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Request Sticky 2.0 Anonymous ## Mod ## 22/06/14(Tue)18:37 No. 39419 Stickied

File 16552246716.jpg - (148.15KB , 1920x1080 , 1654274127111.jpg )

The last sticky had gotten so incredibly bloated moderating it was literally becoming a fire hazard. So, I have taken it upon myself to create a new sticky.
You retards never seem to get the hint but requests are specifically designed for this specific thread and no where else on the board. This is done to prevent shitting up the board and other discussion with millions of requests.

Please follow this rule or risk a possible ban.

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dongcopter 22/07/04(Mon)21:58 No. 39478


Thanks for the reply, my man. Hopped on the main Hypertrophy one. Cheers!

powerlifting ebooks Anonymous 22/07/05(Tue)00:12 No. 39488

anyone have the 5th set ebook? (first one with the cool flames)

Anonymous 22/07/05(Tue)18:01 No. 39489

seconding this

Anonymous 22/07/07(Thu)19:04 No. 39491

Link to previous thread: https://7chan.org/read.php?b=fit&t=22341&p=l50

Data driven strength Anonymous 22/07/08(Fri)10:45 No. 39492

Does anyone have any content or spreadsheets from the data driven strength guys they'd be willing to share please.

Thanks in advance.

THE SKINNY FAT FIX Anonymous 22/07/09(Sat)01:31 No. 39495

File 165732309676.jpg - (90.26KB , 1400x937 , skinny-fat-fix-box-front.jpg )

Someone has this ebook? I would really appreciate it

Anonymous 22/07/10(Sun)14:40 No. 39496

Looking for BBM Low Fatigue Template

Would do a group buy

Anonymous 22/07/11(Mon)03:14 No. 39498

Requesting RP custom male training templates

4, 5 or 6 days are fine

Generation iron Anonymous 22/07/11(Mon)11:09 No. 39499

Hi, i'm looking for generation iron natty for life and bigorexia. Thanks

Anonymous 22/07/11(Mon)12:06 No. 39500


Its already been shared before so no need for a group buy. Could always group buy one of the missing templates though

Weightology Research Review Anonymous 22/07/12(Tue)11:49 No. 39501

Can anybody share the Weightology Research Review pdf collection? Thank you.

12 Weeks of Pain and Suffering slammer 22/07/12(Tue)12:15 No. 39505

Looking for 12 Weeks of Pain and Suffering by John Meadows. Thanks

Anonymous 22/07/13(Wed)09:06 No. 39507

Could someone reupload the RTS microcycle and mesocycle videos please?

Anonymous 22/07/14(Thu)20:55 No. 39515

File 165782491543.jpg - (155.27KB , 607x572 , 231rf4v4.jpg )

That shit ain't Kot

Anonymous 22/07/14(Thu)23:11 No. 39516


BUMP, anyone have Kinobody Movie Star Masterclass yet?

Anonymous 22/07/15(Fri)10:33 No. 39518


Yes Kinobody does.

hypothyroidism diet Vitor 22/07/16(Sat)11:05 No. 39521

Does anyone have the RP Hypothyroidism Templates? :)
Thanks in advance!

Zach DeChant Anonymous 22/07/16(Sat)14:19 No. 39522

Does anyone have Movement Over Maxes by Zach DeChant?

Anonymous 22/07/16(Sat)22:39 No. 39523


Anyone have stew smith's training programs? (preferably the Spring-summer or Fall-winter)

Anonymous 22/07/17(Sun)19:58 No. 39524

It has expired

RTS Classrooms Anonymous 22/07/17(Sun)21:16 No. 39525

Hey, I appreciate I might be requesting too much but would anyone be able to reupload the mesocycle and microcycle classrooms or emerging strategies from Reactive training systems please.

Hope the Summer perma bulks are going everyone's way.

Antranik - Shoulder & Upper Back Flexibility Program hajjs1 22/07/19(Tue)12:39 No. 39526

Does anyone have Antranik - Shoulder & Upper Back Flexibility Program?https://antranik.org/register/shoulders/


Kit Laughlin - Master Series Anonymous 22/07/20(Wed)12:41 No. 39529

Anyone has the master series from Kit Laughlin? Seen it shared here before but all links are dead.

Anonymous 22/07/22(Fri)01:25 No. 39532

Matt Wenning Strength Training Over 40 anybody? Thanks.

Anonymous 22/07/22(Fri)09:08 No. 39533

Ben Pollack - Minimalist Strength templates:


Does anyone have his Darkside or Powerbuilding 3 Program?

christopher walker stuff Jimarata 22/07/22(Fri)14:06 No. 39534

Hey guys. I am looking for Christopher Walker stuff
THOR program or Thermo Diet or both :)

Jimarata 22/07/23(Sat)12:59 No. 39536

Thank you kind Anon

Michael Kory Cookbook Anonymous 22/07/23(Sat)14:43 No. 39537

Hello! Does anyone here have Michael Kory’s Ultimate Fitness Cookbook?

Kit Laughlin - Absolute Beginner Starter Course Anonymous 22/07/23(Sat)21:17 No. 39539

Anyone has Kit laughlin's Absolute Beginner Starter Course?

Complementary Training Courses Anonymous 22/07/23(Sat)23:05 No. 39540

Any one have any of the courses from Complementary Training.net website. Would be greatly appreciated. please and thanks.

Anonymous 22/07/24(Sun)10:08 No. 39541


I'm considering subscribing to their website

Anonymous 22/07/25(Mon)10:59 No. 39542

File 165873956186.gif - (473.03KB , 500x370 , giphy-898950568.gif )

What books would you guys recommend for a begginer to lifting and getting in shape. I am 5.9 263 pounds vegetarian and looking to get as close to my natural BMI as possible. I don't necessarily want to get built but I wouldn't mind putting on some muscle, but, also looking like Thor would be a nice addition as well.

dongcopter 22/07/25(Mon)12:59 No. 39543


Jeff Nippard's Fundamentals Hypertrophy Program should work well for you.

Anonymous 22/07/25(Mon)22:55 No. 39544

Do you happen to have a copy of this in pdf form?

BBM powerlifting II Anonymous 22/07/25(Mon)23:35 No. 39545


Anyone have Barbell medicine Powerlifting II?

Just need the excel sheet, not the pdf.

Travis Eliot - Power Yoga GOLD Anonymous 22/07/26(Tue)04:10 No. 39546

Hello wonderful Anons, I'm looking for Travis Eliot's Power Yoga Gold program, if any of you have it would you please kindly share, thanks a bunch!

Anonymous 22/07/26(Tue)09:02 No. 39547


$200 for a yoga program, it better be made of gold for that

Anonymous 22/07/26(Tue)12:43 No. 39548


Here you are my friend


Justin Harris Book Anonymous 22/07/26(Tue)17:01 No. 39549

anyone have it? thanks

Anonymous 22/07/26(Tue)20:36 No. 39550


dur!! he has several

Justin Harris Book Anonymous 22/07/27(Wed)06:53 No. 39551

i'm looking for progressive overload and carb cycling from Justin Harris, thanks

Powerbuilding program panda 22/08/05(Fri)03:16 No. 39556

does anyone have jj.fau1k (Bluejj09) powerbuilding program?

Athlean X - All American Muscle gymrat 22/08/05(Fri)17:45 No. 39557

Does anyone have this program?
Athlean X - All American Muscle
Even just the pdf would be amazing!

Anonymous 22/08/07(Sun)02:45 No. 39558

Here are several of the BBM templates from a previous request thread: https://anonfile.com/tb16U4y8nd/BARBELL_MEDICINE_-_BBM_June_rar

Anyone have Barbell Medicine The Bridge 3.0?

Anonymous 22/08/07(Sun)03:55 No. 39559

>Bridge 3.0
nm found it in the link i just posted

Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Ca Anonymous 22/08/07(Sun)11:50 No. 39560

Does anyone have 'Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career' by Jonathan Goodman?

Anonymous 22/08/07(Sun)11:53 No. 39561

Nevermind. Don't know why I didn't bother googling in the first place before trying here.


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