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/d/ - Alternative Hentai

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Anonymous 13/05/11(Sat)23:46 No. 41303 ID: 99f626

File 136830879788.jpg - (895.50KB , 1291x1308 , Side Effects.jpg )

Looking for feedback about mt captions

Anonymous 13/05/11(Sat)23:48 No. 41304 ID: 99f626

Anonymous 13/05/12(Sun)00:22 No. 41305 ID: 0e78e3

Are there any images of this girl alone or with another girl/shemale?

Anonymous 13/05/12(Sun)00:30 No. 41306 ID: 99f626

File 136831144126.jpg - (140.28KB , 850x1312 , 1299281760088.jpg )


you mean without the caption or more like a pin up?

Anonymous 13/05/13(Mon)09:05 No. 41310 ID: d4fdd8

keep it up

Anonymous 13/05/13(Mon)17:29 No. 41311 ID: 99f626

File 136845898542.jpg - (526.39KB , 1300x774 , Sorry.jpg )


I tried to write something in the same world as the first one. Is it any good? If you see something wrong with it point it out.

Anonymous 13/05/13(Mon)18:18 No. 41312 ID: 99f626

File 136846193652.jpg - (538.41KB , 1300x774 , Sorry2.jpg )


some edits

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)05:31 No. 41315 ID: d4fdd8

better, first one is favorite though

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)05:57 No. 41316 ID: 99f626


It's not bad though is it?

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)07:15 No. 41317 ID: d4fdd8

nah like it's good, i just prefer the OP caption'd pic the most though

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)08:00 No. 41318 ID: d4fdd8

make more OP

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)08:02 No. 41319 ID: 99f626

File 136851135361.jpg - (697.60KB , 1300x774 , Even more edits.jpg )

even more edits

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)08:04 No. 41320 ID: 99f626


if you want to post some pic I might me able to caption them. Just give me a direction to go to. Like bimbo, femdom or this futa cum world

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)08:59 No. 41321 ID: d4fdd8

care to sample with each of those categories and then go from there

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)19:49 No. 41322 ID: 99f626


If you have a pic you want captioned you can post it.

Anonymous 13/05/14(Tue)23:25 No. 41323 ID: d4fdd8

File 13685667477.jpg - (122.09KB , 1241x951 , futagoths.jpg )

this is from Kami Tora

Anonymous 13/05/15(Wed)00:21 No. 41324 ID: 99f626

File 136857007992.jpg - (561.35KB , 1100x600 , Kitten.jpg )

I made another futa one. If you see typos are weird sentences point them out. I can edit it.

Anonymous 13/05/15(Wed)03:38 No. 41334 ID: 99f626

File 136858190693.jpg - (0.99MB , 1641x951 , Share.jpg )


If you see any thing I could do to improve it point it out.

Anonymous 13/05/15(Wed)05:30 No. 41337 ID: 99f626

File 136858865216.jpg - (1.00MB , 1641x951 , Share Fixed.jpg )


I fixed it up a bit

Anonymous 13/05/15(Wed)09:51 No. 41338 ID: d4fdd8

nice work

Anonymous 13/05/15(Wed)09:59 No. 41339 ID: d4fdd8

"she nip his ear"
towards the end only typo found

Anonymous 13/05/15(Wed)10:27 No. 41340 ID: 99f626

File 13686064719.jpg - (561.62KB , 1100x600 , Kitten Fixed.jpg )


Here ya go

Anonymous 13/05/16(Thu)00:22 No. 41341 ID: 0e78e3

Like a Pin Up

Anonymous 13/05/16(Thu)11:22 No. 41343 ID: 99f626

File 136869611979.jpg - (1.21MB , 1556x1311 , Sweet Little Moron.jpg )

Here is another one. Again feel free to point out typos or sentences that make no sense.

Anonymous 13/05/16(Thu)21:59 No. 41350 ID: 99f626

File 136873434622.jpg - (1.21MB , 1556x1311 , Sweet Little Moron Fixed.jpg )


Little edits

Anonymous 13/05/17(Fri)02:48 No. 41351 ID: 0e78e3

Do you know who the artist is?

Anonymous 13/05/17(Fri)03:19 No. 41352 ID: 99f626




Anonymous 13/05/19(Sun)08:33 No. 41362 ID: 99f626

File 136894518912.jpg - (1.64MB , 1455x1450 , Her Price.jpg )

Another one. How is it?

Anonymous 13/05/20(Mon)08:51 No. 41363 ID: 99f626

File 136903267986.jpg - (1.10MB , 1350x1400 , an evil little boy.jpg )

another one. Are these any good?

Anonymous 13/05/21(Tue)09:16 No. 41374 ID: d4fdd8

favorite so far

Anonymous 13/05/21(Tue)10:27 No. 41375 ID: 99f626

File 136912485188.jpg - (566.40KB , 900x723 , Taste.jpg )


glad you like it!

This new one is probably kinda weird.

Anonymous 13/05/22(Wed)05:46 No. 41386 ID: 99f626

new ones

Anonymous 13/05/23(Thu)00:38 No. 41396 ID: 816f10

Heya, i'm the guy who asked you to do those manips on 4chan, thanks they turned out great. :D do you have the bimbo rewrite? i can't find the thread on 4chan /d/.

Anonymous 13/05/23(Thu)00:59 No. 41407 ID: f7c555


For the trap one all I did is add the part about mental decay. So that is the one. (I admit it was a little lazy) If you have another one you would like me to write emphasizing the mental decay more post it. I like taking requests.

Anonymous 13/05/23(Thu)01:47 No. 41425 ID: f7c555


Specifically what rewrite are you looking for?

Anonymous 13/05/24(Fri)08:16 No. 41439 ID: f7c555

File 136937621776.jpg - (378.59KB , 831x800 , Present.jpg )

Another one

Anonymous 13/05/25(Sat)02:17 No. 41449 ID: 0e78e3

Are all these shemale/male stories?

Anonymous 13/05/25(Sat)05:22 No. 41451 ID: f7c555


Well futa but most of them are yes. Why?

Anonymous 13/05/26(Sun)23:42 No. 41452 ID: 0e78e3

Can there be Futa on female or futa on futa?

Anonymous 13/05/27(Mon)02:12 No. 41453 ID: f7c555


In this world women are brood slaves. (I think) If you have a picture that would work with that you could post it. (Or I could leave this world and just write a regular one.)

Anonymous 13/05/28(Tue)04:31 No. 41470 ID: 0e78e3

File 136970830445.jpg - (216.29KB , 974x766 , 1309717437397.jpg )

this one. Dmitrys is boss.

Anonymous 13/05/28(Tue)04:38 No. 41471 ID: f7c555


You want me to try and use the broodslave thing? Or just some random caption?

Anonymous 13/05/29(Wed)09:04 No. 41480 ID: f7c555

File 136981109867.jpg - (777.91KB , 1274x766 , Broodslave rental.jpg )


tried the broodslave thing. Do you like or should I try again?

Anonymous 13/05/30(Thu)04:03 No. 41481 ID: f7c555

File 136987940552.jpg - (778.95KB , 1274x766 , Broodslave rental.jpg )

some edits

Anonymous 13/05/31(Fri)02:49 No. 41493 ID: 816f10

File 136996137453.jpg - (453.85KB , 800x533 , 8.jpg )

love your stuff, would you consider doing something with this? either bimboification or foot fetish. (less toothlessness?)

Anonymous 13/05/31(Fri)03:30 No. 41494 ID: ef221a


That looks like a trap. You want my to make one about how his mind is decaying under the cum? Or just a sissification story?

Anonymous 13/05/31(Fri)16:36 No. 41500 ID: 7c47f7

Foremost minds in feminism. Hah!

Anonymous 13/05/31(Fri)18:00 No. 41501 ID: ef221a


Did I misspell that?

Anonymous 13/06/01(Sat)03:51 No. 41509 ID: 816f10

sissificiation maybe he was sissified+mental decay by cum?

Anonymous 13/06/01(Sat)03:59 No. 41510 ID: 3f28fd


Ok I'll have it done in around 8-20 hours

Anonymous 13/06/01(Sat)04:03 No. 41511 ID: 816f10

i'll be waiting :)

Anonymous 13/06/02(Sun)02:58 No. 41517 ID: 3f28fd

File 137013469785.jpg - (615.56KB , 1100x533 , Dresses are hard.jpg )


Like normal if you see a typo I can fix it.

Anonymous 13/06/02(Sun)03:00 No. 41518 ID: 3f28fd

File 137013484158.jpg - (451.41KB , 900x849 , Sis's Socks fixed.jpg )


also I did a foot thing. I forgot to post it here

Anonymous 13/06/02(Sun)03:43 No. 41519 ID: 816f10

my penis could shatter the heavens. if your game, surprise me with these, maybe stripper hypnosis for the first one, and some more foot-dom for the second? bonus points if a character is named Tea or implied big sister incest :)

Anonymous 13/06/02(Sun)03:47 No. 41520 ID: 3f28fd


All right. How was the sissy one? For the two girls one mind if I delve into feminist hate? Or should it just be a little brother using magic to fuck his sister?

Anonymous 13/06/02(Sun)03:54 No. 41522 ID: 816f10

surprise me ;)

Anonymous 13/06/02(Sun)04:05 No. 41524 ID: 816f10

it's an expression, i'm leaving the theming decision to you.

Anonymous 13/06/02(Sun)04:08 No. 41525 ID: 3f28fd


Yea sorry I misread your message. I thought you were talking about the sissy one. Not your request :P

Anonymous 13/06/06(Thu)03:04 No. 41543 ID: 816f10

how are the manips cumming along?

Anonymous 13/06/07(Fri)02:13 No. 41548 ID: 3f28fd


Sorry real life got in the way. One more day.

Anonymous 13/06/07(Fri)05:03 No. 41550 ID: 816f10

i'll be waiting :)

Anonymous 13/06/09(Sun)09:31 No. 41577 ID: a210e0

File 137076308544.jpg - (779.15KB , 1350x805 , Stipper.jpg )


Well Sorry its so late. Real life and all. If you see any typos I will fix them

Anonymous 13/06/12(Wed)00:32 No. 41640 ID: a210e0


Did you see it?

Anonymous 13/06/12(Wed)13:35 No. 41641 ID: 69706f

love it

Anonymous 13/06/13(Thu)02:57 No. 41642 ID: 2baabc

lovely. the other foot-fetish one?

Anonymous 13/06/13(Thu)03:24 No. 41643 ID: a210e0


I'll get on it. It will take considerably less time.

Anonymous 13/06/15(Sat)08:50 No. 41648 ID: 06fd49

File 137127899868.jpg - (0.97MB , 1900x1200 , Sisters maid.jpg )


How is this?

Anonymous 13/06/16(Sun)02:23 No. 41649 ID: 9a2f83


I'm 9/10 sure that's Marisa from Touhou, who is a girl.

Anonymous 13/06/16(Sun)03:29 No. 41650 ID: 06fd49


So does my caption not work than?


Anonymous 13/06/16(Sun)04:29 No. 41652 ID: 9a2f83

File 137134975470.jpg - (116.74KB , 600x448 , 896765.jpg )

In all technicality, no. But you could probably convince people she is a trap

Anonymous 13/06/16(Sun)04:57 No. 41653 ID: 1bf31f

upload anything. you have a fan.

Anonymous 13/06/16(Sun)05:04 No. 41654 ID: 06fd49

If you have anything you want captioned I'll do it. It might take a few days but I'll get it done.

Anonymous 13/06/17(Mon)01:26 No. 41655 ID: 06fd49

Question. First is yaoi/shota allowed here? Second. What sort of captions would you like me to do? If any at all.

Anonymous 13/06/17(Mon)01:28 No. 41656 ID: c46dd5

have a go at these.
first: dollification. go nuts.
second:foot fetish incestual hypnosis inflicted onto the submissive sister, the reader. a challenge. :)
god speed you beautiful captioner!

Anonymous 13/06/17(Mon)01:45 No. 41657 ID: 06fd49


Crazy thought. Can the foot one be about a sister who wants a baby so her futa sister makes her like her feet for the chance to get pregnant?

Anonymous 13/06/18(Tue)02:24 No. 41658 ID: c46dd5

sexy, the challenge is still to have the caption be the dom sister hypnotising the reader (the sub sister.)

Anonymous 13/06/21(Fri)01:32 No. 41662 ID: c46dd5

sad because no progress.

Anonymous 13/06/22(Sat)06:35 No. 41667 ID: 4f7799

File 137187574479.jpg - (956.66KB , 1100x1184 , No Will.jpg )


Life has been a bitch and a half. Working on the other now. How cruel do you want it. I have some idea but they are really mean. Will fix any typos you see in this one.

Anonymous 13/06/22(Sat)07:27 No. 41668 ID: 4f7799

File 137187884563.jpg - (696.46KB , 1400x1200 , Subject SR-G67B.jpg )


And here is the doll one.

If you see any typos in either call them out and I'll fix them

Anonymous 13/06/23(Sun)04:26 No. 41671 ID: c46dd5

WOOT. finally. dicks gotten hard waiting. i live both of them. go ahead and do a version as mean as you want. will post a couple more requests ater a good long fap.

Anonymous 13/06/23(Sun)04:55 No. 41672 ID: 4f7799


That was the mean one. Guess I did not have to worry.

Anonymous 13/06/23(Sun)12:52 No. 41673 ID: bc7449

I would love this if it weren't for the mental deterioration. Can you make a few without that please?

Anonymous 13/06/23(Sun)18:09 No. 41675 ID: 4f7799


The Futa cum ones?

Anonymous 13/06/24(Mon)01:26 No. 41676 ID: bc7449

Yeah. Pretty much everything but the retardation shit I love.

Anonymous 13/06/24(Mon)04:42 No. 41680 ID: 4f7799

Ok I could write one about a mother and her bound son? A little sister getting serviced by her big brother. Or just some random chick raping and binding a guy. Which of those sounds best to you?

Anonymous 13/06/24(Mon)04:48 No. 41681 ID: bc7449

Both of the second two sound great.

Anonymous 13/06/24(Mon)06:55 No. 41682 ID: 4f7799


Ok so no mental rot. I can still so the toothless thing right?

Anonymous 13/06/24(Mon)08:33 No. 41684 ID: 4f7799

File 137205558874.jpg - (504.32KB , 1068x768 , Best Brother.jpg )


Here is the sister one.

Anonymous 13/06/29(Sat)07:25 No. 41702 ID: d32995


Anonymous 13/07/03(Wed)01:06 No. 41711 ID: d86c06

File 137280636673.jpg - (192.16KB , 729x1000 , 500848139ea7f33345b28a16af27b27a12a10593.jpg )

its the caption requester again. you asked for opinions? your writing is good but you don't really deviate much from your style. even if you use the same themes maybe try a caption where the dom is talking to the reader the entire time, describing what is happening to you. could you try it with this? something with a bimbo transformation slant? the narator is turning you into the bimbo in the pic.

Anonymous 13/07/03(Wed)07:18 No. 41712 ID: 30d0a0


Do you want it with the futa cum thing? Or just a sissy guy? I should have it done in 1-2 days.

Anonymous 13/07/04(Thu)01:45 No. 41715 ID: d86c06

i know you can do futa cum addiction really well already, so why not try just a normal guy becoming feminised/bimbo-ified in a matter of minutes by a single dose of futa cum.

Anonymous 13/07/04(Thu)04:37 No. 41716 ID: 30d0a0


You mean like he gets on does and in order to get more lets her sissifys him?

Anonymous 13/07/04(Thu)13:55 No. 41717 ID: 0c8da4

What about a yaoi addictive cum pic?

Anonymous 13/07/04(Thu)22:33 No. 41721 ID: 30d0a0


I could do that. Got a pic that would work for it? The dom would have to be a wizard/mutant/alien/demon/angel.

Anonymous 13/07/06(Sat)09:30 No. 41733 ID: 30d0a0

File 137309583513.jpg - (529.21KB , 729x1200 , Bitch boy.jpg )


How is this? If you see a weird sentence point it out and I can fix it.

Anonymous 13/07/07(Sun)02:23 No. 41739 ID: d86c06

my fave style. alsmost nailed it. for bimbo-ification, maybe focus on the body and mental changes. not much detail is neccesary, but a little more than what you gave would make it better. good first attempt at a monologue though.

Anonymous 13/07/07(Sun)02:38 No. 41740 ID: d86c06

File 137315753394.jpg - (185.77KB , 850x1192 , sample_3df43de63acf6653bb0dbcb003aeeaf150d3eda7.jpg )

if you want another chance to practice the monologue, try captioning this image. something with the slutification theme. not necessarily lowered intelligence, but the reader has become MUCH more sensetive and addicted to sex. debilitatingly aroused 100% of the time because of some magic futa jizz or something.

Anonymous 13/07/07(Sun)04:00 No. 41741 ID: 30d0a0


When you say "Or something" does that mean you would want something else? Or is the futa cum work just fine? Could use demon cum or weird medicine.

Anonymous 13/07/07(Sun)18:36 No. 41746 ID: 5a696c

File 137321501666.jpg - (946.80KB , 800x1131 , d0f2db4b89d3659f80e0953d7f4071f2.jpg )

Being a capper myself, I have a slight idea/request for a cap for you to do.

Jeff trys to plot revenge on his friend (insert any name here) & finds out that his revenge backfires on himself before Jeff transforms himself into a slutty futa.

I'm thinking magic for the TF.

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