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Demographics? Anonymous 17/06/04(Sun)19:04 No. 29760 ID: b00d52

File 149659585433.jpg - (336.90KB , 772x1080 , image.jpg )

I'm just wondering your guys' genders are and if that affects how you like SS.

I am of the female variety, so I always read SS for the shota, although after being here a while, I understand how you all like your MILFs.
Also, if you are male, do you read hentai of other genres? As a vagina owner, I also read a bit of Yaoi, but that's only because other genres don't really ever focus on the male. (SS is the best, though)

I just find myself enjoying the shyness and innocence of a smaller boy who just wants to do his best. And if it's with a hot chick, all the better.

Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=58292644

Demographics Anonymous 17/06/05(Mon)03:51 No. 29762 ID: 429ad2

Male here. I'm 20 now, but I started reading SS when I was younger. I was interested in sex, and so seeing kids my age(maybe just a bit younger) having sex got my attention. I now prefer other hentai, but I still like my SS. Completely for the women, but the idea of a younger kid got me engaged

Anonymous 17/06/06(Tue)04:15 No. 29763 ID: 46857f

Male here. I have different kinks but the innocence of the relationship is what usually draws me. The boy is learning for the first time and the girl is gently showing how it's done in a safe and loving environment. I'd always wondered if there were girls into SS also, it's cool to meet one.

Anonymous 17/06/06(Tue)21:50 No. 29765 ID: 5cd80a

>because other genres don't really ever focus on the male.

Oh Gawd, that is so not true. If it were, 90% of all porn wouldn't start off with blowjobs or have them lasting anywhere near as long as they do.

But yeah, I like /ss/ for the women. I prefer the boys be cute and innocent. Hate when they're arrogant, cheeky or taking the lead. I like other genres too, particularly yaoi and bestiality. Shota is the second best genre to me, the only thing better is MILF on Loli yuri.

Anonymous 17/06/07(Wed)01:25 No. 29767 ID: 17290b

shyness and innocence on small boys with small penises, realistic if possible.

Women must be perverted as fuck, i just love when they teach the boys how to have sex and they lick their asses and i love it when it has anal sex. bestiality is good too

Anonymous 17/06/09(Fri)19:40 No. 29775 ID: f6a560

The points of those blowjobs 90% of the time is to focus on the girl, it just happens that girls can get off on it too. The focus isn't the cock

Anonymous 17/06/09(Fri)21:11 No. 29776 ID: 5cd80a

BULL. SHIT. Blowjobs serve two significant purposes in porn and it's not to focus on the girl. If they wanted to focus on her, she'd be the one getting head. The practical purposes are getting the guy hard, keeping him from going limp or ejaculating too early during intercourse. There's actual job in the porn industry for girls who do that, they call them fluff girls. Then there's the 'flair' behind blowjobs. They do it to literally admire the guy's dick, making him look big, masculine and desirable, because that's what the guys watching want to represent themselves. At the same time it makes the girl look more desirable by giving the illusion that she gets off on sucking cock. So much so that it's the first and occasionally last thing she does, even though it's just a mask for contraception. Most porn is made for guys and that's why it focuses on male pleasure more than female. Sure, they want to look at a girl but they aren't really thinking about her (potentially fake) orgasms. So cunnilingus is an afterthought in most porn because guys are most interested in the seeing dick representing their own busting off. That's why the awful futanari fetish is so popular.

Anonymous 17/06/09(Fri)22:13 No. 29777 ID: 7db76e

i like it because its a natural sort of domination, not through role playing or through some bdsm leather shit but rather through the girls being phisicly bigger and more expierenced. I also am in the same situation as >>29762. And to top it all off: who doesnt like cute shotas i mean come on

Anonymous 17/07/09(Sun)05:20 No. 29885 ID: 5592e6

To me, it's about two things:
1. Innocence of the boy
2. Size difference

If the boy is too masculine or aggressive, even if he's small, I don't like it. As other anons have said, it's about the natural femdom of a more experienced female handling a virgin male without being cruel.

The size difference is the other part. A tiny dick enveloped in big, full lips just looks like it feels better than a big dick in normal lips.

D. 17/09/04(Mon)18:00 No. 30094 ID: eaf3a4

Male here, 28yo, I discovered SS at 19.

As others before me, in SS stories I look for:

- Innocence of the boy
- Realistic set up (stories, size, etc)
- Possible affection between the boy and the woman.

I like femdom stories, but not violence and free cruelty. I also totally dislike shotadom and groups. The fact is I have been a shy (virgin) guy for a loooong time, so when I read SS stories it's like I see myself in it, at the place of the kid.

Plus, I really love cunnilingus and anilingus, especially if the boy is tasting the woman for the first time.

For these reasons, it's really hard for me to find a comix that really turns me on, because my way of reading is very personal.

Anonymous 17/09/05(Tue)05:19 No. 30097 ID: 61b9bb

29 male. I've had night terrors about being sexually abused during a summer camp since I was 13. I couldn't remember anything else about that week either and struggle now. Whether that was the result of actual abuse or not I have no idea and I've stopped caring.

What I do know is it sparked my interest in/ss/. I always like seeing dominant women with them either being loving but possessive or predatory and greedy. On top of that I've been cursed with a baby face (I seriously only just now look 18 and I hate it. Its not a boon for males like everyone says.) and am very short of stature at 5'2" (which I don't hate at all.) so seeing women take interest in guys smaller than them is nice for me and helps me get into it more. As such I've branched out to finding normal things involving adults with that configuration but I find myself going back to /ss/ all the time. There's just something appealing to me about being vulnerable and held by someone, being at their disposal for their pleasure. either lovingly or dominated. Again, things that can be done with adults just fine but throwing a kid into the mix just enhances it.

As someone else said its the size difference and the fact that a boy will rarely be stronger than a grown woman. So yeah, I'm in it for the woman, milfs especially but if the shota is dominant then that just kills it for me.

Anonymous 17/09/07(Thu)20:56 No. 30104 ID: 1bca15

29 y.o. Male. Because I like to associate myself with a boy rather than an adult male. I wish I never grew up.

Anonymous 17/09/10(Sun)05:27 No. 30114 ID: 79acf6

Ugh, I hate dominating shotas - really kills the whole fantasy.

Anonymous 17/09/12(Tue)06:37 No. 30121 ID: bb6ad1

Male, 28. I prefer the boy to be with someone in sort of an older sister age bracket rather than a MILF, like teens to early twenties. This goes back to my earliest fantasies, teens and 'big kids' were my crushes rather than full adults. Incest not required but it sure helps.

Unlike a lot of people here I really like dominant shotas. Not because I particularly like mdom but because of the role reversal. Like others have pointed out it's sort of normal for an older person to have power over a child but I find it hot when that dynamic is flipped. I don't really care for mdom when it's between two adults.

Anonymous 17/09/14(Thu)22:22 No. 30128 ID: 5cd80a

I think they're the ultimate denial of gratification for a fetish. Like, the morons/assholes who make dominate shotas either really don't get it or they do and just want to piss off people looking for (plausible) femdom.

Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)01:07 No. 30129 ID: d65748

Male, and I think the thing for me, apart from being so forbidden, is remembering the feeling when oneself was around 14, and fantasizing about adult womens bodys, and the sensation of seeing it sexual for the first time, having sexual experiences and such. Just a different way of perceiving sexuality then, that is obviously lost now. Not that I dont like adult sexuality, but the pubescent one is still fascinating.

Also something about the size difference being hot.

Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)01:11 No. 30130 ID: d65748

Also into other genres of hentai of course, all across the board.

To specify: of course sex is still exciting, but there is something about the excitement of exploring these things for the first times, jerking of over a pic of a womans ass or something, having fantasies for the first time, that just nothing comes close to.

Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)04:26 No. 30131 ID: bb6ad1

Or people just like different things.

Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)05:23 No. 30132 ID: 5cd80a

I refuse to believe the majority of /ss/ fans want to see a dominant shota. Defeats the whole purpose of the fetish.

Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)05:36 No. 30133 ID: 5cd80a

Or, and this might be more common than the other reasons, I think when people make the kid dominate the woman it's a copout. Because if the woman was dominating him then SJWs would cry child abuse. But you can't necessarily do that when the child is doing the abusing.

Hunter 17/09/15(Fri)12:25 No. 30134 ID: 89c94a

File 150547113330.jpg - (21.37KB , 320x180 , sht1.jpg )

Female here, I gotta say I like the motherly type of ss where you teach a kid how to jerk off, how to feel good and then let him explore, but I've enjoyed stories and fantasies about being asleep and just getting 1 or 2 shotas fisting or fucking just to get off or watch mommy all flustered and helplessly aroused. So it really depends how the story goes.

Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)18:23 No. 30136 ID: cf7088

Male here, 31, and also tend to highly dislike shotadom or any other form of the shota being in control of the older and much bigger female that should have the power over him.

I love it when kinks and other things happen too aside from sex, as in SS I prefer it if the girl is into the younger boy for reasons other than 'hurr durr, an easier dick to take advantage of'.

Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)19:24 No. 30137 ID: bb6ad1

>I refuse to believe the majority of /ss/ fans want to see a dominant shota.
You're probably right about that, but fetishes aren't a consensus thing, they're a personal thing, the appeal is decided by the person who has the fetish, there isn't a right way to do it. Some people only like shotas with lolis, some people are okay with incest and some people aren't, etc.

I do think this happens though, particularly with western artists/writers.

Anonymous 17/09/15(Fri)20:40 No. 30138 ID: 5cd80a

>particularly with western artists/writers.

The Japanese are a bunch of copouts too, just not for the same reasons. Westerners have SJWs to worry about but the Japanese have all their repressive bullshit surrounding women.

D. 17/09/16(Sat)18:39 No. 30139 ID: d39a57

As I said before, I don't like shotadom at all, but I don't feel to blame who likes it. You must remember that fetishes of all kind are something very personal, something living deeply inside us (maybe inside our past). Straight shota itself is a weird fetish, if you think.

Actually, the reason I really hate shotadoms, is the fact many artists who really draw as gods are so damn unrealistic in the same time. They always end making their comix with a great style, but a terrible plot... What a pity.

However, I'm surprised to read the opinion of women here. I thought SS was strictly a male thing.

Anonymous 17/09/16(Sat)22:56 No. 30142 ID: 5cd80a

>You must remember that fetishes of all kind are something very personal, something living deeply inside us (maybe inside our past). Straight shota itself is a weird fetish, if you think.

I don't think straight shota is a weird fetish at all, except for when it's shotadom. You see men showing approval of woman-boy relationships all the time in mainstream media.

That said, "shotadom" is what happens when the 'male power fantasy' trope from other mediums literally invades the /ss/ genre. The end result is a clusterfuck of a story because those are two things that don't mix. It's like pouring vineger in your cereal.

Anonymous 17/09/20(Wed)16:18 No. 30149 ID: 90cb11

I am on the shotadom side. Heavy shotadom.

I actually find the motherly type thingy very boring, so femdom can be hot too but then it really depends on the drawing art.

Maybe that's also because it's even more so unrealistic (the shotadom), as infact I also prefer unrealistic genitals size on my /ss/.

Anonymous 17/10/03(Tue)18:05 No. 30188 ID: 26af45

File 150704672517.png - (595.75KB , 800x717 , 1504531441906.png )

Male 20. I grew up without a mother figure and dated a 20 year old girl who was really into gentle femdom when I was 16. The innocence and shyness is a big part of it for me too, but there's also a trust dynamic that I find appealing. It's one of the few scenarios in which a male is realistically dominated by a female, not because the male chooses to but because the woman is bigger and stronger yet caring and gentle.
>tfw 6'1" amateur boxer but no Amazoness to spoon you and call you a good boy.

Anonymous 17/10/04(Wed)21:10 No. 30193 ID: 7cc27a

File 150714420730.jpg - (8.34KB , 239x211 , iFeelyamon.jpg )

>tfw 6'1" amateur boxer but no Amazoness to spoon you and call you a good boy.

Anonymous 17/10/07(Sat)03:46 No. 30203 ID: b00d52

Female, 25. For me, it's similar to what everyone else has said. I just love the idea of a nuturing role where the woman takes care of the boy. Not even in an incestuous way…I'm not really sure how to explain it. I just want to give them a big warm hug, and maybe do some other things…
I've always liked younger men in some odd fashion, and it's a bit sad that I've never really been able to tell anyone about it. It took me my senior year of highschool to realize that, and looking back, I feel really stupid.

Anonymous 17/10/08(Sun)20:33 No. 30206 ID: 6639c3

Male 55. I like stories where the shota is losing his virginity to a loving, caring girl or woman. Her age doesn't matter. I enjoy shota/loli just as much if it's an act of love or mutual exploration.

I like all the aspects of pubescent male virginity loss: naughty adventure, awe and wonder at the female body, the feelings of penetrating a vagina for the first time and the resulting immediate ejaculation.

My favorite situation is when a virgin shota naively promises not to come inside, and then is so overwhelmed by the sensations that he immediately ejaculates deep inside her.

I'd prefer the shota's proportions to be more realistic than they're usually represented. A small penis inside a big, plush pussy is super hot to me.

I'd also prefer the shota's ejaculations to be more realistic as well - just a few spurts or sprinkles of clear fluid to represent his youth and innocence.

Anonymous 17/10/12(Thu)02:17 No. 30225 ID: fbfd65

Male, 43. Like most of the respondents I prefer the more innocent stories with more realistic proportions for the boys.

I am something of an artist, and I've been threatening to try ad draw a comic.

Anonymous 17/10/27(Fri)07:11 No. 30295 ID: 6a918b

Male here. I'm not even into MILFs. This is definitely about the boys, and I'm straight. I do like hentai of other genres, including delicious cake. Basically, everything's better as long as someone's underage.

I'm with you on shyness and innocence. Or a dominant kid can work. As long as no one is being cruel to the shota that I'm self-inserting as, this is fine. And I have no love for mum/son incest, probably because I have what I think of as a good and normal relationship with my mum.

Anonymous 17/11/16(Thu)03:28 No. 30389 ID: d92072

male here, I have always liked ss, even before there was a name for it. I had personal experiences when I was kid myself.

So for me, seeing the art or stories is like reliving the past and reliving my fantasies from when I was a kid.

I do like the Milfs, in fact in my 20's I dated quite a few. But honestly, I project myself into the male character, so as long as the female is older, I like it.

My youthful experiences never led to full on sex. But, pretty close. The rest of my youth I fantasized about it CONSTANTLY

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)21:04 No. 30482 ID: bc8a0e

the cock is usually part of the focus, but often seperate from the guy, andor guy's pov.

yu'r semi-retarded.

>I always like seeing dominant women with them either being loving but possessive or predatory and greedy.
>There's just something appealing to me about being vulnerable and held by someone, being at their disposal for their pleasure. either lovingly or dominated.

Anonymous 17/12/13(Wed)05:10 No. 30484 ID: 54100f

>yu'r semi-retarded.

Why, because I know bullshit when I see it? Like how rare cunnilingus is compared to the obligatory blowjob that happens more often than actual sex? It's a gift being able to look at things without rose-tinted glasses.

sage sage 17/12/14(Thu)02:07 No. 30490 ID: bc8a0e

control your sperg.

Anonymous 18/01/21(Sun)11:33 No. 30652 ID: 862697

Straight male, fantasize about being the boy. It's actually an extension of my dominant side, unlike most guys who like it, because the idea of a young kid getting pussy from an adult mother figure is sort of the ultimate sexual conquest

Anonymous 18/01/21(Sun)17:11 No. 30656 ID: bb29d1

File 151655107615.jpg - (233.05KB , 897x1280 , 0Z21l.jpg )

all talk and no image? and i thought this is an image board :P

Anonymous 18/01/25(Thu)02:47 No. 30672 ID: a627d8

Yeah, I think a lot of /ss/ fans aren't into the boys at all, just the idea of BEING the boy: young and inexperienced and just discovering the wider world.

And personally, the only kind of shotadom I'm into is the one where the girl's been building up the boy's confidence and asks him if he's ready to try taking the lead.

Anonymous 18/02/02(Fri)02:55 No. 30704 ID: c23767

Male here, 28. I started with Straight Shota when I was about the same age as the shotas. I didn't really care about older people having sex, so I always sought out Shota x Loli because I could see myself doing it with my peers (and crushes). Even after I grew out of that age range, the fetish stuck, as the innocence and exploration of two young people discovering sex, feelings, and each other for the first time is just too sweet.

Young adults are my upper limit on age for the female in SS, really, which I feel puts me in the minority among ss fans. (SS tags and boards always seem so flooded with MILFs to me, but you do you, I guess.)

And yeah, I read other hentai genres too. I'm an unashamed vanilla enthusiast of damn near any age group/combo. Loving sex between people who you've come to know over the story is the best.

Anonymous 18/02/09(Fri)16:13 No. 30737 ID: 14ba30

>>30Not sure what other thought. At least I ain't into boys, and yes, I imagine being that boy. Since my experience with mature women & aunts while I was a boy, that's wonderful memories. and yes, that's 70's, the age of open sex what benefits a lot even as kids we were, hahaha.

Anonymous 18/04/09(Mon)01:38 No. 30959 ID: 9245c7

Male 18, discovered ss about a year ago. I'm into the idea of a kid that fucks older girls/women because it's the most Chad thing you can think of. It's a literal counterpart of being a virgin your whole life. Also it makes the female a total degenerate scum which is hot.

Anonymous 18/10/14(Sun)05:47 No. 32027 ID: 6b3796

40, Male
I like a lot of things, even scat. I practice a lot of them as well, if they're legal.
I like ss since I'd love to find a woman attracted to minors, little boys; or get a woman into it.
I'm not very much into loli because I like tits and butts, unless a mature woman is involved.
I think is a shame that there's a lot of hentai material that doesn't get animated.

Anonymous 18/10/17(Wed)05:19 No. 32042 ID: 6e2ba4

42, male, divorced.

I don't really bother with other genres. Nothing else ever stood out to me. I suppose I like strong, aggressive women and enjoy when a woman also enjoys who she is fucking. I like it when the young male is scared/shy/panicked and the woman is feeding off of it, taunting him. Double points if he is restrained somehow and she's dominating him. Obviously makes sense since I'm incredibly submissive.

Anonymous 18/10/22(Mon)21:06 No. 32087 ID: c463d9

I'm a 24 year old male. Got into /ss/ back when I was about 11/12 maybe younger. Found a site that was called MyIncestHentai.com, it's long gone now but it had probably the hottest collection of hentai ever or at least thats how I remember it

Anonymous 18/11/04(Sun)13:58 No. 32149 ID: 8617d7

Female 38. I discovered SS maybe 10 years ago. I never realised I was interested until I remembered an old memory of when I was a teenager. I was brought up in a sexually repressed country. My closest friend and I were always talking about boys and sex. But neither of us had any experience and we were incredibly nervous about even kissing a boy. Then somehow we got the idea we could practise kissing on her little brother. He was shy, but was OK with it. We would take turns French kissing him. It kind of felt like it didn’t “count”. I could be bad at kissing and it was OK with him because I wasn’t trying to impress him. It was like a free go.

I completely forgot about this incident for a long time. One day I spotted a boy trying to look up my skirt on a bus. I’m not even sure if he was trying to do that, but it felt suddenly very erotic. I then remembered my teenage experimentation and started getting more interested. None of my partners know and it is not something I would share with anyone. I have no interest in bringing my fantasies into the real world.

I fantasize about a boy being curious about a woman’s body, and just going ahead and touching me anywhere he wants. Fingering me and even going as far as fucking me, because it didn’t count as sex. It would be just practise or fooling around. Actual sex is serious in comparison. That weight of the seriousness and the guilt associated with sex is just gone with him. I have a smile on my face just thinking about it. Anyone else feel the same?

Me too! 5h0uS4 18/11/25(Sun)06:59 No. 32237 ID: 0a76aa

38yo male. Discovered ss and similars on the web by chance more than 15 years ago. The initial 'I want to be that boy!' made me realize that I've always had sexual thoughts as long as I can remember. Before I even knew that playing with myself felt good I had really naughty thoughts about my best friends mother. I, too, love the Idea of it being all playful and naturally instictive.

Anonymous 18/11/25(Sun)23:04 No. 32244 ID: 867fd8

File 154318346280.jpg - (61.96KB , 640x719 , Shinji+get+in_e5748b_5891614.jpg )

29 Male

I love the concept of strong woman, and the SS is often focused about little boys dominated and used by older, confident and bold female.

Indeed, I hate maledom or loli+shota stories.

Anonymous 18/12/23(Sun)15:29 No. 32322 ID: aab8dc


You summed it up. Loli doesn't do jack shit for me; I don't want to fuck a 12-year-old, I don't even want to go NEAR a 12-year-old. What I want is to BE a 12-year-old -- the /ss/ fantasy for me is all about going back and reliving your sexual awakening in a way that never would have happened in real life, the loving initiation by someone with more experience.

Also I never had any hot teachers and kind of wish I did. (btw: 33, male)

Anon male 18/12/29(Sat)17:25 No. 32337 ID: 45b738

Very good definition! I alson WANT to be that 12 year old boy. I often think back to the times when I was that age, about the opportunities I might have had, e. g. with friends of my mother, when they could have catched me masturbating or something like that. Still one of my fantasies. Male, 42.

Anonymous 19/01/03(Thu)17:17 No. 32398 ID: 2e0fa9

28M surprising to see so many of us in the same age ITT.

I've been sexually attracted to older women as far back as I can remember. Young women or of my own age never interested me. I was a quiet lonely kid in school but had no trouble striking up hearty conversations with my teachers. Even working now, I feel more at ease with the older women at break time than I do with the ones my age.

The closest /ss/ experience I ever had was walking in on my aunt coming out of the shower. I was staying with my cousins for the summer when it happened. I fondly remember playing yugioh, pokemon cards, and video games all day with them and this memory of their mom is right up there with them. I'm really glad I never personally experienced /ss/, though.

4chan /b/ introduced me to the genre early in high school with classic hentai artists like Daisuke Sawada and Morris. Other than /ss/, I really like bestiality but only of the female-beast kind. There's some parallels to draw between a woman allowing her little boy to satisfy his sexual needs and a woman doing the same with her dog.

Anonymous 19/01/16(Wed)01:35 No. 32471 ID: 5c5820

Male, 23. Maybe i'm transgender. I like both the ideas of beign the hot girl with a little boy, and a little boy with a hot girl. Strange, but hot.

Anonymous 19/02/15(Fri)17:55 No. 32596 ID: c9f30f

Male, 21. Ever since i was a kid there's always been a lot of motherly figures in my life. My mom was a teacher so obviously she was friendly with a lot of other older women. she was always pretty busy, so at times i would sleep over at them and they would often wear loose clothing so i could sometimes catch a glimpse of their breasts, weather it be from a nip slip, them bending over or coming out of the shower. Pretty much all of them had big breasts too, so that's a pretty big fetish of mine and i would often fantasize about fondling them. It's mostly about being the shota in the situation and my favorites are the ones with a female dom teaching him about sex or where both of them are sort of shy about it. i do like women in my own age range, but i pretty much always fantasize about older ones.

Anonymous 19/02/24(Sun)16:46 No. 32623 ID: 53d019

Male, 36. Back when I was 13 a doctor diagnosed me with delayed puberty, partial crypto-orchidism and phimosis. A string of humiliating exams, treatments and procedures followed.
That was my first 'sexual' experience and the first time anybody had seen me naked since I was a toddler.
It was pretty traumatic and I didn't take it well. For the following 20 years I didn't get romantically close to anybody, didn't have sex, didn't let anybody see me naked.
I like straight shota because it's the closest thing to my lack of experience.

Anonymous 19/02/28(Thu)10:33 No. 32635 ID: 1a901f

I like shota and loli, along with normal teens/young adults. Older sisters and MILFs are also great, as is incest, futa, trap, and furry. I adore vanilla love stories, but unlike almost everyone here, I am into domination, usually gentle and loving, sometimes... not so much. (Which is partly why I'm posting all BDSM pics, lol.)

It hurts to see visually stunning artwork made unreadable because it contains rape. Some rape stories are okay, but there is so much of it, and so much is just unpalatable to me.

The two pics included without artist names are by Takatsu.

Anonymous 19/03/11(Mon)04:03 No. 32694 ID: 9be031

Maybe I’m getting old or have seen the same stuff for too long, but I’m having conflicting thoughts about this fetish after watching Leaving Neverland. I’m still attracted to shapely older women but I can’t get aroused anymore at the fantasy of an /ss/ partner. Anyone else in the same dilemma? I think the reality of child abuse is too depressing to beat to.

Anonymous 19/04/05(Fri)05:23 No. 32818 ID: f24192

Yes, and I suppose you're not going to watch any more movies where people get killed, because that's not something to take lightly either. There are real people that are murdered every day and doing it on screen or in a book in the name of entertainment is even more disgusting, isn't it?
In case you don't understand sarcasm, there's a difference between fictional characters and real life.

Anonymous 19/04/08(Mon)02:46 No. 32828 ID: 63b99a

>>29760 Male and recently turned 18. I started reading /ss/ over 6 years ago. I only read doujins of the /ss/, /gfd/ and /rr/ variety. For me, it's me being able to self-insert with the boy who is small and submissive. Where are you supposed to find women like the ones in this thread?

Anonymous 19/04/18(Thu)20:40 No. 32902 ID: 21867a

don't care about the shota in /ss/ (or about 2D in general), but i do like the fact most of the women portrayed here are thicccc

Anonymous 19/04/19(Fri)16:39 No. 32908 ID: 006db5

File 15556847829.png - (98.83KB , 500x499 , anxie-me-depression-no-gf-shouta-the-shota-says-it.png )

Bout when I was 7-8 yrs old I remember getting pinned downed by a group of girls so they could take turns kissing me. My guy friends thought I was "lucky". Hated getting ganged up on and was taught its wrong to hit girls so I never defended myself. Happened a lot during YMCA summer program.

One of my moms girlfriends who babysat me sometimes would always greet me by hugging me for a very long time and push my head into her chest. Not fun when you cant breathe.

Grew up just believing girls were stupid. Not to kill your fetish, theres some pleasure in there, but I thought girls sucked for a long time because they could do whatever they wanted.

Anonymous 19/05/09(Thu)01:06 No. 32987 ID: 08b47c

24 y/o female. i just really like the idea (hypothetically, not something i intend to do irl) of initiating a cute, shy, young male virgin into sex. i don’t know if it’s because i didn’t have any sexual experiences with boys my age when i was a teenager and feel like i missed out for that reason or if it stems from my own shyness & insecurity, but regardless. i like the sweet nurturing side of /ss/, nothing humiliating or rapey. and no shotadom

Anonymous 19/05/12(Sun)11:36 No. 33008 ID: 5c7826

personally, i think it reminds me of a time when sex was more exciting and mysterious. not that i'm drowning in pussy or anything, but there's something there for sure.

Anonymous 19/06/08(Sat)04:08 No. 33126 ID: 9291d9

When I was 9-10 I changed schools and was really shy. I was scared of talking to anyone and always spent recess alone. There was a time that lasted a few weeks where a group of older girls (probably high school seniors) would stalk me and when no-one else was around (happened pretty often 'cause I had a habit in recess of wandering off to some far away part of the school grounds) they'd gang up one me and force kisses on me.

I didn't think much of it as a kid because muh gender roles, but as I grew up I eventually saw what happened for what it was and reality kind of hit me like a brick. Fast forward today: I'm balls deep into ss (the rapey kind, like REALLY rapey) and I feel guilty for having this fetish. Sometimes I'll swear I'll stop fapping to ss but I eventually relapse.

I totally sympathize with you bro. It feels fokin bad man.

Anonymous 19/06/13(Thu)17:42 No. 33130 ID: beb9c6

I haven't been here in a year, that's about average for me. I jerk off to anything straight really, vary it up greatly. Favorite genre is amateur and I make my own stuff. Hentai is okay in general, but like I said I'm a dabbler. I partake in more loli than shota stuff by a factor of probably 2 or 3x, maybe just because its more common. No real specific genre tastes, just anything hot.

-22 year old male, US
p.s Show tits thanks


Anonymous 19/07/11(Thu)09:17 No. 33174 ID: 515f68

I can't believe it took me so long to find a place like this.

25yo, male

I have 2 twin cousins that are 5 years older than me, and both of the girls used to play with me when I was very young. The age difference is not that much nowadays, but it felt like it was huge when I was around 3 to 7. There was nothing sexual in the way they used to play with me, but they did make me their toy. They would pull me around, hug me, grab me and make me do stuff. They treated me good but it was also kinda assertive. And I was fine with that. I suppose my brain subconsciously recorded that being an older girl's toy means pleasure. My self insertion as a shota in ss stories might also be related to the fact that I have a hard time picturing myself as an adult – if it were possible to print from my brain the image I have of myself, ~15yo me is what would be shown.

Also at my twin cousins fault might be my preference for ffm action. A few shota mmf illustrations have caught my attention, but I've never masturbated to any.

I will also blame my cousins for my twins fetish, which is sadly hard to find. Sometimes I have to look for tags like "clones" or "selfcest" to find something similar.

I usually prefer tall and thicc girls, but when I'm feeling more assertive, I look for oppai loli or small, adult pettanko. But I always end up in doujins where the girls are more dominant anyway lmao

Anonymous 19/11/03(Sun)16:51 No. 33409 ID: 2b3660

I’m a guy in my early 20s.

I can definitely chase the reason why I like it back to my childhood. I grew up in a somewhat isolated place and the person who was closest to my own age and whom I saw on a regular basis was a girl who was 6 years older than me. I hung out with her a lot and got homeschooled together with her briefly. Obviously I started to have a crush on her. We never had actual sex, but we saw each other naked a ton of times, to the point that she once told that I didn't have to cover myself up because she had already sort of gotten used to it. She also told me what sex was, although parts of her explanation were a bit silly.

Anonymous 19/11/13(Wed)22:28 No. 33428 ID: a040bc

Would you ever consider participating in a real straight shota scenario? or is it only attractive to you when its animated? sorry if this is an odd question, I'm just a curious boyo

Anonymous 19/11/13(Wed)22:34 No. 33429 ID: 6a22f3

Also, I'm a young guy (19 but I look 16 ;-;)and I'm small like a shota so I can relate to them a lot more I guess, I love straight shota cuz its so comfy and wholesome

Anonymous 19/11/14(Thu)07:57 No. 33433 ID: 94471d

Hey >>33428, >>33174 here.

You bet, since I first started actually understanding the concept of sex I've wanted to be molested by an older girl. Specifically being abused because I learned that having sex before marriage is not a good thing, so my line of thought was "if I'm forced to do it, then it's not my fault, therefore there's no guilt". To this day I still prefer dominating and assertive girls lmao

Good thing ss art exists, because it never happened to me in real life. I eventually did get touched by an old man, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't counts.

Anonymous 19/12/25(Wed)11:27 No. 33535 ID: 513638

Female, I read SS for the shota. But I mostly like it when the female is tall and confident

I can't get into tall domineering guys, so shotas are the best! They're cute and small! I half read hentai to insert myself fawning over them. It doesn't even have to R-18, I just want to see them being loved. intensely

But I'm a semi sadist so I don't actually mind if they get hurt in the process

Anonymous 20/01/01(Wed)02:47 No. 33554 ID: bf30c0

Bet you'd love my story regarding my Aunt Betty (Posted in SS area) She was a very confident woman.

Anonymous 20/01/04(Sat)16:09 No. 33567 ID: 9ec9c3

You’re fucking retarded. Dominating shotas are great. For example I’m a fucking pedo and so why would I want to see a shota with an ADULT WOMAN if not for the fucking domination? I wanna see the slut fucking degrade herself by even allowing herself to fuck a teenage boy, letting herself get rekt and boy handled. That’s hot. That’s also why women fucking dogs are hot. Go fuck yourself you fucking pansy ass faggot

Anonymous 20/01/09(Thu)07:20 No. 33584 ID: dadb74

>>33174 here again with an update

Been seeing a therapist for a few months now, and turns out Oedipus is relevant to one's sexuality even if you're not into mom-son incest fetish. Apparently I like shota stories with assertive girls because my mother is an authoritarian woman who treats me like a child. Now my favorite fetish is ruined. Fuck Sophocles, fuck Oedipus and fuck my therapist. And fuck hentai artists for drawing thousands of mom-son incest and not enough twin cousins with a shota (maybe too specific, but that's what I really need right now).

Anonymous 20/01/10(Fri)08:56 No. 33588 ID: 1144cd

27 - Female here

I'm heavily and shamefully into shotadom.. I'm even into that unrealistic package size though of course, many other ss people dislike which is understandable.

( Warning really long story telling here.. )

The way I got here is an extremely weird story..I honestly think I was corrupted for those who don't believe in the occult it sounds stupid I know. Basically I never was into 2d shotas mostly bishonen guys with long hair for anime crushes at least..I moved into my mom's house after my father passed away and during that time in that house I had constant nightmares and many things that couldn't be explained mostly just the feeling someone watching me when no one is there in the room. My nightmares were very intense and very vivid and terrible I would wake up sweating and having the most terrible feeling ever physically. Occasionally I had sexual nightmares that were vivid and realistic and would legit have me waking up in orgasms. It was always the same partner in the dream, a younger boy very demonic with horns tail..And well a very unrealistic package. I did not enjoy these dreams at first. The very first one I had started being friends with the little boy whom seemed very human and normal he told me in the dream he couldn't move from here and was alone, some point in the dream I try to leave and this is when he completely changes form and physically assaults me telling me he refuses to let me leave because now I was his.. It became sexual very fast though I struggle I can't do anything and eventually he fucks me and I do not enjoy it was more of a nightmare but the pleasure felt real and the pain did aswell.At this point I DIDN'T Even know SS was a fucking thing.. I felt disgusted and kept hoping I wouldn't dream that again. But anytime I felt horny..I would have a similar dream but it would be more fucked up and this demon boy would seriously fuck me like crazy..And in horrible situations at some point in the dream he was fucking me in front of someone dying or being beheaded ?? And I couldn't do anything at this point I was literally being mindfucked it was very intense pleasure but the shame was so intense as well that fucking boy would constantly say I was his and the words mine and things like that.. And degrade me beyond I can even put into words.. I spoke to no one about this I eventually found out about SS ( God forbids I'm probably gonig to hell.. ) And yeah that sure didn't help..We eventually moved from that house and even my last night there I had no dreams at all strange enough and it left me almost not wanting to leave but we had to because we were moving from that house that we rented.. Ever since then in the house I live now I have not a single dream like that, my nightmares and paranormal activity issues are gone as well.. I can finally sleep in peace but I can't admit enough HOW much I am messed up.. I'm only able to find sexual relief in SS and in ones with Domshota..Those dreams I long for again, as much as fucked up as they were the pleasure was so intense that my dignity as a woman and even my religion..get thrown out the window so fast..Maybe because I'm a single woman who lives very modestly and hasn't had sex for all these years.. But yeah.. I can promise you as much as this sounds UNREALISTIC. It really happened to me.. And now I'm majorly into demon shotas.. I'm not interested in real kids though sorry, Not into that. For me it truly is only 2D.. And thus I became a shameless shotacon..

Anonymous 20/01/10(Fri)10:39 No. 33589 ID: fbefe7

30 - M
I was molested as a child by my older female teenage cousins. I guess I never got over it

Anonymous 20/01/19(Sun)00:17 No. 33599 ID: 515312

File 157938945352.jpg - (541.32KB , 1400x1011 , 5105d179c7d80d8757b1aca1bdccab96.jpg )

Male, 28y/o.

I have a huge fetish for /ss/ but the reasoning is actually quite a tame story, I'd say.

In complete honesty, I've been masturbating since age 4. I have memory of doing it as early as a 6 year old, but my mother had told me about catching me playing with myself when I was 4 and the way she described it (me laying face down against the bed or sofa, with both my hands in my pants)sounds exactly how I remember doing it for a long time as a kid.

I cannot recall how, but I've had a basic understanding and interest in sex since that same age period of 4-6. Like with masturbation, age 6 is my earliest recollection of fantasizing about naked girls and penises (yes, I have been somewhat bisexual since a very young age, the rest of the male body does not turn me on, only the penis. I am on the fence about being on the fence, lol). Again, I have well and truly zero idea of how these topics and concepts came to me at that age, but they did. I know that I slept with my parents and they'd on occasion have sex late at night when they thought I'd be sleeping, but that was under their cover and I already understood what was happening even then. My guess is that growing up in Hungary, we just had a lot of porn magazines, they were quite common place in most households back then as I understand. I must have managed to get my hands on one and get a very early lesson on the birds and the bees.

How this is relevant to my huge /ss/ fetish? Simple. As a kid, I've always had a desire to have sex with adult women as a result of my early knowledge of sex. Nothing ever happened, at most I got one or two sightings of a milf's naked breasts , as well as walking in on my naked cousin once in our bathroom, but that's as lucky as I got. I wasn't "taken advantage of" by anyone as a child, much to my chagrin lol.

The idea never left me, and as I discovered shota material, it instantly reminded me of being young, innocent and desiring to be given the "gift of sex" by an adult, the desire to have my inexperienced kid mind blown away by being shown the female body. I also had a desire to have that happen with my mother. I even had the courage to tell her when I was 15, which she of course turned down but she was really nice and didn't think badly of it, just told me to avoid sex until I'd become an adult and that she was fine with me masturbating to stuff on the internet as long as I don't ruin the family computer and I do it in private.

So that's really all there is to it. Nothing climactic. I also don't really enjoy what non-sensual, "masculine" approach to porn. /ss/ is just inherently erotic and intense, even at it's most smuttiest, femdom-est, so that helps.

Kyle 20/01/20(Mon)06:07 No. 33603 ID: c41034

I'm a trans guy and I like shota bc I like seeing someone else who looks young and has a tiny penis being with an adult, especially dominated because i'm quite submissive.

Anonymous 20/01/21(Tue)21:54 No. 33604 ID: 54100f

That's interesting. FTM trans, right? I never thought of /ss/ from that perspective. No homo, but how big is your clit, dawg?

I think the vast majority of men grew up fantasizing about older women. Because it's not like Playboy mags had 'girls' our age in them. That's why I'll never understand guys who *aren't* into /ss/. It's like, dude, how much of a late bloomer were you to not drool over the idea of fucking a grown woman as a kid?

Anonymous 20/01/22(Wed)03:58 No. 33605 ID: b27215

i'm fucking 30 now
started into straight shota when i was 17 and just got hooked up into the thing without knowing why

god knows why, maybe my psychiatrist will know someday

btw, i'm currently gay. Currently

Anonymous 20/05/04(Mon)13:56 No. 33814 ID: 3d6d71

File 158859338532.png - (816.92KB , 850x1200 , 3398401.png )

Male, 33 here. I'm not into SS for really any of the reasons most people are here. I'm primarily into boys, so this makes me into shotas. For that, I don't care too much who or what a shota is having sex with, so long as he's sexually enjoying himself. Another boy, a man, a woman, a girl, a dog, his own hand. It's whatever.

Of course, being into kids means I like it best if it's shota/loli, which is rare as hen's teeth, especially outside a gang-bang (girl gets fucked by several boys who are all her friends) scenario. I like it best when both parties are totally sexually inexperienced and learn together as a couple; and since I also like realism, it makes shota and loli a physical as well as metaphorical "perfect fit". Shota with a woman is hotdog-down-a-hallway status, and of course no adult man can fit inside a loli's 3" pussy.

Over time, I've gone from only being into shota/shota (especially concerning self-insert fantasies) and accepting more and more the possibility of young SS, especially the last few years. I'd like to say this was as a result of some grand philosophical awakening or deep introspective into myself... but it was literally just from reading Made in Abyss. So many lolis to imagine playing with! They come in every variety, too: prepubescent, pubescent, oppai, girly, tomboyish, light skinned, dark skinned, even a couple furry ones if you're into that. And all of them with their own personal tragedies to give them a need for love and comfort, often surrounded by vulnerable and clueless cute shotas, and frequently drawn suggestive/lewd because the author is an actual pedo. It's a goddamn SS paradise if you like that sort of thing.

There is, of course, a level of longing from my own childhood. A regret at chances not taken. It's kinda ironic that I was completely 100% gay as a little kid, and comfortable with that exclusivity, and now in my 30's its started to blur, at least in terms of impossible self-insert fantasy.

Between the ages of 10-12 I DID have a few chances to get into the pants of a girl that age. One comes immediately to mind: she once wanted to do a role-play as Jack and Rose from Titanic, but I simply wasn't interested in doing more than being friends (she later hooked up with a boy from down the street and word had it they fucked; funny thing, I got in his pants before she did, haha!). And while I certainly don't have any interest in sex with an adult woman... well, assuming some bizarre fantasyland where I'm turned back into a little boy, I wouldn't pass up the chance to tap some loli ass, so to speak. Not anymore.

Really, it seems I'm still a little bit in that "homosexual" mode when it comes to sex. Always, the most important thing about it is equality of the partners. Neither has more experience, neither is any more in control, neither is more physically or emotionally developed. For me, sex ceases to be sex when it's not about love and mutual fulfillment, and instead becomes a power struggle to be exploited.

Explains why I'm all by myself over here.

Anonymous 20/05/18(Mon)09:19 No. 33879 ID: aace00

Male, 24 personally as most people have discussed, I prefer more of the cute side of it. Seeing as how I never had sex (due to my belief) I have some sort of innocent/pure side and have that mentality of a child to represent my innocence. I honestly don't know how to explain it. I got into it when I was 19 and since then I've just been addicted to it.

Anonymous 20/05/19(Tue)23:46 No. 33885 ID: 9cf50e

Male, 21.

I got into porn at a very young age, since the internet was like a third parent for me. I started with regular porn, then hentai, and then seeing anime boys my age being subjected to stuff like that. I was instantly hooked, almost a decade later and I'm still wishing I was a little boy making love to an older girl or woman.

Anonymous 20/05/21(Thu)02:47 No. 33892 ID: 459ea7


whats SS ?>>29760

Anonymous 20/06/18(Thu)20:42 No. 34065 ID: 9bc920

Male, 23

I got molested by a babysitter several times while growing up.

What I find hot is the fact that this supposedly normal female corrupts herself with a kid, almost always unwittingly. Sure, there's some self insertion but that's what ultimately gets me off.

If anything, my favorite kind of smut, doujin or written, is the kind that calls attention to how unnatural it is. The realization that she's a pedophile, that she's willing to ruin her life for some predatory need and that now her moral compass is non-existent.

Anonymous 20/06/21(Sun)18:56 No. 34073 ID: c3c6fc

This thread's fucking fascinating to read though. Rough to hear how many guys were abused as kids and ended up in /ss/. It's gotta leave a mark. Good on you all for coping your own way.

M28. My entire fetish is for being wanted. When I was little I was shy, but way too horny. Crushes on babysitters, older friends, etc. I like the concept of amorous and capable women taking the initiative to take what they want. But it's gentle. Most femdom/reverse rape stuff doesn't do it cause it isn't affectionate enough, but with ss doujins there's usually an element of... being cared for, I guess? Maybe that makes me sound passive and weak, but fuck is it hard to find affectionate porn.

Plus, it might be weird but I'm into blowjobs with small dicks. Especially cause I'm reasonably endowed (8in+), but it's just like more can happen to a tiny one. Never been able to have my entire wiener in someone's mouth and it looks like it would feel incredible.

Anonymous 20/07/01(Wed)12:05 No. 34119 ID: b6cc4d

File 159359791551.jpg - (32.90KB , 350x400 , 5e91477b8ac74ccbc20262ccaabe7fae.jpg )

M24 here. This was among the first hentai pics I ever stumbled onto as a young kid (maybe like 10 or 11) and having always been interested in women and tits for as long as I could remember it was awesome seeing kids my age or younger getting action with large breasted women. It almost made it seem like it was achievable, haha.

That's really it, I've always just been horny. One of my first crushes as a young kid was a girl probably aged 14-16 too, so I thought about that lot.

Anonymous 20/07/02(Thu)06:07 No. 34123 ID: 950313

39 Male, married. I'd love see my wife (35 fucked in real life by a shota boy

Anonymous 20/07/14(Tue)05:36 No. 34192 ID: c104d9

male, 30s. when i was real little, used to crush really easily on older girls and women: babysitters, cousins, teachers, etc. and parents had to sit me down and explain that wasn't appropriate. then when i was about 9 i watched a friend get molested by his older bro's girlfriend (13-14-ish). never told anyone, he probably didn't either i guess cause i never heard about it again. but soon after that i developed fantasies/nightmares about being raped by women and giving in and letting them rape me while i enjoyed it. i'm into any number of ss type scenarios but i figure that's where it comes from.

...sucks shit man :(

Re Ssjsgjsjsjsjds 20/07/23(Thu)01:04 No. 34275 ID: 42ab77


I got into SS recently these past few years. For clarity, I'm autistic and I have a high sex drive and I can't control craving sex. When I was younger I never told my family or therapists I was raped by an older woman(23) repeatedly when I rode my bike. She lured me into her house, did the deed and blackmailed me. Eventually she moved. That's when I got into hentai. Throughout the years I loved hentai and still do! But something dark awoke in my tastes in 2018. I started viewing SS when i saw it pop up while looking for hentai and i loved the idea of being helplessly dominated by an older woman. I usually like Reverse Rape and Missionary position and I like the romance factor too where the girl comforts the boy lovingly while leg locking, I never had any interest in children and I can interact with them just fine, but I prefer 2D and 3D. I don't think I'm a pedophile and I've sought out mental help and they say the same thing, but I hate every fiber of my being for liking it but I can't help myself. I've always hated myself since I was raped by that woman.

Anonymous 20/07/26(Sun)01:58 No. 34297 ID: 70ed95

Got a question for you guys who were abused by a woman when you were kids. Since I was 14 I've wanted to have sex with an older woman.

Recently in the competitive Super Smash Bros community, a guy came out exposing a girl (24 at the time) that had intimate relations with him when he was 14. Even though he described the events as something he wishes it had not happened, he got a few replies from guys calling him lucky. I'll admit I envied his situation as well, but I was sensitive enough to keep it to myself.

Not many women are exposed for situations like that, I don't know if it's because it does happens less often or if it's because boys are "taught" they should be proud in the occasion that happens. So much that, well, here I am wishing I was in that guy's place.

I want to know how you, having gone through that, actually feel about it. How bad was it? Or maybe it felt good at the time, but turned into a traumatic experience after you grew older? How did it affect your life? What do you think about guys that wish it had happened to them? Or maybe it was a nice experience and you actually miss it?

If you think I shouldn't be asking these stuff, just tell me and I'll erase this post, but I'm really just curious about how much ss fantasy differs from actual reality. I used to think people who went through that and had bad memories from it wouldn't be interested in ss art, I'm surprised I was wrong. If you think these questions were actually relevant, should I turn this into its own thread?

Anonymous 20/07/31(Fri)07:35 No. 34332 ID: 336722

Female, anywhere from 16 to early 20s.

I just like pretty boy types. Most guys in hentai are plain-looking, or even ugly. Only yaoi and shota content seem to have attractive males.
I prefer if they're dominant (and have bigger dicks than expected), though. I really like the concept of someone cute also being extremely morally twisted and sadistic. Innocent faces with dark intentions are the best.
It might have a small bit to do with the fact that I was bullied by boys most often when I was little, and that I tend to distrust males in general.

I did have a boyfriend get me to work with his gentle femdom kink, so I'm not repulsed by the innocence and affection aspects, I just find myself preferring the opposite. I self-insert on either the boy or the woman, depending on my mood.

Anonymous 20/07/31(Fri)07:37 No. 34333 ID: 336722

Thank you for sharing this, anon. I wish I had dreams that vivid and sexual.

Anonymous 20/08/03(Mon)06:32 No. 34357 ID: de81c3

File 159642917118.jpg - (96.77KB , 757x800 , 3a0747425863cb1b610cdda47b503263.jpg )


It wasn't nice, really it was a form of bullying. It gave me hangups about sex which persist to this day. I am still lonelier and colder because of it and to top it off now I hate myself for fapping to cartoon CP.

anonymous 20/08/05(Wed)00:09 No. 34365 ID: f5d83a

Male 52.

I have enjoyed reading the entries on this thread. It makes me feel less lonely. I grew up as a normal kid I guess, except for I was always very shy and never had the courage to approach a girl unless she took the initiative first, and even so in most cases I ended up turning down her advances. For some reason I became a terribly insecure person and started seeing women as powerful and intimidating beings. I was fascinated by my older sister's girlfriends wearing short miniskirts, not worried about flashing their thighs in front of me, but at the same time I was afraid of them. At some point I developed a strong fetish for women with naturally muscular legs. That's why I identify with the work of this artist.

I became obsessed with fantasies of little innocent boys treated as sexual toys, at the service of uninhibited and sexually aggressive women who are willing to go beyond the line of what is appropriate. Since then my entire life has been ups and downs. Sometimes I surrender to irresistible urges to look at /ss/ hentai art, which certainly gives me pleasure, but other times I fall into depression and I can't seem to find a way out. I wish I could find someone I can trust to speak about everything. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous 20/08/05(Wed)21:55 No. 34373 ID: 82cf14


It was nice at the moment. It's just that in hindsight you notice how you were just a toy or something to take advantage from. They didn't loved you and you didn't knew any better.

Anonymous 20/08/09(Sun)08:01 No. 34412 ID: 644d8c


It is really a confusing thing. She is mainly in a position of power over you. The earlier that it happens the more you are introduced to things you shouldn´t have at such as small age.

She may teach you to like it and keep it a secret. Society will tell you that you were lucky.

But it really screws you up. You may end up in places like this, looking at the images as a way to confront it. Or when you´re having sex, it will all flood back into your mind and think if this is how it felt back when it happened to you when you were little.

Anyway, one day you will simply find out that you were just used as sex toy for her pleasure, and all you learned was how to please her.

Anonymous 20/08/09(Sun)08:21 No. 34413 ID: 644d8c


I forgot, it also introduces you to things in a way you shouldn´t have been. As a small child, for example, you start looking at women in a different way.

As a small child, you start oggling at their bodies, and know something children should not. What to do with their body parts. Your mind at a small age is now machinating what the woman wearing tight clothes or jeans that just passed you by on the street would do with you, if she was given a time alone with you.

You may sometimes think that all womenn do what your abuser does to you, and expect that any woman that is with you alone or visits your home will come over to you in a few minutes and have sex with you. So, when another woman is around, you just sit and wait or go to your bed and wait... then nothing happens.

You start looking at women sexually at a small age, and even a small TV or magazine ad showing a woman in a swimsuit or wearing pantyhose in innocent ads immediately kicks into your mind what you can do with a naked woman, mainly thinking of your abuser.

Many consider the experience of having sex as a small child (3-10 years old) with an adult woman a lucky thing but it really actually screws a lot with your mind, because your eyes were opened to things they shouldn´t have just yet, and you don´t know any better.

Again, one day you just realized that you were merely a sex toy. Nothing more.

29760 Anonymous 20/08/09(Sun)16:08 No. 34431 ID: 98d14c

Male, 27.
To me is the idea of an older woman "corrupting" the innoence of a younger boy with her lust.
Also the idea of an older woman tendering, teaching and nurturing the younger boy.
These things turn me on.
So I might say that my gender affects that kink because I often imagine myself switching places with the younger boy and I find that hot.
I do read other genres as well, like futa, loli and gender swap. I'm not much into yaoi, only rarely read it depending on how attractive are the drawings and themes.

Anonymous 20/12/18(Fri)21:08 No. 35015 ID: f51b98

Its bc boys are seen as ugly dogs to be thrown a bone once in a while. Boys arent appreciated the way girls are. Girls are fawned over their physical beauty and cutesy gestures. Its bc of this why so many men nowadays seek comfort in meme ideologies.

Anonymous 20/12/18(Fri)21:15 No. 35016 ID: f51b98

Although I love ass amd titties as much as the next guy, the ss Im into is the more gentle affection type. I think most straight shota makes boys out to be "lucky losers" instead of adorable beings to be treasured.
Ironically, classic shota media focuses more on the personal aspects and relationships of the characters.

Anonymous 20/12/21(Mon)06:03 No. 35024 ID: e08dd8

The vast majority of SS is by straight women for straight women. It's self-insert power fantasy that lets them have sex with a "man" who is physically and emotionally weaker than they are, something very unlikely to happen in reality. If it had anything to do with the boy, they wouldn't always have 10" dicks.

Anonymous 20/12/22(Tue)23:08 No. 35029 ID: b1286d

Do you or anyone know any ways to meet these kinds of women for roleplay?

Anonymous 20/12/23(Wed)02:41 No. 35030 ID: ba24b4

IDK why theres so much hubbub over shota yet loli is greenlighted.
Shota has sex with milf?
"That encourages rape/arrested development"
Loli has sex with dilf?
"Damn she's wolf pup in sheep's clothing!"

Anonymous 20/12/23(Wed)23:34 No. 35033 ID: a6e956

Loli is a meme. This is the complete opposite for how it is in reality though.

Anonymous 20/12/25(Fri)06:23 No. 35035 ID: a8547e

22 female here and I'm not gonna lie ss is all I can think about most days. I love to see a woman with a nurturing caring personality. Honestly preferably mother but I know not everyone is into incest and I like to see the boys very young and innocent and cute that are shy. Idk the thought of taking my own little son and teaching him to be pleasured from a very young age (use your imagination hehe). Obviously I like the realistic proportions and I get even more wet when it look like me fucking his cute little cock.

Anonymous 20/12/26(Sat)22:15 No. 35040 ID: 854d15

29 male here - I got into SS slowly, over time. The initial trigger i think was at 10 when a girl who was a bit older than me wanted to play with me in "special ways" and we ended up rubbing our genitals curiously.

I also read most of the posts here and I'm wondering if I can connect with any person here somehow. I'm very curious to explore this fantasy further.

Anonymous 20/12/27(Sun)15:23 No. 35044 ID: 645e05

32 male, I've been into ss for a while and I think I may have posted in this thread once. Or was that on 8chan? *shrug*

I'm in it for the women myself. I just have a fascination with seeing women who are willing to cross that line, break the law and hunt down a boy to use as a sex toy. I've written a number of dumb stories about amazons seducing the boy next door, extorting their students or just flat out drugging and raping a kid in a public park.

I've always had a thing for strong women and with me being a 5'2" manlet that still looks 18 (it sucks) I guess I kinda of find it relatable seeing a male who is so vulnerable and stuff. Yet I don't really self insert as the shota, I just like hearing her enjoy herself and observe the thought process going through her head as she does something taboo.

I can get into more gentle motherly themed stuff too though so long as she keeps her authority. I can get submitting to a over eager or inquisitive boy to sate their curiosity or something but after that she should really take charge. shotadom is the stupidest thing ever.

Anonymous 20/12/29(Tue)04:03 No. 35053 ID: 49fb4e

Any of you remember when some lady named Linda B came in here and detailed her supposed experiences? Like fuck, that was an awesome read.

Anonymous 20/12/29(Tue)22:57 No. 35055 ID: c0dcc6

Was probably some dude making up a story, but that does sounds like a fun read. Their posts archived anywhere?

Anonymous 21/01/15(Fri)01:30 No. 35298 ID: 88194b

Since you're talking your opinions on shota dicks (wtf lol), I'll give my perspective. I actually prefer censored hentai because I find genitals gross -- specially penises, since I'm a straight guy. As the most preeminent kind of censorship out there is the useless tiny black bar that censors nothing, I have to be flexible and try to ignore what I don't want to see in order to appreciate some doujins. And it's easier to do that when the artist simply doesn't gives the guy much focus or -- I bet you already guessed it -- when it's a tiny shota dick.

Other reasons would be my size difference kink (shota with adult woman, teenage loli with adult guy), the woman completely engulfing the boy's small thing reinforces the idea.

And also self insertion into the character: it's not that my peepee is tiny, it's the hentai guys' dicks that usually are huge, ugly and I can't identify with them. There's also the fact that I'm usually submissive, so imagining myself having a small, cute and fragile penis is actually kinda nice lmao.

All of that makes me end up skimming through the doujins checking the guys' dicks before actually reading, doing that in order to judge if I'll enjoy the hentai or not, pretty strange for a straight guy if you ask me, lmao.

Anonymous 21/01/15(Fri)21:56 No. 35303 ID: 2563d3

>tiny shota dick
Almost doesn't exist. I guess when most hentai and porn has men with 14" horsecocks, a boy that's supposed to be 10 with 8" is comparatively "small". It would be nice if there were boys in shota that were actually, you know, BOYISH, rather than short submissive midget men with adult sex drives and sexual responses.

Anonymous 21/01/17(Sun)02:57 No. 35306 ID: 1a68de

File 161084867447.png - (256.86KB , 1280x1812 , 4.png )

Male, 28.

I guess, at this point, it has something to do with with me longing for a time that has passed.

I've been interested in sex, and women, for as long as I can remember. I didn't understand I could masturbate until I was 12 years old, but I got erections real early on. I was 5 years old or so when Spice Girls performed in skimpy outfits, or Pamela Anderson ran down the beach in Baywatch, and I got hard. I dreamt of being with naked women, both awake and when sleeping. Girls my own age didn't interest me much - I wanted grown up women, with massive knockers.

I lost my virginity to a girl my own age at 14, and now I have had sex with about 20 women. I never got to have sex with an older woman until a few years ago, and the age difference between us was 24 and 30. That childhood fantasy of being with an older woman never really manifested in real life, but it left its mark on me. I still fantasize about younger me, and how things could have been.

Straight shota is an escape to my childhood fantasies.

Anonymous 21/02/12(Fri)21:19 No. 35411 ID: 13daad

I prefer my shoas to be assertive but not aggressive. I tire of the anti-shotadom attitude that as community has.
Yet these same people see no problem with dominant lolis.

Anonymous 21/03/05(Fri)00:53 No. 35496 ID: ca5c48

what do you mean by same people? What community? I thought we were just a bunch of random people hiding behind anon accounts rambling about stuff we like to do when we're alone lol. We complain about everything we don't like because we don't really have a sense of community, so we just speak our minds out.

But that got me curious, what's our stand on loli hentai? For me, a straight male and ss fan, it's not really my preference, it first has to check a few boxes to maybe get my attention:

[] the girl either can't look too realistic or too young, her anatomy has to be very stylized or of a teenager;
[] she has to be on the dominating role or at least be assertive. In other words, her behavior must resemble more of an adult pretending to be a child rather than of an actual kid;
[] if it's shota with loli, the shota must be smaller than the girl, but shota-loli is generally weird anyway imo;
[] if it's yuri, it's fine. For some reason my sick mind just accepts everything when it comes to girl-on-girl: submissive loli, realistic loli, grown woman on loli, loli on loli etc. As long as there's a girl taking care of her, the loli will be fine (doesn't makes sense to me either, but that's just how my brain operates).

I guess my preference for assertive loli might be related to my preference for submissive shota, and being a submissive guy myself. It also helps distancing the loli character from the image of a real kid, which would be really creepy. Again, loli isn't really my go-to, but when it is, it's more related to "size difference" and "wolf in sheep's clothing" kinks.

Anonymous 21/03/07(Sun)07:36 No. 35501 ID: 9e304b

Lolis are just midget teen girls. Thats all they are.
Also: >In other words, her behavior must resemble more of an adult pretending to be a child rather than of an actual kid;

Youth =/= simplicity,innocence
From personal experience, girls at age seven are making moves.
At thirteen, they've already had been there and done that with guys of their daddy's generation.
Also, adults especially nowadays are more childish than actual kids, especially if they're middle-aged.

oy vey 21/05/01(Sat)19:32 No. 35654 ID: 5eff81

Male here, 27. Really grateful for this thread, because it's something i'd really like to talk about. Long incoming:
My reason for liking /ss/ and really liking /sm/ is simple, even though it really sucks

I was sexually abused by my older sister, starting when I was maybe 3 or 4. I'm not sure when it stopped, but probably by 6 or 7
It fucked me up for real; I wish it hadn't but that's just the way it is.

/sm/ comes into the picture because I had a lot of sexual experiences with mainly one other boy my age when from 11-14, and I discovered shota porn sometime during that timeframe. Obviously, it was amazing to me then that i could see porn that featured *me* instead of an adult, so that type of porn made sense as the most exciting thing possible. But, as i got older, i kept looking at it as i aged way past that point.

Real sex was fine for a while, but like a lot of abuse victims, it got more difficult as trauma stuff started to sink in. I had two longish relationships in high school, but after that, my sex drive started to drop off a lot and my porn use went up. It definitely got worse after a man raped me in my sleep in college, which is not surprising. eventually i stopped wanting to have sex at all and it became the sort of thing where i hooked up with about 1 person a year for the rest of college, and now i haven't had sex since a tinder date i went on in 2018. it's not something i really desire anymore, so that's kinda difficult

I think the shota stuff filled up more and more of the picture as time went on because I really was having terrible feelings about sex in the present, and when i look at shota i'm really trying to put myself back in the days when sex was exciting and novel and innocent, which is one of the only things that feels hot to me. Ironically, i was yearning for the days of what i thought were my "first" sexual experiences, until i eventually learned that i was actually abused and forced into sexual experience many years before that (didn't know that until I was like 21).
I'm doing a lot better now; been in therapy for years and definitely tried to talk to people about the shota thing in any helpful capacity, but it wasn't until i found a therapist who actually specialized in sexual trauma that I got fucking anything out of it (a lot of wasted time and money before that). I joined an incest survivor support group two years ago which was a lifeline; probably would be dead without them

back to shota though, i have been trying to get sober from porn and especially shotacon over the last 2 years. That's been KEY to me recovering actually a fair amount with my mental health, and sexual health as well. There's literally no way i could've gotten as much better as i did without some space away from porn fucking with my head and wrapping me back up in a trauma blanket. I've had some fairly long sober periods, a few that lasted 4 or 5 months, but i've relapsed a couple times, especially in high stress situations. I just moved, and that's turning out to be one. yesterday was the first time in 2021, so i feel a lot of guilt and shame, and now i'm on this board where someone made a blessing of a thread where i can actually talk about what's going on

if anyone read this far, cool, thank you for listening. if not,

TL;DR: older sister abused me when i was 3 or 4, had a long and bumpy sexual history after, found shota at a young age and stuck with it for many years. had some times i didn't look at it though, and that's been good for me

Anonymous 21/05/06(Thu)06:28 No. 35666 ID: 00ac8d

>until i eventually learned that i was actually abused and forced into sexual experience many years before that (didn't know that until I was like 21)
How did this happen? Did you sister (or someone else who knew it was happening) suddenly decide to tell you? And how can you POSSIBLY be traumatized by something that you have no memory of...?

Anonymous 21/05/10(Mon)16:34 No. 35698 ID: f3d026

I'm pretty sure Oy Vey meant that at first he thought of his experience with his sister at age 3-7 was his first "sexual experience," but later realized that it wasn't so much a sexual experience as it was "abuse."

I guess it would be like a 12-year-old sharing with you what he called his first sexual experience and then telling you that he was punched in the dick. You might tell him that even though that involved someone else touching his privates, that was abuse. Or if someone was raped as a child and as they went through therapy they realized that the most dominant psychological effect of the rape was not sex but abuse.

If I'm interpreting Oy Vey correctly, he wasn't saying he didn't remember; he said he eventually framed the experience not as sex but as abuse. Oy Vey, am I understanding you?

Anonymous 21/05/11(Tue)17:22 No. 35708 ID: de58e1

Mid 20’s transguy, it’s funny to see I’m not the only one here. My first exposure to getting off to shota was only last year when I saw a hentai where this young boy was being shown sexuality for the first time by two busty fox girls, I was hooked on his innocence and my ability to relate to him. I didn’t find this board until a couple months ago though and I’ve been hooked. I’ve scoured it and seen everything, I wish there was more but I also feel really guilty about it… The thought of seeing real cp or doing these things to anyone irl now as an adult makes me sick though. Funny how the brain works.

For me I really like inserting myself as the innocent boy. I can get off to loli sometimes I guess but I just don’t find them as relatable as I used to, small dicks are also just really cute to me. I want to put them in my mouth lol. I really relate to what the other trans dude said about relating to the small dick (I’m a few years on T now and I can get as big as an inch and a half, which feels great to me), I really don’t like it when their dicks are any bigger than what’s realistic for their age and to be honest I did really like that thread about really young shota. The innocence of the really small boys getting lovingly played with by any woman is great. I don’t like when the shota is aggressive, and I only like the woman being softly aggressive if ever, gently but firmly proceeding even if he resists. The boy following his pure instincts for pleasure and her allowing her body for him to do that while also really getting off to it are really hot and really sweet. It almost feels loving to me. But also I love pure animal instincts with no societal pressures. The thing I really love the most is kid on kid though. I really loved boku no pico episode two. Two kids together is a really hot self insert for me, even more than a shota and an adult.

Like most other people in this thread I’ve got a fair bit of childhood sexual history. Growing up my parents would get together with their friends and everyone would bring their kids and I was the only girl. The boys all had this obsessive fascination with me and would tease me but also tried to see me naked a lot, especially they would try to peek at me when I was going to the bathroom or getting changed. There was one boy though who was agreed to be my “husband” and we kissed a lot, often genuinely making out, starting when I was about 5 maybe and he was 6 but it went on until we were 11 and 12 I think. My mind is blurry. It was a common problem for our parents because they would catch us making out a lot and try to pull us apart, but they also thought it was funny and would joke about us getting married when we were older, that didn’t happen. The only time I can remember any genitals involved is once when he pulled me behind a bush and asked me to show him my vagina because he said his friends saw one before. I resisted a little but I showed him and his mom caught us like a few seconds after and pulled him away. There was probably more genital times but I can’t remember.

I also just always had a fascination with my genitals, not necessarily sexual. My parents tried to be body conscious I think so talking about our private parts was normal but I think for me it just became too much? I was always trying to clean myself and would scrape any skin build up off and my parents would sniff my fingers and yell at me for it. I once even showed my younger brother my vagina pulled open before a bath one time… I don’t know if he remembers that. I drew naked people a lot and at age 7 or 8 started drawing really graphic depictions of bdsm sex in my diary, with realistic penises and vaginas. I probably learned what a full grown penis was from seeing my dad’s, and I think I knew what sex was because I would listen to my parents do it a lot through the walls (and get off to it) or see it in movies we would watch together for some reason but I don’t know where I learned about bdsm that early and it kind of freaks me out. Maybe there are some repressed sexual memories in here or maybe I was just instinctively into that due to the physical abuse I faced from my parents also, who knows. I can also remember masturbating often with my girl neighbor when we went swimming at around 8 also, secretly taking off our bathing suit bottoms and rubbing ourselves on the bouys in the deeper water. It was really fun honestly.

Since my sexual awakening was really early, I started giving head and handjobs to boys at 12, and had my first lesbian experience at 13. Then officially “lost my virginity” at 13 also. I was a huge slut for a couple years because I think it made me feel like I had power over my body (and also it was fun) but then I got violently raped on a family vacation by some boy I met who was only a year older than me and stopped having sex entirely for a few years. Shit’s weird

Anyway thanks for reading my disjointed storytelling if you did. And if you got off to any part of it that’s cool and you’re welcome ;*

Anonymous 21/06/03(Thu)13:55 No. 35819 ID: d32ded

Vtuber enthusiast here, i'm 20 grand in debt for vtubers. Please watch vsauce on youtube so i can make my money back.

Anonymous 21/06/08(Tue)23:51 No. 35826 ID: 225de8

File 162318906333.jpg - (280.92KB , 976x1000 , oie_ss3swwXXyFpd.jpg )

28-male. I like other porn as well not just shota.

I have to admit that I am one of those shotadom liking heretics. The rapey kind as well. I find the idea of a grown woman being at the mercy of little kids who use her to explore the female body and become "men" very hot. And the degradation of being used and pleasured like that by the last people on earth she would expect or want it from. Although I do find that it kills it for me when the reason they dominate her is "unrealistic", like a 10 year old that can pin a grown woman to the ground for some reason.

As for the reason, I don't know.
I was fantasizing about girls as well as grown women since I was 8(my teachers, classmate's moms, milfs on tv etc), many of those fantasies not consensual. And of course since I was a little kid I fantasized that those women were fucked by little kid me. I guess those fantasies just never left, mixing with the rest.
Kids are by definition socially inept, lacking in empathy, hormones on legs that don't really comprehend their actions. Its not strange to think that if they actually find a grown woman in a compromised position they would take advantage without thinking of her or the consequences.

Anonymous 21/06/09(Wed)17:51 No. 35830 ID: 6013ce

>Kids are by definition socially inept, lacking in empathy, hormones on legs that don't really comprehend their actions. Its not strange to think that if they actually find a grown woman in a compromised position they would take advantage without thinking of her or the consequences.

That's just absolutely wrong. Yes kids don't understand consequences,(to carrtain degree), but to say they're apathetic asocial animals is taking it too far.

In fact, kids who do such "inept" things mostly knew what they were doing.

Kids aren't as unconscious as you think. That's something made up by adults as a defense mechanism against kids who're onto them.

Anonymous 21/06/09(Wed)17:53 No. 35831 ID: 6013ce

Another thing I don't understand, why the hate for shotadom?
Shotas are always being used and abused by old men and women yet you guys see nothing wrong with it. Lolis can be domineers of the bedroom yet you guys see nothing wrong with it.

Anonymous 21/06/10(Thu)23:03 No. 35833 ID: ee598c

Maybe I phrazed it wrong. I didn't mean that they are totaly unconscious. I meant that they are socialy and mentally underdeveloped(which is why it is important that they socialize and play with other kids) and because of their changing bodies they are often at the mercy of their hormones.

Anonymous 21/06/11(Fri)04:10 No. 35834 ID: d19a66

At the mercy of hormones?
Not exactly. More like their emotions.

Besides, why is youth sexuality demonized yet adult sexuality isn't?
You think that bc kids develop libido that they're automatically imminent rapists?
By that logic, adults are too.

Also, kids aren't inherently innocent anyway. They have worldy drives for money and sex, but adults demonize said drives.
Adults for some weird reason have a dichotomous impression of youth. Children aren't allowed to have worldly, complex thoughts and still be good.

Anonymous 21/06/11(Fri)04:16 No. 35835 ID: d19a66

Another thing, adults are paradoxical about children's sociality.
They think kids whom are socially endowed are shallow trendsheep, yet kids whom are content being alone are branded as sociopaths.
Yet, adults whom are social are seen as "looking out for others", while reclusive adults are seen as reserved.

Anonymous 21/06/11(Fri)06:21 No. 35836 ID: ca3ca9

For some weird reason,people love rough femdom, tentacle rape and lolidom, but shotadom is an absolute no-go.

Anonymous 21/07/14(Wed)17:31 No. 35867 ID: 404a01

23yo male. Back in kindergarten I got "molested" by a group of older girls. They thought I was cute, so they held me down, undressed me and kissed me all over. I did not develop any kind of loli fetish (thank god), but ss gets me going crazy hard. I'm glad a relatively harmless ss fetish is the worst I got out of the situation

Anonymous 21/07/19(Mon)12:41 No. 35872 ID: 724063

lemme smash

Anonymous 21/07/29(Thu)05:56 No. 35881 ID: 116f45

Male 21.
The dynamic between the much more mature woman and the young innocent boy is the main turn on for me.
I'm not a pedophile, I don't find young boys or girls attractive on their own.
Like some other people in this thread, I had sexual contact with an older woman as a preteen. It probably didn't help that I was raised by a single mom. My only authority figures during my developmental years were older women, and one of them had sex with me.
It was my mother's best friend who moved in with us after a nasty divorce. Being a housewife, it took a good while for her to get a job so we spent a lot of time together and she took a sexual interest in me.
Unlike some in this thread, I don't have any negative feelings attached to the situation. As an adult, I understand it wasn't good and could have been damaging, but the only lasting effect for me has been in my sexual fantasies.

I liked making someone I looked up to feel good, I liked that she trusted me enough, I liked the mix of shame and lust she had. These are all now things I seek from SS.

As for other forms of hentai, I rarely consume it. This is my only fantasy that cannot or shouldn't be done with real people, and I generally prefer that over drawn stuff.

Rohit 22/04/30(Sat)22:24 No. 36904 ID: 295d2f


Anonymous 22/05/14(Sat)12:45 No. 36909 ID: f97828

idk, I just like kids

Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)23:40 No. 36911 ID: 3837e1

Male, 35.

I was raped by my sister as a kid, and well I'm obsessed with incest and age-play now. It's so hard to find a woman who is also into incest/age-play and wants to have kids, I met a 18 year old from Vancouver on Ok Cupid in 2017, but I chickened out.

For me it's about the experience of opening up a new world of experience with someone you trust completely, exploring that world until both of your borders dissolve and you know one another inside and out as well as you know yourself, and then bringing new people into the life.

It's like there's a hidden world just under the surface of reality, and you can live there with those you love, but no one else would understand so you have to keep it in the family.

Anonymous 22/07/15(Fri)06:08 No. 36950 ID: e33f29

Sexually or in a parental way?
I find it funny that people saying I love dogs is considered healthy but saying I love kids automatically means pedophilia.

People justify violence and gore but criminalsise sex. People think fictional kids being in romantic situations is child porn and exploitation.
Yet, these same people think kids being blown up or tortured in fiction isn't abuse.

horny12yearold 22/08/27(Sat)20:18 No. 36963 ID: a0a584

Im very horny

Anonymous 22/08/29(Mon)08:16 No. 36966 ID: a0fdb6

I wanna read this

Anonymous 22/09/23(Fri)01:15 No. 36984 ID: 533945

Im a dude and for me its the idea of me being the ss dominating an older women. The ss has to have a huge cock tho. If they dont and instead have a kid penis its gross to me. I like the taboo of it but the kid aspect only works if the kid is dominant. If he isnt then I dont like it because then its like a actual child which I find awful.

Anonymous 22/09/23(Fri)01:17 No. 36985 ID: 533945

On top of that I like shortstacks but again only cuz of the ass and tidies portion of it. Like female dwarfs from fantasy. Actual lolis do nothing for me.


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