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Sailor Scouts Anonymous 09/08/18(Tue)04:32 No. 2892 ID: 1b3d77

File 125056276074.jpg - (55.82KB , 338x450 , 1155671737084.jpg )

I know this should technically fit under cosplay, but I think it needs a category of its own.

9 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.
Anonymous 09/08/19(Wed)15:32 No. 2929 ID: 1b3d77

File 125068875188.jpg - (123.65KB , 700x1050 , 1157964712885.jpg )

That is all for now

Anonymous ## Admin ## 09/08/20(Thu)03:26 No. 2933 ID: 7eb793

Ah, very nice, thank you.

Anonymous 09/08/21(Fri)16:06 No. 3405 ID: 848455

After I first saw the show about 8 years ago, all I want to do is fuck a hottie wearing a sailor moon outfit.

Anonymous 09/08/22(Sat)03:12 No. 3408 ID: 1b3d77

Same, but Sailor mercury outfit.

Anonymous ## Admin ## 09/08/23(Sun)01:52 No. 3445 ID: 7eb793



Anonymous 09/08/25(Tue)02:29 No. 3483 ID: eaf888

I have.... and boy was it hot

Sagey McSagerson!!H5ZGHkMwD2 09/08/26(Wed)06:21 No. 3509 ID: bf5bdb

The usual rules apply, Anon; Pics or it never happened

Anonymous 09/08/27(Thu)02:15 No. 3518 ID: eaf888

I'm not posing pics of my wife on 7chan... unless we get a divorce

Anonymous 09/08/29(Sat)11:32 No. 3524 ID: 164f27



Anonymous 09/08/30(Sun)12:11 No. 3535 ID: 94ce39


well if you post pics of your wwife online youll prob get caught which will lead to your divorce which means you wont have to post them later on...... Long story short put them on now to save time

Anonymous 09/09/27(Sun)18:58 No. 6948 ID: 1b3d77

I like your reasoning.

Anonymous 09/10/31(Sat)00:26 No. 7532 ID: 1b3d77

File 125694520723.jpg - (16.59KB , 333x500 , 1199252895_f.jpg )

Bump with content!

Anonymous 09/12/04(Fri)23:27 No. 8627 ID: 03ee9e


Anonymous 09/12/06(Sun)15:57 No. 8672 ID: bc0348

hawt. moar pl0x

Anonymous 10/07/03(Sat)10:57 No. 12305 ID: 9acb6b

Posted these earlier on SexyBeautifulWomen, man I wish I had the whole set...

Anonymous 10/07/13(Tue)03:40 No. 12351 ID: 973471

i have this whole set

Anonymous 10/07/13(Tue)03:45 No. 12352 ID: 4311f4

Then post it

Anonymous 10/07/15(Thu)09:32 No. 12366 ID: 367409

File 127917917473.jpg - (493.28KB , 800x533 , Senshi_by_CosplayDeviants.jpg )

Anonymous 10/07/20(Tue)20:05 No. 12407 ID: 0370c2

Anonymous 10/07/21(Wed)14:21 No. 12410 ID: 45204f

I find it funny that "sailor Jupiter" has the smallest tits while Mercury has the largest.

Anonymous 10/07/27(Tue)03:57 No. 12443 ID: 260a46


this is the set

BP Be Me 10/08/10(Tue)16:09 No. 12720 ID: 276d40

Just dropping this by!


Anonymous 10/08/14(Sat)14:44 No. 12784 ID: ce0085

reupload please

Anonymous 10/08/15(Sun)14:01 No. 12785 ID: f8210e

RE UP Please

Anonymous 10/08/17(Tue)16:22 No. 12789 ID: 7c61b3

File 128205496432.jpg - (373.39KB , 800x529 , Senshi_059.jpg )

yeah sorry the megaupload link died try this one

Anonymous 10/08/25(Wed)21:55 No. 12816 ID: 2fe387

I know a chick that pretty much did the sailor mercury outfit thing

fuck mercury's hot

Anonymous 10/08/26(Thu)10:20 No. 12821 ID: cb989e

Did she have a blue technovisor?

I want one of those.

Anonymous 10/09/19(Sun)19:31 No. 13158 ID: f53e70

you, good sir, are tha fuckin MAN!

Anonymous 10/10/09(Sat)05:02 No. 13206 ID: 15c5e3

wounder what would happen if sailor moon girls meet banana in pajamas after a night of bar hopping. It boggles the mind.

Anonymous 10/10/15(Fri)15:48 No. 13825 ID: 84ef87

those last few images look both disgusting and creepy

Anonymous 10/11/26(Fri)14:57 No. 14054 ID: aa7b4d

That's CosplayDeviants all over for you.

Jkid!yYT/u4PSNE 10/12/18(Sat)19:42 No. 14105 ID: 6aef45

File 129269773675.jpg - (1.32MB , 2112x2816 , IMG_1083.jpg )

I've taken plenty of photos of costumes from the series.

This one was taken at T-Mode 2010 in Arlington, VA

Jkid!yYT/u4PSNE 10/12/18(Sat)19:45 No. 14106 ID: 6aef45

These are a first of a beautiful set of pictures I've taken from a Sailor Moon photoshoot from Katsucon 16...IN GLORIOUS WIDESCREEN.

Jkid!yYT/u4PSNE 10/12/18(Sat)19:47 No. 14107 ID: 6aef45

File 129269807398.jpg - (1.45MB , 2112x2816 , IMG_7326.jpg )

This one was taken in Anime USA 2009.

Jkid!yYT/u4PSNE 10/12/18(Sat)19:49 No. 14108 ID: 6aef45


Here is the second set.

Jkid!yYT/u4PSNE 10/12/18(Sat)19:51 No. 14109 ID: 6aef45

File 129269829213.jpg - (1.14MB , 2112x2816 , IMG_1598.jpg )

From Katsucon 15 on Saturday.

Jkid!yYT/u4PSNE 10/12/18(Sat)19:53 No. 14110 ID: 6aef45

File 12926983963.jpg - (1.46MB , 2112x2816 , IMG_1349.jpg )

From Katsucon 15 on Saturday

Anonymous 11/04/16(Sat)03:12 No. 16986 ID: 1b3d77

Did I miss something? I thought I got these from here...

Anonymous 11/04/16(Sat)03:13 No. 16987 ID: 1b3d77

File 130291640886.jpg - (41.75KB , 519x533 , 3630nyan1121-14.jpg )

guess not...

Anonymous 11/05/29(Sun)17:15 No. 17188 ID: ac6e5d

man, lot of skanks in this thread. I'll never look at sailor moon the same again.

Anonymous 11/10/08(Sat)22:33 No. 17863 ID: 5be144

File 131810598399.jpg - (49.74KB , 500x400 , tumblr_lso31dEKDt1qa4g53o1_500.jpg )

Shitty quality & not completely accurate, found her on Tumblr

Anonymous 11/10/13(Thu)08:27 No. 18044 ID: dc8284

Her costume is decent... sauce?

Anonymous 12/12/07(Fri)08:02 No. 21584 ID: 6ba9fc

File 135486377675.jpg - (261.85KB , 2292x3444 , 8156338289_fdacf77d85_o.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/18(Fri)02:42 No. 21644 ID: b3df20

File 135847335473.jpg - (133.98KB , 500x625 , motivational_poster_cosplay_horrible_warning.jpg )

Not a chick but hilarious!


Anonymous 13/08/02(Fri)22:35 No. 22044 ID: 364e89

Some more just to further the cause

Anonymous 13/08/02(Fri)22:35 No. 22045 ID: 364e89

File 137547572665.jpg - (129.32KB , 900x1344 , cosplay_Sailor_Mercury__5_by_sadakochan87.jpg )

Some more just to further the cause

Sailor Scout Anonymous 19/01/07(Mon)00:25 No. 25095 ID: a7e53f

what do you think of her?
(she lost her uniform here)

Anonymous 19/03/31(Sun)16:08 No. 25135 ID: 9f83c8

Francesca Dani was so abead of her time. Wish she’d kept up her transition to modelling, she was beginning to show more before she dropped out of cosplay and became a tog. Wish she hadn’t taken all her old shoots down and removed them from sale, i would have been all over that shit. She was leading the charge for attarctive girls in cosplay and was leaning toward the ero-cosplay before the Nigri’s and Moonfox’s stepped up.

Sailor mars Markantony 19/07/26(Fri)03:31 No. 25163 ID: e666f0

Pussyfoot cherry cosplayer

Monkey 20/07/17(Fri)16:22 No. 25235 ID: 5d6ca6



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