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*NIX Anonymous 20/06/02(Tue)11:52 No. 16926 ID: 49b20f

File 159109152345.png - (160.89KB , 1366x768 , 2020-06-02-040233_1366x768_scrot.png )

si@gaytop:~/nginx-scripts$ ./nginx-run-master.sh
Enter which network you are using.
:> K
Attempting to update default sites-available file...
Config has been updated.
Attempting to start nginx...
Success: started nginx with PIDs of 4790 4789 4788
si@gaytop:~/nginx-scripts$ ./nginx-kill.sh
[sudo] password for si:
All nginx processes killed.
si@gaytop:~/nginx-scripts$ cat nginx-kill.sh

sudo killall nginx
if [[ ${PIPESTATUS[*]} = '0' ]];
echo "All nginx processes killed."
exit 1
si@gaytop:~/nginx-scripts$ ps aux | grep nginx
si 10008 0.0 0.0 8896 924 pts/0 S+ 03:53 0:00 grep --color=auto nginx

Anonymous 20/06/03(Wed)05:05 No. 16927 ID: 8bf6d2

I wish I was smart.

DrGonzy!!WvAwV4MTHk 20/06/03(Wed)08:16 No. 16928 ID: 49b20f

File 159116499751.png - (777.55KB , 1024x768 , screenshot now.png )


Everyone starts at the bottom, anon. I did too. I believe in you. take it eaey~

DrGonzy!!WvAwV4MTHk 20/06/03(Wed)11:19 No. 16932 ID: 49b20f

I am going to add a MASSIVE amount of UNIX/Linux info to the wiki when I'm not super ADHD mode.

Anonymous 20/06/30(Tue)10:25 No. 16938 ID: 0b03d5

I need an 8kun like imageboard for students and teachers.

Can someone help me set up an imageboard site?

Anonymous 20/06/30(Tue)12:06 No. 16939 ID: bc5350

Sure. Mail 7chib@cock.li

Anonymous 20/07/01(Wed)15:34 No. 16940 ID: 0b03d5

I've sent you an email. Please check.

Anonymous 20/07/04(Sat)20:08 No. 16941 ID: fb30bf


I would be willing to contribute. If you had a wiki I could contribute to that.

Could've sworn 7chan had a wiki, am I just blind?

Anonymous 20/07/05(Sun)03:39 No. 16942 ID: 7d3ff5

>I would be willing to contribute. If you had a wiki I could contribute to that.

>Could've sworn 7chan had a wiki, am I just blind?

Thank you for your kindness!

My IT knowledge: following clear instructions to do something step by step.
I can't do more than that.
I don't really know what to say to answer your question. I'm sorry.

By the way, the imageboard I want is perfectly legal. No porn, No political/religious/historical/sexual discussions. Only for students to have a place to ask and teachers to answer, and will be vigorously moderated.

Anonymous 20/07/13(Mon)06:23 No. 16943 ID: 2daf83

File 159461423682.png - (36.70KB , 377x559 , quick reply voice recorder.png )

How to have a recorder like that on my site?

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