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Happy Holidays by ponbiki - 12/06/23 @ 10:02 PM CET


Boooo by ponbiki - 10/31/23 @ 08:14 PM CET

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New trial boards by ponbiki - 03/17/23 @ 06:13 PM CET

Unfortunately, 420chan has now been offline for some time, and will likely not be back up again in the near future. Since we have always shared a good relationship, as well as a fair bit of the userbase, we thought it might be helpful to try and revive some of the more iconic and missed boards. While these can never be actual replacements, we hope that they can serve to rekindle some conversation and community that was lost.
We have started by adding /weed/ as the new /777/ trial board. As with all trial boards, if people seem to use and like it, we will change it to a permanent board. Additionally, we would like to hear suggestions from you about other boards that you might like to see revived (e.g. /woo/) that you can't find anywhere else.

Content Moderation by ponbiki - 03/16/23 @ 09:25 PM CET

As I'm sure many of you are aware of, the economy has taken a bit of a downturn for a while now. Unfortunately, 7chan has not been immune to the effects of this economic pinch either. Our inability to secure further venture backed capital combined with diminishing advertising revenue rates have left us unable to continue paying the salaries and benefits for our staff. We were sadly forced to make the tough decision to let most of our moderating staff go last week. As a measure to help mitigate the loss of our valued moderators, we have created some tooling to leverage ChatGPT as a form of post vetting and moderation. Currently, this new AI assisted moderation process is only being used on /b/ while we sort through some of the expected bugs, however we hope to roll this system out site-wide by the end of April. We appreciate your patience, and we wish the best of luck to our former moderators in all their future endeavors.

Something about an Irish Saint and getting drunk... by ponbiki - 03/11/23 @ 10:43 PM CET


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