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Texture Pack Competition and Server News by Teffen - 11/04/10 @ 08:28 PM CET

Minecraft will be officially supporting texture packs in the next few updates. In honor of this, Webhallen has started a competition to find the best texture pack."The best submission will not only receive a 180 GB OCZ Vertex 2 E SSD signed by Notch, which also comes preloaded with Minecraft (a pretty big deal), but also a signed painting by Kristoffer Zetterstrand, estimated retail value 25000 SEK (3700 US$).

Second place will receive a signed and preloaded 120 GB OCZ Vertex 2 E SSD

Third place will receive a signed and preloaded 90 GB OCZ Vertex 2 E SSD"
More info here.

Additionally we are switching from Mom's Basement Enterprises to real server hardware. If you'd like to donate to the switch, click here!

Map switch in the next few hours. by Teffen - 10/30/10 @ 06:49 PM CEST

Just a reminder, we'll be switching from Devachan to Nirvana tomorrow so pack your inventory for the change. Expect the transition to be bumpy with frequent software reboots. Over the next few hours we'll be testing some starting kits, block placement, backup scripts and a few other plugins that make administration smoother.

Additionally the rules list has been revise to give clarity to player expectations.

1. If something isn’t yours, do not alter it.
2. While glitches may occur, duplication and alteration of item damage is prohibited. When in doubt, ask an Operator for assistance.
3. Client modifications that alter player speed, movement, building limitations, inventory size, health, tool properties or item quantities are prohibited.
4. Respect personal space when building.
5. Don’t be a dick.

October Donation Challenge. by N3X15 - 10/30/10 @ 02:40 PM CEST

Final board tally for this month's Donation Challenge, furries lost due to a last-minute $200 donation by /b/.
Overall Tally

Humanity:$283.16 (+$200.00)

Board-By-Board Tally
/b/:$224.50 (+$200.00)

Total Monthly donations: $438.93

Next month, furries can donate to get their board back. Until then, it shall burn.
Thanks to those who participated. You helped cover many of 7chan's financial issues and directly improve quality of service.

Minecraft map change by Teffen - 10/27/10 @ 02:12 AM CEST

With the new changes coming with Notch's Halloween update, we will be switching to a new map.
With these changes you can see:

  • Biomes
  • New monsters
  • Hell world fast travel
  • New blocks
  • Faster backup times
  • Reduced lag
  • Weekly Cartographs
  • Clarity of server rules and guidelines
  • Minor bug fixes

More info on the map change can be read here.

OH GOD RULE CHANGE by N3X15 - 10/25/10 @ 12:42 AM CEST

We're no longer banning as severely for advicedog spinoffs/motivators/4chan memes/etc. Warnings will be handed out to first-time offenders to help newbies acclimate to 7chan's premium quality. Furry shit must still be posted in /fur/.
Raids and other bullshit along those lines are still banned. Also, 4channers are encouraged to lurk before posting to avoid looking like the humongous faggots they are.

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