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Anonymous 09/08/04(Tue)06:23 No. 7887

Thats scud...

Anonymous 09/08/04(Tue)14:25 No. 7891

File 124938870877.jpg - (183.88KB , 1239x1713 , vshu0101e.jpg )

epic comics for an epic thread
awsome art and story by vincente sergrelles
each page handpainted untill he started using a computer to digitally paint somehow. not cgi I can't tell the difference between the 2.
anyway heres 1-12 http://rapidshare.com/files/263600266/The_Mercenary.rar

Anonymous 09/08/05(Wed)08:01 No. 7951

File 124945210771.jpg - (217.05KB , 1280x1882 , Legend_01.jpg )

ok looks like I gotta up something to bump this thread again
when is this shit gonna be sticky
here's "legend" pretty f'n good comic, supposed to be a good novel too.
I read somewhere that more of gemmell's novels have been adapted to comics, if anyone knows anything about this please reply

Anonymous 09/08/05(Wed)09:22 No. 7953

File 124945693280.jpg - (546.52KB , 1986x1522 , Orbiter_p008-009.jpg )

can't go past this Warren Ellis classic
Orbiter http://rapidshare.com/files/263897402/Warren_Ellis_-_Orbiter.cbr
love that shuttle landing

Anonymous 09/08/05(Wed)18:38 No. 7959

The Dark Knight Strikes Again


Also, requesting sticky on this thread. C'mon mods.

Anonymous 09/08/06(Thu)03:17 No. 7968

a friend just told me the Gunslinger graphic novel is badass so i would like to R that. Think its called "The Gunslinger Born"

The Gunslinger Born Anonymous 09/08/06(Thu)06:13 No. 7974

Here you go. Bonus: it's not on rapidshit.


Anonymous 09/08/06(Thu)06:25 No. 7975

you sir are winrar. thank you very much

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