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Gudetama Satan 22/04/27(Wed)01:27 No. 16056 [Reply]

File 165101565737.jpg - (144.07KB , 460x460 , TB2oMusqVooBKNjSZFPXXXa2XXa_!!752133497_png_460x46.jpg )

Have some Gudetama.

Satan 22/05/02(Mon)22:26 No. 16067

What a cute pillow/plush.

I'm back for the text boxes. Satan 22/04/21(Thu)11:23 No. 16045 [Reply]

File 165053299135.jpg - (236.26KB , 1500x1161 , b0a9f991-595f-4b25-b011-9e2603331b5a.jpg )

Especially this one.

Wasn't insulting the admin(s) or moderator(s) when I was banned before. Was insulting my stalkers who are serial killers trying to murder me.

Sorry about that. They still need to go to prison, and they still owe me money.

One of them, Derek, keeps spamming and ruining your site and other channels and sites as well.

Satan 22/05/02(Mon)22:22 No. 16065

They've changed the internet and text boxes.

Happened in the past day or two.

I've been trying out the other channels. Satan 22/04/21(Thu)05:06 No. 16041 [Reply]

File 165051041260.jpg - (235.97KB , 900x623 , 1640474231699.jpg )

Many have thus far proven inferior to 7chan.org.

Am I finally no longer banned?

I'm no longer banned!

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Satan 22/05/02(Mon)22:11 No. 16062

They're waiting to send me back to NIGGERTITS.org.

Bob Ross is the King of NIGGERTITS, and I'm the queen.
I am the King of 8kun, and Bob Ross is the queen.

Satan 22/05/02(Mon)22:15 No. 16063

G O D is the King of 4 C H A N, I am the queen.
I am the King of 8kun, G O D is the queen.

G O D is adorable and cool.
And really smart.

G O D is my best best friend, my only best friend, and my husband.

Satan 22/05/02(Mon)22:20 No. 16064

Good music:

Anonymous 22/04/30(Sat)05:34 No. 16057 [Reply]

File 165128969062.png - (582.06KB , 1000x563 , Goh_Farfetch'd.png )

:H: :A: :P: :P: :Y: :B: :I: :R: :T: :H: :D: :A: :Y:
:M: :E: :X: :I: :C: :O: :M: :A: :N: :kfc:

Anonymous 22/04/30(Sat)05:35 No. 16058


Thank you.

Anonymous 22/04/24(Sun)23:37 No. 16050 [Reply]

File 165083627818.jpg - (3.95KB , 259x194 , images.jpg )

im 6ft 4 help me i cant stop

Anonymous 22/01/07(Fri)08:22 No. 15995 [Reply]

File 164154012763.jpg - (68.21KB , 372x500 , q5RigZGoVFnB.jpg )

Hello fellow banned from 4chins
I'm sure you have seen the articles stating all cause mortality up 40%. Alarming because a mere 5% would be like a meteorite striking a whole country
Well in September Pfizer made all doses legit and stopped using the saline. Dear Bob Ross.

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Anonymous 22/02/26(Sat)03:48 No. 16014


Anonymous 22/03/22(Tue)19:13 No. 16033

File 164797283376.jpg - (95.49KB , 641x600 , WTFAmIReading.jpg )

Heil Hitler 22/03/22(Tue)20:28 No. 16034

:hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hit</img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img><span class="abbrev">
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Anonymous 22/02/26(Sat)21:44 No. 16015 [Reply]

File 164590829121.gif - (132.97KB , 112x112 , crackCat.gif )

boats boats boats!


Anonymous 19/08/05(Mon)08:28 No. 15500 [Reply]

File 156498648779.jpg - (323.75KB , 810x450 , bagel-boss-meltdown.jpg )

:B: :E: :C: :O: :O: :L:
:I: :N: :C: :I: :T: :E:
:V: :I: :O: :L: :E: :N: :C: :E:

Anonymous 22/02/14(Mon)23:51 No. 16010

File 164487910666.png - (149.37KB , 413x304 , Racket.png )

>tfw no Racket gf

furrys no 21/12/10(Fri)03:08 No. 15977 [Reply]

File 163910213556.png - (21.48KB , 236x186 , Screenshot 2021-04-08 11_15_32 AM.png )

everyone i want to cause a gas attack on the texas furry convention it dates here >March 17th to 20, 2022

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Anonymous 22/02/06(Sun)00:59 No. 16006

:D::E::A::D: :G::I::R::L: :C::O::R::P::S::E: :F::U::C::K::I::N::G: :F::U::C::K: :Y::E::A::H: :!:

Anonymous 22/02/06(Sun)01:01 No. 16007


Anonymous 22/02/06(Sun)19:14 No. 16008


no 21/12/21(Tue)03:33 No. 15987 [Reply]

File 164005398877.png - (338.69KB , 1366x720 , Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 8_36_46 AM.png )


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Anonymous 21/12/24(Fri)20:11 No. 15991


Anonymous 22/02/06(Sun)00:50 No. 16005


Anonymous 22/04/10(Sun)20:08 No. 16036

Let me find out you teach my child I'll
:m: :u: :t: :i: :l: :a: :t: :e:

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