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Monopoly doubts Anonymous 19/01/30(Wed)02:58 No. 131477

File 154881348069.jpg - (23.59KB , 300x225 , monopoly-millionaire-300x225.jpg )

A few days ago, I was playing millennial monopoly and got confused about the rules, especially when my friend told me one could do anything anytime, involving negotiations with other players.
One could not stop dice turns, card events or negotiate with the bank, but everything else was ok.

I thought it was a terrible idea, because one could easily treat or blackmail as part of a negotiation. Like I could say, "if you don’t sell me your yellow property I will just give my other two to Billy and he is going to fuck us up good" ruining the fun for every one.

I also assumed that everything had to be in game, like what if Jimmy tells Billy he is going to dunk his head in the toilet if he ever tries to use the get out of jail free card.

¿Anyone actually knows how to play monopoly?

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