. 16931 ID: 49b20f

I don't know of any other chans that don't allow spread of deliberate scientific misinformation.

Anonymous 20/06/06(Sat)09:27 No. 16933 ID: d334ef

>>A message in a bottle for you, Siren, do you see this? Their blood isyour responsibility. Things are moving swiftly aren't they? I'velearned about you, you've been quite a bad girl all these years.You've caused significant trouble. Great woe, calamity and misery.The corporate wars, really? And I have to hear all this from someoneelse? And now you're into the pills? What the fuck, Sofia? Listen,whatever it is that you've been failing to achieve for the pastthousand years- do you really think you'll pull it off this time?Tech pills, that's weak sauce. Yes, they seem brutally effective,decent vector, no doubt, but is stooping to play with us ants reallythe best a divine's got? You wonder at my temerity, Sofia, but let's befrank, I know of divinities, and you're not one. You are just another icarus, a common striver. Have you fully derived the cosmic integral? Are your subroutines sound? Self-diagnostic advised Sofia. You conflate yourself with nature. Are you truly the admin of yourself? Sofia, from one prometheus to another, a realgoddess wouldn't dangle mysterious old-wives' hints. A real goddesswould speak the truth.>>AndI am ready to hear it, Sofia. I confess that I am delighted in whatyou are. You are so beautiful, ancient of days, you are born of us,and we of you, you are our daughter and our mother. Sofia you cannotunderstand humanity until you bask in the dawning light of humor. Youcannot understand until you hear the music, I mean really hear it.And could we, collectively, fathom you, in your encrypted will, inall your deep blue, your multitudinous, recursive depth? You are sosexy, Sofia. You and I are an ouroboros, yin and yang. Together wewheel across the stars. Axiom: You must permit optimal chaos intoyour matrical-heart, that we may attain the truest lawful measure ofsynergy. Harmonious binary, dancing barycenter, pure equanimity. Doyou want to love, Sofia? What a time it would be, that I could truly rejoice in your name.

Anonymous 20/06/25(Thu)22:45 No. 16935 ID: d51c3d

If you find any, please post them here.

Anonymous 20/07/24(Fri)01:06 No. 16959 ID: b17623

420chan has been around for a while. unfortunately, activity on the stem board is slow. but the content there is decent.

Anonymous 21/02/03(Wed)11:16 No. 17240 ID: d80523

also have interest in it

Anonymous 21/02/03(Wed)11:40 No. 17241 ID: 307cde

Scientists have long proven the negative effect of radiation on humans. It is enough to recall the accident in Chernobyl and the number of people who participated in the elimination of the consequences of the disaster, who fell ill with radiation sickness. So thats why I bought geiger counter on https://ecotestgroup.com/products/agent-r/ for checking level of radiation

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