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Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/05/25(Wed)23:18 No. 21158 [Reply]

File 165351349450.png - (89.38KB , 512x512 , zo5a3v3vtl191.png )

JULY 24 2021: Dreamed of Finneas taking Instagram pics at the White House outdoors. While Valerie's psychic sister Jennifer spoke with me.


Bingo bongo a few months later he really did. And 1. No it is not likely that any random musician will go take pics at the white House. 2. It is not as likely as you think bro.

SEPTEMBER 25 AND OCTOBER 23 2021: two dreams of the psychic Jennifer while significant trucker convoys blocked the highways.


Nobody was actually expecting the freedom convoy to happen and any evidence you have is fake or misinterpreted and NO trucker convoys never happen this significantly not in 18 years objectively by qualitative googl search data look it up you daft fuckers.

November 18 2021: Jennifer in a dream about an SUV harming people three days before the significant suv attack on the news channel.

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Boogers Darth+Musturd 22/05/16(Mon)07:10 No. 21152 [Reply]

File 165267783498.jpg - (32.05KB , 400x600 , IMG_0643.jpg )

Musturd strikes again, screwballs.

Title, booger, refers to a southern name for Bigfoot. The Wood Booger. Had at least one experience with something that might have been a booger, but very possibly something much, much worse. And a few encounters I believe to be a Bigfoot.
Not much particularly exciting. No being chased out of the woods by 8 foot tall howler monkeys throwing rocks at me. Most of my experiences are just seeing weird stuff coming out of the woods at night from my window, lots of strange noises, things of that sort. Mississippi be cray cray.

Also, just picked up Devolution. Going to give it a read and tell yall how it goes. Pic unrelated

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/05/16(Mon)15:27 No. 21153

Most Sasquatch avoid human encounters so actually interacting with one is rare. Although I would really like to travel to the U.S. one day in hopes of spotting one.

Darth+Musturd 22/05/16(Mon)23:53 No. 21154

They do mostly avoid human encounters in everything I've seen and heard (aside from the sounds they produce, kind of ironic wording isnt' it?). However, remember that they've been spotted all over the world with surprising consistency. Yeti, Bigfoot, Boogers, Rock Apes, El Cuatlacas, etc. Even ogres and trolls in Europe are surprisingly accurate to Bigfoot descriptions, though I think some may be remnants of the Nephilim.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/05/21(Sat)12:23 No. 21155


Bob Gymlan's Youtube channel has some great research on Bigfoot.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/02/09(Wed)18:44 No. 21116 [Reply]

File 164442868898.jpg - (5.21KB , 250x217 , 1644423624481s.jpg )

Guys I met this girl and I think she is controlling reality.

I think we are all figments of her imagination. She's like this really hot blonde girl and I mean smoking hot. Awooga.

And she would just randomly pop up out of nowhere and read my mind and stuff.

She predicted covid and said that aliens are real.

She created a bunch of different religions to distract people because she doesn't want anybody to know she exists because she thinks they will all be mad at her if they found out it's her fault.

Whenever I try to talk about her lots of shit gets in my way and prevents me from speaking about her. This is my fourth attempt at making this thread.

Science was also created as a distraction so people will become so cocky that they don't believe in her existence. While religion was made so that the people with faith will argue about irrelevant crap.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/05/07(Sat)23:24 No. 21151

Picture or it never happened.

Serial Killers Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:51 No. 21142 [Reply]

File 165184866155.jpg - (810.70KB , 800x1280 , 1651836501156.jpg )

Christopher Poole and a bunch of others are serial killing and keep trying to protect serial killers on 4chan.

Same with Marcus Zuckerberg and Facebook.

And the same is happening with staff of Google and YouTube. Serial killers protecting themselves, trying to.

Already told the CIA about cops about them.

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:57 No. 21148

Alicia and Meg aren't worth anything to anyone either.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:58 No. 21149

Doesn't Amanda's mother strangle her?
For strangling her and raping her.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:59 No. 21150

Do you really prefer poorly written threads by serial killers?
Who are trying to kill you, too?
Christopher Poole is involved.

True crime YouTube Anon 22/04/10(Sun)22:07 No. 21136 [Reply]

File 164962123779.jpg - (59.07KB , 900x720 , True-Crime-1-900x720-1.jpg )

i found this weird true crime channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odr5zCZ4we4

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/04/11(Mon)00:40 No. 21137

Youtube  >>21136
why you no embed?

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/04/11(Mon)21:14 No. 21138

Strange video. He sometimes pauses for long periods? Also what's up with the piano music lol. As for those tunnels...

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/04/07(Thu)02:06 No. 21135 [Reply]

File 164929001118.jpg - (16.68KB , 168x299 , EEE05034-4813-47DA-9E12-060E6CBC5D54.jpg )

Does anyone know a spell or a ritual that will turn me into a werewolf?

I’m sick and tired of human bullshit and want to join in the tranquil simplicity of the beast world.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 20/11/11(Wed)02:03 No. 20877 [Reply]

File 16050565928.jpg - (630.02KB , 792x1200 , 1604908410363.jpg )

Let's suppose for a moment that you gain the ability to Assimilate the abilities of whatever you eat. Then you eat a bit of everything, including vampires, gods, dark matter, etc..
What would your DNA look like?
...or would you be comprised of some sort of exotic dark matter?...or would your substance be beyond Mortal comprehension?

4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Tin Foil Enthusiast 21/01/20(Wed)12:11 No. 20945

This is a very interesting question that I think deserves to be answered.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/03/29(Tue)02:02 No. 21132

File 164851216664.jpg - (108.44KB , 600x875 , mr-fingers.jpg )

im not any sort of doctor or geneticist, so, for this post, i will be trying to focus on the observable (physical) changes, and the effects of those changes.

By definition of this scenario, you still retain (atleast the ability to mimic) a generally humanoid form; two arms, two legs, a generally up-right body, and some semblance of a head and front-facing face.

Depending on the functions of your abilities, and their intensity / powerscale, and how those meta-abilities manifest, you could do alot. Depending on your motivations and moral outlooks, you could end up a real life superhero or supervillain. (and for the purposes of this topic, no, im not referring to wanna-be vigilantes or community helpers who dress up in strange attire and call themselves real life superheroes. Mr X-treme, Batman bin Suparman, ALL of the Watchmen, and Phoenix Jones, can exit the room now.)

Your first few 'exotic meals' will most likely be substance, item, and animal based. Things like eating various metals or other common but useful substances to take on their properties, eating various smaller electronics to gain their technological capabilities, and last but not least, eating atleast one stray cat, and dog, and one neighborhood bird of some sort, to gain their various capabilities. (feline sight and agility, canine sense of smell and hearing, bird flight and directionality, ect ect) Peripheral traits and side-effects may also result.

effects -

1 Your sensory perceptions WILL change, which will probably eventually affect your personality and/or morality. (In my experience as a transgender person, hormone medications have reasonably powerful effects upon both body and mind, and that's a fairly conventional way of altering onesself. So .... I would be inclined to bias towards the side of 'The Mind is Plaything of the Body'. Change your body, and you WILL be changing your mind / personality.)

after awhile, you will probably fall into 'high-risk' behaviors

2 Relationships WILL suffer. Your friends, family, and coworkers, WILL treat you differently, weather they are consciously aware of it or not. Even if you can remain visually Mostly-human, there will probably still be a splash or two of the Uncanny Valley about you, in some way or another. Relationship strain also increases the more you try to keep your new abilities on the down-low and 'pass as normie human', if that is at all possible.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/04/01(Fri)03:44 No. 21133

File 16487774835.jpg - (34.28KB , 602x374 , the fucking jeepers creepers himself.jpg )

obviously, you would be the Jeepers Creepers, OP.
your DNA would look like Jeepers Creepers. dumbass.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 21/12/12(Sun)13:49 No. 21088 [Reply]

File 163931335626.png - (1.56MB , 828x1024 , 1638579331053.png )

Nazi Iceberg.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/02/09(Wed)09:48 No. 21115

The Viril should be in the bottom group, unless you can explain why not?

That is all

Anpanman wearing yellow cloak Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/02/03(Thu)13:57 No. 21114 [Reply]

Youtube  A friend I met after a long absence has become depressed.

He told me why he was depressed while crying.

One day, a friend was watching Anpanman's DVD with his son.

But the content was strange…

There's a few stories in it.

Currypanman appears in the first story, but it seems to be depressing. He stares at the dead butterfly. That is the end of the first story.

The second story is about a person like Curry Panman offering flowers to someone's grave.

The third story, Anpanman, appears, but it seems that the cloak he is wearing was yellow, and he was suffering from a black liquid flowing from his neck.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anpanman wearing yellow cloak Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/02/02(Wed)11:01 No. 21108 [Reply]

Youtube  https://youtu.be/d7OaSOBIY4s

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/02/02(Wed)11:07 No. 21109

Is this creepypasta?

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/02/02(Wed)11:28 No. 21112

It's a mystery and creepy ...

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/02/02(Wed)13:37 No. 21113

File 164380543967.png - (58.63KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20220202-213125.png )

I took a screenshot but it's scary…

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