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A little late but... by Teffen - 09/24/10 @ 03:43 AM CEST

To a long missed Operator, Happy Birthday BOSSE!

New Sidebar Option by Scruffy - 09/23/10 @ 11:08 PM CEST

You may notice a new section on the sidebar "7chan related services"
This is for all the 7chan related services, such as Channel7 and Radio, 7track, Failtrain, and Minecraft.

Please enjoy the new layout.

Scruffy, the janitor.

Minecraft - Devachan by Teffen - 09/03/10 @ 08:09 AM CEST

7chan's survival Minecraft server is running. Head over to the thread for server details and more info.
Update: Minecraft now has it's own board!

/vip/ maintenance by Scruffy - 07/28/10 @ 10:38 PM CEST

Hello, /vip/ is under going some maintenance tonight to resolve some issues with new /vip/er's not being given access. Normal /vip/ access should resume by 10 AM GMT. Please email vip@7chan.org for any questions

EDIT:As of 12:23 GMT VIP inbox is FULLplease stop spamming the address

Thank you, 7chan Administration

EDIT:As of 04:41 GMT the vip database has crashed, and is ruined. However we have backups up to the point that maintenance started so nothing will be lost. Restoring the backups will take until 5 PM GMT, sorry for the delay.

We're back! by Sazpaimon - 06/20/10 @ 02:14 PM CEST

Sorry for the extended downtime, the new server guys took their dear sweet time in setting up the new machine, but now we're officially back in business.

I never got a chance to make a backup more recent than 3/22, but honestly, we didn't lose much between that time, maybe 1 or 2 boards, but content-wise, April through June were pretty slow months, due to the server issues. Any boards lost because of this will be restored soon.

Anyway, welcome back 7chan!

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