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Vulpes Inculta 13/11/02(Sat)22:52 No. 16800 ID: 8885ee

File 138342912558.png - (31.17KB , 321x241 , px1.png )

Thoughts on Project X, /fur/? (http://projectx.zetar02.org/)

I think the game kind of sucks but these two are cute. Too bad there isn't much art with them.

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Vulpes Inculta 18/12/18(Tue)12:09 No. 26949 ID: ae07f1

Geez. Zeta sure is a pussy. She left the Where Discourse Goes To Die™

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/27(Thu)18:58 No. 26961 ID: 7111f6

I think I know that furry slut.

RenoRude 19/01/13(Sun)17:27 No. 26992 ID: 1adeea

File 15473968243.gif - (1.09MB , 484x274 , testgif1.gif )

Vulpes Inculta 19/04/01(Mon)12:46 No. 27125 ID: 9dccb5

anyone still ripping the game?

NEWS FLASH Vulpes Inculta 19/04/22(Mon)01:54 No. 27174 ID: 308855

Zeta just nuked all of her accounts
like a bitch and passed ownership to Miles.
From what I've heard he's not as bad as Zeta
Yeah there are people still ripping this game on other imageboards

Vulpes Inculta 19/04/28(Sun)03:09 No. 27181 ID: 37192d

Do you mind sharing which ones are currently doing this?

Vulpes Inculta 19/05/01(Wed)23:38 No. 27188 ID: 308855

Sorry I can't say. I just got banned from here yesterday for saying it's name.

Vulpes Inculta 19/05/02(Thu)00:07 No. 27191 ID: 1e5fb7

You could, y'know, post it here.

Vulpes Inculta 19/05/02(Thu)04:31 No. 27192 ID: 308855

I just saw a link to the thread was post a while go here. >>19067 click the first link. There still active

Vulpes Inculta 19/05/02(Thu)04:38 No. 27193 ID: 37192d

Yep, just post the content instead of mentioning any of the places. :)

Vulpes Inculta 19/05/04(Sat)18:17 No. 27197 ID: 308855

File 155698667615.gif - (40.48KB , 232x300 , AmyLevel5Highreso.gif )


Vulpes Inculta 19/05/04(Sat)18:26 No. 27198 ID: 308855

Here's some stuff. I'm not sure if the Zu stuff is official.

Vulpes Inculta 19/05/04(Sat)18:29 No. 27199 ID: 308855

File 155698736854.gif - (4.11KB , 146x206 , Better.gif )

Another Cream sprite. Made by some guy called Myk.

Vulpes Inculta 19/06/18(Tue)07:33 No. 27279 ID: 70900a


Vulpes Inculta 19/08/02(Fri)13:22 No. 27326 ID: 230453

Can anyone extract version 7.4 maybe and share it here? We aren't getting any kind of update realistically from the group anymore.

Vulpes Inculta 19/08/07(Wed)01:33 No. 27330 ID: ee2c69

Is this good as a game aside from sexual value?

Vulpes Inculta 19/08/16(Fri)08:52 No. 27343 ID: 7d7188


It’s impressive as a functioning playable game created by a small group of devoted fans and the porn in it is decent and wide ranging in tastes

But the fun in the game comes from seeing new pornagraphic animations as you progress and the difficulty curve ruins that.
The first level starts out at a relatively moderate difficulty and enemies with awkward hit boxes which is a no no in game design.

Had they spent more time on getting their character and enemy animations completed instead of constantly teasing extra features that never came to pass it might have been the greatest porn game ever made. But somewhere along the process they became convinced they could do everything and anything, predictably the project collapsed under these impossible goals and self imposed deadlines. Everyone has their favorite to blame for why this happened but truth is that it was inevitable. Loose collectives of friends on the internet don’t last forever

Vulpes Inculta 19/08/19(Mon)15:44 No. 27348 ID: b77c9c

It barely makes it into a decent 2D fighting game due to the stiff mechanics, which is why it only has the art going for it but even that nowadays is scarce and you'd be lucky to see a single update since the Zeta Team are so paranoid about privacy and protection while providing alternate links which can lead to malware instead of linking their game to a quick, simple download.

That and they constantly have a well of excuses they muster up whenever people question on simple progress they may have made, whether it be coding or a single sprite and it is always the public's fault yet never their own that drama occurs but realistically as how Miles puts it: "It's coming soon" then there should be something to show as an update of progress to the public but for them not to show even that or a single sprite, they are making lies to desperately cling to what fans they have left with nothing to show for it because they simply love themselves too much.

Vulpes Inculta 19/08/27(Tue)22:38 No. 27367 ID: 645fe8


http://www.balenciaga.us.com 19/09/04(Wed)03:07 No. 27375 ID: 34317c

I enjoy you because of your own effort on this web site. My aunt delights in carrying out investigation and it's obvious why. A number of us notice all concerning the dynamic mode you create functional guides by means of the blog and boost response from other individuals on the subject then my child is without a doubt learning a lot. Have fun with the rest of the new year. You are performing a good job.

Vulpes Inculta 19/11/03(Sun)17:41 No. 27450 ID: 36f7a0

File 157279926820.png - (1.51MB , 3000x3300 , ZETA-1.png )



Latest version (7.4 NEXT, which has the beta gallery mode) got extract on u18! Go get it before Miles flips his shit!

Vulpes Inculta 19/11/11(Mon)04:30 No. 27474 ID: 308855

This game is still alive!?

Vulpes Inculta 20/04/17(Fri)07:08 No. 27961 ID: 308855


Vulpes Inculta 20/05/05(Tue)07:00 No. 27996 ID: 47e35d

File 158865484460.jpg - (350.90KB , 546x790 , B74BD84F-EEB1-456E-B3D4-48067A21E6C5.jpg )

i found gameplays of it on youtube when i was 8 years old and it turned me into a sexual degenerate thank you zeta team

Vulpes Inculta 20/05/05(Tue)07:27 No. 27997 ID: 47e35d


Vulpes Inculta 20/05/12(Tue)10:19 No. 28006 ID: 308855

this hurts to see

Vulpes Inculta 20/07/30(Thu)14:17 No. 28146 ID: 308855

Have they finished it yet?

Vulpes Inculta 20/08/05(Wed)19:20 No. 28159 ID: 097354

it's stupid.

Vulpes Inculta 20/09/19(Sat)13:06 No. 28204 ID: 308855

bump lol

Vulpes Inculta 20/09/19(Sat)13:10 No. 28205 ID: 308855

I just realized it's almost been a fucking year since the last update.

no D3lt0 20/10/09(Fri)05:42 No. 28235 ID: bf4d8f


Vulpes Inculta 21/02/21(Sun)20:37 No. 28406 ID: 821142

2 Years later, nothing has changed. Does anyone happen to have a rip of version 7.8 of the game?

Vulpes Inculta 21/05/07(Fri)00:46 No. 28472 ID: d9421c

lol still nothing

Jesus Armenta 21/09/07(Tue)21:38 No. 28555 ID: 2b5478


Jesus+Armenta 21/09/07(Tue)21:41 No. 28556 ID: 2b5478

hey if anyone still cares for this games and wants to join a modding server on it here is the link https://my mother's fax machine.gg/7C2GwSE also if you know anyone with ANY modding experience ESPIACLLY for this game contact them also spriters are also needed lets keep this game alive guyzs

Jesus+Armenta 21/09/07(Tue)21:42 No. 28557 ID: 2b5478

https://my mother's fax machine.gg/7C2GwSE huh it must be protected here, here is my my mother's fax machine name JESUSans#6182 ill add you manually if i have too.

Jesus+Armenta 21/09/07(Tue)22:52 No. 28558 ID: 2b5478

hey are you still interested in PXLPD

DarkSpiral 21/09/08(Wed)08:42 No. 28559 ID: 8fb8b6

for anyone that still interested in this game a we are happy to announce that a modding project is being formed anyone who wants to pitch in come here https://my mother's fax machine.gg/7C2GwSE

Darkspiral 21/09/11(Sat)11:18 No. 28562 ID: 8fb8b6

a modding community being formed to help mod the game if your still interested

LOBIT 97 21/09/11(Sat)11:20 No. 28563 ID: 8fb8b6

hey the games being modded by a group of people

xvcxvxcvxc xvzxvzxv 21/09/14(Tue)20:45 No. 28567 ID: 8a4000


xvcxvxvcxcv xvzxvzxv 21/09/14(Tue)20:54 No. 28568 ID: 8a4000


Vulpes Inculta 22/05/04(Wed)21:10 No. 28665 ID: da19f7


Vulpes Inculta 22/05/05(Thu)03:17 No. 28667 ID: da19f7

New shit incoming too bad this game has a high chance of going 6 feet deep💀

Decompiled Data JohnTheJugs 22/09/28(Wed)04:14 No. 28738 ID: d6ce7e

Hi, have you managed to decompile the latest current version? (7.8), and the link to download the 7.4 decompile doesn't work, please fix it :c

Dead ass game Noname 22/10/29(Sat)08:52 No. 28746 ID: e60707

Many of you know that this game is confirmed dead however there’s i guy named redeye that’s modding this game if your interested:https://f95zone.to/threads/love-potion-disaster-mod-edition-redeye-samurai.123840/page-28

Vulpes Inculta 23/02/19(Sun)21:35 No. 28782 ID: 959d45


Vulpes Inculta 23/02/20(Mon)21:01 No. 28783 ID: 959d45


Vulpes Inculta 23/05/14(Sun)04:59 No. 28808 ID: 959d45



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