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The Biblical Matrix Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/04/15(Sat)19:06 No. 21424 [Reply]

File 168157840690.png - (2.32MB , 1024x1408 , 299596308220230415002237.png )

This world is almost certainly a simulation.

The closer we get to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and eventually, a virtual "consciousness", the more this should become obvious to everyone.

Nick Bostrom, who popularized the "Simulation Hypothesis", posited the following possibilities:

A: Civilizations at our level of development go extinct before they can create a simulation of their own.
B: Civilizations reach the level of development to create a simulation, but are not interested in doing so.
C: We are living in a simulation.

Since we are not aware of such a simulation that has created the capacity of consciousness, the possibility of anything other than those three outcomes is highly unlikely. The idea that we are almost assuredly approaching the level of development and will be the FIRST species to create a simulation with a consciousness in the billions of years of universal history is extremely far fetched.

I believe that the primary stories, teachings, and prophecies of the Bible are, therefore, an allegory for the simulation we live in. Hear me out...

1. Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence: God is said to encapsulate all of these qualities. A programmer, to simulated intelligence models on a computer, would be the same.
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Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/05/17(Wed)01:06 No. 21440

Yeah, I mean real vs simulated loses meaning once simulation gets good enough. It goes both ways.

Scary ghost video that will leave you paraplegic Top10 23/05/10(Wed)16:40 No. 21438 [Reply]

File 168372960483.jpg - (17.60KB , 480x360 , hqdefault (6).jpg )


Scary ghost video that will leave you severely paraplegic Top10 23/04/30(Sun)01:21 No. 21436 [Reply]

File 168281051358.jpg - (14.23KB , 480x360 , hqdefault (5).jpg )


ghost video that will leave you paraplegic Top10 23/04/28(Fri)13:45 No. 21434 [Reply]

File 168268233079.jpg - (14.60KB , 480x360 , hqdefault (4).jpg )


Scary ghost video that will leave you paraplegic Top10 23/04/27(Thu)07:49 No. 21433 [Reply]

File 168257455475.jpg - (13.33KB , 480x360 , hqdefault (3).jpg )


Scary ghost video that will leave you severely paraplegic Top10 23/04/24(Mon)02:17 No. 21430 [Reply]

File 168229544712.jpg - (14.19KB , 480x360 , hqdefault (1).jpg )


Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/04/07(Fri)08:08 No. 21414 [Reply]

File 168084772157.jpg - (190.70KB , 600x417 , lets-go-boys-7458077726.jpg )

we're gonna exorcise Legion from Anonymous

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MondayMondayMonday 23/04/10(Mon)04:30 No. 21416

Yes please

Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/04/10(Mon)04:39 No. 21417

File 168109437622.jpg - (195.04KB , 2250x1500 , stmalachimartin.jpg )

it is a battle of wills

we're not in here with Legion, he's in here with us

Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/04/19(Wed)18:39 No. 21425

Define "Legion" in this case.

How do I get rid of an Imp? Anon 23/01/18(Wed)08:16 No. 21328 [Reply]

File 167402620357.jpg - (29.61KB , 280x224 , E17B81E7-DC91-493C-841A-8200E639CEE0.jpg )

My friend has an Imp attached to him? The imp was summoned by his neighbor who is a Freemason. I saw, for my self, the imp and the many souls it has tricked in the neighborhood (long story)… how do I get the imp off my friend? How do I make it stay away from us, forever?

Also, I am curious if it can be captured? And if I can then use the imp to my advantage? But that’s just me being thirsty for knowledge… i really just NEED to get rid of it..

Picture attached is what it looked like running through the trees in the dark. Except I didn’t see the head.

8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/03/04(Sat)05:46 No. 21371

I have a computer generated holy water, works on every demon since they hate holy things.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/03/27(Mon)21:37 No. 21405


Not with imps exactly, but I've dealt with some demonic activity before. If it's really just an imp, it shouldn't be too difficult to get rid of it.

I have a picture of an imp Gangstalking 23/04/10(Mon)21:14 No. 21419

File 168115407421.jpg - (13.15KB , 185x199 , headshot1.jpg )

Here is a Gangstalking imp I have on camera.

TEST YOUR BRAVERY - Top 3 Scary Ghost Videos evp top10 23/04/03(Mon)22:05 No. 21413 [Reply]

File 168055233498.jpg - (20.54KB , 480x360 , just-grandma-and-me.jpg )


Scary ghost video that will leave you severely paraplegic Top10 23/03/11(Sat)13:33 No. 21393 [Reply]

File 16785380166.jpg - (134.16KB , 808x442 , Screenshot_20230309-073029_vidIQ.jpg )


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