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Vanished tg YippySkippy 18/08/30(Thu)03:11 No. 131383

File 153559149582.jpg - (93.08KB , 720x718 , 40313226_2229451513749993_8069763419084947456_n.jpg )

So where has tg requests and the like moved to?
Tried looking on 4 and 8, but not much seems to he happening there.

Anonymous 18/09/02(Sun)06:31 No. 131401

I want to know too...
I need the SW books.

Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)17:49 No. 131412

No answers? The good stuff is only for insiders now that know how to internet?

Anonymous 18/09/24(Mon)20:16 No. 131424

9 out of 10 requests I've ever delivered have been through just Googling it. So I'm not mourning the death of a request thread.

Anonymous 19/04/02(Tue)20:33 No. 131491

Try using duck duck go and searching for the word trove.

Anonymous 19/04/07(Sun)21:52 No. 131497

Or... you can just use the wayback machine and go back to just prior to the culling of content.

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