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Strange humans Mindful 23/08/03(Thu)05:20 No. 21467

File 169103282188.png - (13.68KB , 99x120 , 168780285263s.png )

Did any one of you ever have sightings of people who looked human but not really? One of the weirdest people I ever saw was 2 African guys, probably around 20, standing there amidst the crowd in a passageway under the railway station in Leuven, Belgium. This occurred in 2022. I noticed them but they seemed like invisible to the people around them, no one seemed to be aware of them standing there. They were very tall (certainly 1m90) and they were wearing hoodies, you only saw their faces. The part of their faces below the nose looked like some sort of beak (think Donald Duck, or a toad). Now it is possible they were wearing facemasks but no one else was (the pandemic was considered over). And those facemasks would have been the exact same color as their natural skin color in their faces. Who would wear a face mask looking like a duck's beak and the color of your skin?
I still have no idea what I really was looking at. Maybe 2 siblings with a congenital defect.

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