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My characters Anonymous 20/11/20(Fri)02:11 No. 131910

File 160583467447.png - (1.64MB , 1914x1269 , dnd char.png )

Id like you to meet my dnd characters

>Luxroar : Dragonborn paladin (radiant breath)
He lived in a mountian with his family in a mountain dragonborn village. they were great neighbors with the forest below due to the market trades and offerings. one day, lizardmen started a war on dragonborn and rushed to attack. the families were told to get the young and carts and hide in the forest while the elves put illusion spells in to confuse the lizardmen if they succeed. dragon born had the advantage until the lizardmen summoned a ravine that sprawled out demons. week past and luxroar saw his mother dead and his father one armed. he swore to take arm with his fathers longsword and shield, to hunt and kill lizardmen and demons for his god, Xenos

>Melissa: Tiefling Rouge
Teifling parents could only keep one child, abandoning her at a tavern door and running with the son (who later brtrays them to become a dictating warlock) Melissa served the bar but at age 15 a group of rouges came in and she was interest. they opted to teach her and she did very well. her parents told her the truth at 18, so she became an adventure to find her parents and wishes her tavern luck

>Grog :Orc barbarian
Grog is a big dummy who hits like a truck. he came from a village that was known for fishing and hunting. they pass down a great axe when the descendante is shown (which means they dont talk alot, grunt, and feel no pain} he is the son of a fisherman and he enjoys a good hunt and adventure

>Chad :Human Fighter knight
Chad is the most lamest one i made for giigles. chad is one of the great knights in a kingdom far away...well...hes basically zapp brannagin if he was a knight, one day the army had enough and told him about a ruby thats hard to find, he agreed to find it (Never does) and the kngdom celebrates the departure of him. now he just goes on trying to find this rare ruby

>Vern : Human/Beholder Hybrid Warlock
Vern is a paranoid/insane human hybrid beholder, due to a summon accident he fused with it making him insane. Hes scared of cats due to a roomer he heard of staring into their eyes sends you to hell. One of my favorite things to do after combat is roll a d6, the result is what happens when his third eye opens
1 = Implode into nothing
2 = Sudden combustion
3 = Projectile vomit
4 = head explodes into confetti
5 = crystalize
6 = turns his enemy into a can of chef boyardee spaghetti and meatballs

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