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Toddlers/babies Anonymous 21/03/30(Tue)02:42 No. 35553 ID: 51405f [Reply]

File 161706493571.jpg - (99.57KB , 673x696 , 66285969_p0.jpg )

Because shotas are too old.

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Anonymous 22/02/11(Fri)14:23 No. 36862 ID: 2ec802

bad flashbacks

Anonymous 22/08/09(Tue)02:00 No. 36959 ID: 88ce10

File 166000320132.jpg - (436.57KB , 900x1200 , 99552141_p0_master1200.jpg )

What i so odd about it?

anonymous 22/12/03(Sat)03:58 No. 37028 ID: 84261c


Anonymous 21/06/11(Fri)06:32 No. 35837 ID: ca3ca9 [Reply]

File 162338593239.jpg - (116.35KB , 1080x1179 , 8B26A780_7C5A_425A_9AB6_3DD1D9D73BAF.jpg )

What is it about shotacon that gets people so obnoxiously picky about realism?
I mean seriously.
Shotas being situational masters?
"That ruins it."
Shotas having relatively "large" dicks?
"That ruins it"
Shotas making sexual fluids?
"That ruins it."
(Even though ironically,it's the most realistic thing ever.)
Yet, in any other hentai fetish, lolis dominate and squirt on grown men, human bodies are caved out by tentacles and still survive, furries, mpreg, MILFs with youthful bodies still.
These fetishes can go all out and never be harshly condemned for not confirming to reality.
Yet,shotacon is somehow an exception.
Shotas have to be shy,passive limp-wristed ragdolls to whatever fate awaits them.
Because it's "realistic".
(Even though in reality, children aren't all passive/innocent.)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 22/11/28(Mon)22:28 No. 37025 ID: 7ace97

Is it possible to make content for ourselves with small-dicked shotas fucking a bunch of girls/women?

Here's an idea:
There's a mother with four (or more) daughters and a son, perhaps there are also aunts and female cousins involved as well.
The daughters cover all the bases: an ephebe, hebe, loli, and toddler, as for the son, he is a baby at the beginning, everyone grows older as the plot progresses over the years.
The father dies shortly after the son is conceived, and the mother and her daughters have all kinds of sex with the son over the years.
You follow the action as it unfolds over the course of years, watching the boy grow up being continually fucked by his all female family as if it were a normal thing for them to do with him.
The tale is told from the perspective of each of the family members.

Anonymous 22/11/30(Wed)11:41 No. 37026 ID: ee3b1b

sounds good!

Anonymous 22/12/23(Fri)20:42 No. 37042 ID: a950dd


Looking to commission artists who draw /ss/ content Anonymous 20/05/11(Mon)04:25 No. 33844 ID: e93336 [Reply]

File 158916394228.jpg - (250.60KB , 1207x909 , 5652C24A-5546-474F-B2CD-F6BEAE60175A.jpg )

If interested please post your contact info

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Anonymous 22/10/27(Thu)09:12 No. 36999 ID: 7ace97

BTW, if you like any of these ideas enough to make them all on your own, just go ahead and do it, don't even mention me, these are super broad outlines and I don't think that I would be anything other than ecstatic if one of these barebones outlines were used in any creative work of /ss/, I just want there to be these kinds of stories made into a pornographic work of any kind, there'd be nothing else I'd want from the creator if it were to be created. I will pay well for any of these being used in the creation of some /ss/ creation.

Anonymous 22/11/02(Wed)15:22 No. 37002 ID: 2e29e9

File 166739893963.jpg - (17.82KB , 434x366 , 1570585065342.jpg )

>she became a housewife, and ended up molesting her own son starting from the day he was delivered.

Anonymous 22/11/09(Wed)14:13 No. 37004 ID: 7ace97

It's supposed to be perverted and unrealistic.

The Bounty of Lilith Anonymous 22/05/20(Fri)13:11 No. 36913 ID: 8b6c3c [Reply]

File 165304508593.png - (200.84KB , 1280x800 , 3744ce9bc20d4e92fad3900bc111625942c65f8e2b76fae295.png )

Anyone remember this old thing? A gigantic series of captions detailing a society of shota-loving women and their religion. From what I can see it seems to have mostly disappeared from the internet, but I still have a lot of them saved to my PC. The problem is that they're all out of order because stupid me 6 years ago decided to put them all in a hydrus database which scrambled their filenames

Anyway, I've slapped them on Mega for you all to enjoy if you don't mind the mess. https://mega.nz/folder/hiwkBRoa#k89DoOS7ycX2l9FHRn3ivQ

And if anyone has the entire set of captions, with page numbers, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share it. I don't want to have to spend hours trying to figure out what order the pages should go in if I can avoid it.

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Anonymous 22/07/01(Fri)00:59 No. 36940 ID: 56af80

this is hot but holy shit is it autistic

Anonymous 22/07/06(Wed)03:56 No. 36943 ID: 8dcd76

Read more like an obfuscated instruction manual than it did a work of fiction. At least, that was the impression I had when I read the entire thing years ago.

Anonymous 22/10/16(Sun)07:15 No. 36988 ID: 954a2b

Holy fuck, what the hell? Yes, I remember this. It was big back on 8chan /ss/ in 2016. I had written this off as lost media.

Because that's exactly what it is. The creator said that it began as a religious worldbuilding project on tumblr, but he shut it down because of too many of the fempeds on tumblr taking it too far and acting like it was real, and he didn't want to be responsible for any abuse. He was in the middle of deciding whether or not to write a harm-reduction guide when all of the 8chan political drama began.

Anonymous 21/12/05(Sun)17:41 No. 36165 ID: 73c7bf [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 163872248720.gif - (3.04MB , 400x200 , Videotogif (1).gif )

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Anonymous 22/01/24(Mon)12:10 No. 36846 ID: 73c7bf

Anonymous 22/09/06(Tue)03:56 No. 36973 ID: 58ea26

Whats source on the one to right ?

Anonymous 22/09/10(Sat)09:39 No. 36978 ID: eabaa4


Anonymous 21/09/27(Mon)00:25 No. 36014 ID: 73c7bf [Reply]

File 163269513557.gif - (465.54KB , 1000x750 , 860_1000.gif )

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)19:07 No. 36967 ID: 8d5a5c

File 166187925978.gif - (48.94KB , 200x150 , 860_1000 - thumb.gif )

This is art!

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)19:08 No. 36968 ID: 8d5a5c

File 166187930284.gif - (22.56KB , 125x94 , 860_1000 - thumb - thumb.gif )

How long can I go?

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)19:10 No. 36969 ID: 8d5a5c

File 166187940178.gif - (20.90KB , 125x94 , 860_1000 - thumb - thumb - thumb.gif )

>thumb - thumb - thumb
Zang Tumb Tuuum!

help please??? Manwe20 21/08/07(Sat)11:21 No. 35908 ID: a92575 [Reply]

File 162832810314.png - (475.52KB , 596x820 , eeeee.png )

would anyone be kind enough to help me identify the artist of this story please ??

Shaman 22/08/22(Mon)03:44 No. 36961 ID: 7eed0e


Anonymous 22/07/15(Fri)04:19 No. 36948 ID: 0799c1 [Reply]

File 165785157861.jpg - (94.26KB , 800x929 , 48130eb4b180221c0438c5c29ea97f2c.jpg )

Why are most shota fiction, both hetero and homo always make the shotas to be comical relief? Why does society always give great depth and sensitivity to the person hood of girls but write boys as just "live-action" cartoon characters?

The only stories that properly portray shotas as men of virtue and love are Shota Oni

Anonymous 21/02/21(Sun)11:24 No. 35442 ID: d6c055 [Reply]

File 161390308141.jpg - (239.26KB , 600x609 , 2.jpg )

Mom seduces her son! do you have any comments for work?

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Mom seduces her son Anonymous 21/08/18(Wed)07:30 No. 35951 ID: 861ae1


Anonymous 22/03/18(Fri)20:08 No. 36877 ID: 6ce604


Anonymous 22/06/13(Mon)10:56 No. 36920 ID: 4deab7

File 165511060495.jpg - (416.24KB , 2056x2577 , танцовщица3.jpg )

sourcing an ancient doujin from memory Anonymous 22/04/14(Thu)00:53 No. 36889 ID: a9d3b0 [Reply]

File 164989041954.png - (318.94KB , 444x652 , FB_IMG_1592955620913.png )

Hi /ss/, its been years since ive browsed here but i cant think of anywhere better to ask. I recall an old doujin i browsed somewhere between 2008 and 2012, featuring a boy whos mother drives him around at night in the passenger seat, exposed, and forbidden from covering his privates. theres very little actual sex in the doujin, its mostly just the boys experience of being kept exposed in risky situations. I need to find that doujin again, does anyone else remember it?

Anonymous 22/04/14(Thu)10:10 No. 36890 ID: edc698

File 164992383862.jpg - (608.33KB , 1117x1600 , 1389803351968.jpg )

found it

Anonymous 22/04/22(Fri)15:47 No. 36896 ID: 1b4546


Anonymous 22/04/23(Sat)19:03 No. 36900 ID: 2d4543



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