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Opinions on pathfinder campaign Anonymous 19/01/24(Thu)04:30 No. 131467

File 154830065636.jpg - (59.24KB , 640x627 , received_1168003523303975.jpg )

Hello I am working on a pathfinder campaign after a 2 year hiatus. Not sure if this is even a campaign but it is intended to take the players from 1 - 10 or so quickly. This will be kind of pulpy but making it over the top power driven suits my party.

The players are in a world enduring a necropocalypse, a conflagration of disease and undeath. This war has been happening for a decade or so. They must be any form of good to play this game btw. They will immediately be granted Weapons of Righteous Domination which are weapons infused with divine power that scales with the players and is personalized for each person and class. Slaying undead creatures allows you to reinstitute their soul and restore them to their healthiest form before their death, you contest their will or their masters will (someone who summoned them). These weapons are very strong. The party must have a solid cleric, literally required. Each player must have a supernatural connection with a specific god, granting these weapons. Undeath causes the players god to abandon him and converts the Weapon of Righteous Domination into Weapons of Plague and Malice, the players do not know this though. They are wrecking balls on either side of this war.

The party is essentially on a crusade to restore life to this land which is the fence.

The dynamic that pulls them into the game and offers direct contact with this war without simply wandering is a wealthy Baronet who sees this like many merchants see war, wants to capitalize to raise in the noble ranks and gain more power; however, he is also a vampire. Revo Emag is employing the party through wealth and fame to destroy them, to gain ranks also within the diseased knowing they will convert to the powers of undeath. He is doing this with deceit, he is playing them. Revo will send the party on quests to destroy the undeath strategically and systematically, all while preparing the location for the party to feed them. (1/2)

Anonymous 19/01/24(Thu)04:32 No. 131468

*to gain ranks also within the diseased knowing of the potential conversion to the powers of undeath.

What prevents Revo from flat out executing them in his own home is for one their power, two he would ruin his position within the noble ranks of man that he has worked hard to established and needs to spy, three i will give wizard or sorcerer constant scrying upon themselves for awareness. Most importantly he wants to make them as powerful as possible, subtlety, while keeping himself stronger so that he may destroy them when they are the most powerful they can be while lesser. He knows that when they die their power level will remain the same as in life but in deaths name.

Detect evil will NOT work on Revo Emag, he is shielded by the best wards. Even if its from a paladin.

Opinions would be great, am considering starting them at a higher level and after revealing to them Revo is a bastard they may pursue him specifically out of revenge and it would strategically help the war. (2/2)

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